Benefits and Reasons to Invest in Fantasy Sports App

Benefits and Reasons to Invest in Fantasy Sports App

The time has come!! The wait of more than 100 million fantasy sports players is over!! The year 2020 and 2021 has come up with the most exciting sports. People have been waiting for this for a long and due to COVID-19, no sports were played for a couple of months and this is the best opportunity for the businesses who want to try their hand in Fantasy Sports App.   But now, the games have resumed and are being played without the audiences. All the safety measures are taken to keep the players healthy and free from Coronavirus. The upcoming months will be the best months for the sports lover as many sports will be played  

 If we talk about the most-loved sports then the craze for Cricket and Football is unbeatable. And now, the fever of cricket has increased because people have not waited for such a long period for their favorite game.    The announcement of the IPL match and other cricket matches came as good news in this pandemic. And Fantasy Sports Platform is the cherry on the cake for the sports lovers.   The return of sports during COVID-19 has not only made the fans happy but also the entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to start their business in the Fantasy sports industry. Dream11 is the best example of a Fantasy Sports App who is in the trend and is sponsors of many popular cricket leagues. We can understand with the popularity of this Fantasy Sports game that you have the best opportunity in 2020 and 2021 to bring out your Fantasy Sports App.  

Statistics of Fantasy Sports App

  • In the fantasy sports app, there are 81% of males and 19% of female players.
  • More than 85% of people in India prefer to play fantasy sports games via the app.
  • In India, 7% play fantasy sports on the desktop.
  • 50% of fantasy sports gamers age between 18 to 34 years.
  • 47% of gamers earn more than $75,000.
  • The global fantasy sports market size will go up to $29870 million by the year 2025.
  • The number of users of Dream11, India's largest fantasy sports gaming platform (FSGP),has grown from about 60 lakhs to more than six crores in the last two years.


10 Best Reasons to Launch Your Fantasy Sports App

1. Cricket Calendar


  Invest in Fantasy Cricket Apps as the cricket events are continuous now and big tournaments such as IPLC, ICC World Cup, and many others are going to take place soon. IPL and T20 Cricket Leagues are going on and the craze is just unbeatable. So, grab this opportunity to build your business with a fantasy sports app.   

2. Target Audience


People across the world love sports and it will be easy for you to target the audiences as they have been waiting for their favorite sports since forever. So, this is the best opportunity to target your audience and increase your fantasy sports app download.   

3. Less Competition


There are a very few Fantasy sports app in comparison to the people who love such platforms. Don’t delay and invest in this industry without giving any second thought to it. Also, it is easy to get loyal users as many sports have been lined-up. You can easily make your presence with the help of the Fantasy Sports platform.   

4. It is Legal


 The Fantasy Sports App is legal even in India. So, you can go with this platform for your business and help sports lover to earn along with watching their favorite sports.  

5. Association with Big brands


 Fantasy Platforms is the eye-catching platform for the users and they love to try such apps for fun, excitement, and most importantly winning the amount. It can be said by seeing the demand for a fantasy sports app. Such apps are becoming the brand value for many sports and you have the opportunity for Fantasy Sports App Development to get associated with big brands.  

6. Best Time to Launch

    Don’t think that IPL has started so you don’t have time to launch the Fantasy Sports app but it is the best time to bring out your fantasy sports platform. There are many big tournaments in the queue and the demand is going to increase undoubtedly. So, get your Fantasy Platform Today by contacting the best Mobile App Development Company.  

7. Great Chances Of Improvements


Give yourself some time before launching the app and ask your Fantasy Sports App developer to check the app properly. After that also, check the app in detail and each and every section so that the user does not complain about anything which might become a loss for you. It is obvious that nothing comes out perfectly at once. So take your time and launch it ASAP after correcting every detail.  

8. Low Investments And Huge Returns


It is obvious that no one will invest in a thing that will not provide them any benefit or returns. So, thinking of getting high returns with low investment then a fantasy sports app is the best platform. But for this, you will require a company that will help you with the best fantasy sports platform to stand in this market.  

Why The Season 2020-21 Is The Best Time To Spend On A Fantasy Sports App

1. Indian Premier League (IPL)


  IPL is one of the most popular cricket leagues. It always remains in the limelight due to its brand deals and also because of its famous players. In India, IPL has already become a festival that people really enjoy. IPL has a massive valuation of 6.8 billion dollars in 2019 and Mumbai Indians is the highest valued team in IPL for more than 800 crores. The Indian Premier League started on 19 September 2020 and it will end on 10 November 2020.  

2. T20 World Cup


We all know that due to the COVID-19 Cricket T20 world cup was postponed but it is now scheduled to play in India between October-November 2021. The T20 cricket world cup also has a massive viewership and fan following. There were almost 730 million viewers of the T20 cricket world last season, an increase of 114 percent from the previous edition.    Many people have been waiting for the T20 world cup 2021 for a long time. This T20 world cup has also created an opportunity for mobile app developers to create an extraordinary fantasy sports app for users.   

3. Big Bash League (BBL)


 Big Bash is one of the most popular cricket leagues in Australia. It is very similar to IPL. BBL broadcasts in more than 9 countries. It has seen significant growth in the last couple of years. Not only this, but BBL also has a good amount of fan following in other countries also. The Big bash season 2020- 21 will start on 3 December 2020 and finish on 9 February 2021. Fantasy sports app companies also include this T20 league for the users.   

4. Barclays Premier League


 The Barclays premier league is an English professional football league. It is the topmost football league since 1992. The current defending champions of this league is Liverpool. BPL season already started on 12 September 2020 and it will end on 23 May 2021. This season was first planned to begin on 8 August but due to the COVID-19, it was rescheduled by the authorities.    Many fantasy sports apps are also including famous football leagues because there has been a lot of craze around the world for football. As per the reports, all the players and staff should be tested negative for the covid-19 before playing any match.

 So these are the famous sports tournaments of 2020-2021. These sports not only increase the excitement but also start a competition between users of fantasy sports. Fantasy sports platforms offer players fun, enthusiasm, and benefits that hold them back and hold on to it.    Today, two prominent market giants, DREAM 11 and MYTEAM 11, dominate the fantasy sports industry as a single handheld. These fantasy platforms offer unique opportunities to users and are important competitors for other companies looking to enter the market and reach a huge customer base.   Fantasy sports attract a huge number of fans every year. Leagues offer extraordinary challenges, the opportunity to apply and lead your team, interact with other gaming fans, a winning streak, and a hobby that requires little investment but offers incredible prizes.  

Wrapping up

There are many reasons why businesses should invest in fantasy sports app development and the most important ones have been discussed above. Don’t delay as the time is running out. Grab the opportunity and start investing in fantasy sports app development.