Guide to Astrology App Development

Guide to Astrology App Development

Astrology has always been a significant part of our society. With the corporation of an astrology app development company, people have numerous astrology apps. All these astrology app companies present their online astrology apps laden with innovative technologies to out-compete their competitors. Some astrology apps focus on one specific area of astrological calculation, while other online astrology apps offer detailed reports with online consultation facilities. 

If you're looking to build a unique astrology app, understand the challenges in building an astrology app, future scopes, competitors, market volatility, users' needs & requirements, and more. To do so, you must also understand the meaning of an online astrology app, its working operation, and astrology app services types.

What is An Astrology App?

In any online astrology app, astrology software assists in designing charts to calculate horoscopes and generate sequential reports. These computer astrology programs determine planet positions and calculations, create graphical representations, and establish real-time communications between astrologers and users. Nowadays, astrology app development companies use more advanced AI-based astrology software. Consequently, modern astrology apps offer insights about life based on birth details.

Market Analysis

Though astrology has always been a part of people's lives, still astrology apps have seen high demand in the last few years. After the introduction of AI, many astrology app development companies offer various astrology app development services. Let's look at the market statistics and see whether the future of astrology is bright.

  • The number of users believing in astrology has been increasing in the USA. 
  • Profits earned from the astrology apps are one of the significant sources of revenue generation in the USA. 
  • Study shows that the astrology app market will reach $22.8 billion by 2031. 
  • The most popular astrology apps in the USA are Astrology & Palmistry Coach, Co-Star, Daily Horoscope Plus, Horoscope & Palm Master, and Astro Palmistry & Horoscope.

Top Five Astrology Apps

Top Five Astrology Apps

Before contacting the astrology app development company and starting the astrology app development process, you must understand your industry and competitors. The goal is to make your astrology app unique.


It is one of the most talked about astrological apps designed by NASA. The predictions get generated through an AI algorithm by considering the birth details to determine the planets' positions. Apart from daily horoscope predictions, the Co-Star app also offers users to add their friends and compare each other's natal charts & compatibility. Thus, the Co-star astrology app helps people understand them better and offers daily predictions. 

Download-Android | iOS

The Pattern

The Pattern has gained over a million downloads since its release in 2019. It has become the most useful for relationship calculations and predicting romantic patterns. It has got featured in many magazines, such as Vanity Fair, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Refinery29, Vogue, Vice, Men's Health, Bustle, and more. It's becoming more popular for accurate predictions and offering numerous advanced features. 

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Time Nomad

Time Nomad was specifically designed for iPhone and iPad users. It is known for using advanced planetary position calculator software for making birth charts. The Time Nomad takes pride in building accurate astrology charts of any date and time within the nearest centuries. Users can also use natal chart predictions and widgets to calculate numerous astrological aspects.

Download- iOS

Time Passages

Time Passage uses birth information to generate detailed interpretations of your astrological chart. Users can also add their photos to make a personalized chart. After adding the birth details, users get planetary insights, horoscopes, progressions, and transits. The comprehensive astrology report consists of every planetary configuration, including Chiron.

Download- Android | iOS

The Daily Horoscope

If you're looking for comprehensive astrological details about your life, then The Daily Horoscope is the one for you. It is one of the best horoscope apps for daily, monthly, or weekly horoscopes. Users can log in and enjoy personalized horoscope predictions, including setting up theme, color, and font size. It includes Western astrology and Chinese astrology, among other features.

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How Does An Astrology App Work?

The astrology app development company strives for a simple navigation system for users to browse astrological services and get answers fast. Let's understand the working process of an astrology consultation app- 

-> Users sign up or add an email address to make a personal account on the astrology app. Some desktop astrology apps offer a few of their astrology services for free. After signing up, users need to complete a two-step verification process. 

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-> Now, users browse services by clicking on feature icons. The mobile consultation app also offers advanced search options and filtering mechanisms to look for specific services w/o needing to surf the complete astrology app.

-> If users wish to use a premium service, they can choose a subscription plan offered by the online astrology app company. You can also opt for a free trial before choosing a suitable astrology plan.

-> After online consultation appointment booking on the astrology app platform, users can now pay the consultation fee online using in-app payment systems. 

-> The astrology app company schedules their appointment with the chosen astrologer and sets up a meeting on a preferred date set by users.

Astrology App Development Services

Astrology App Development Services

Before seeking in-depth knowledge of astrology app development services, know about the offered astrological services. Your astrology consultation app can offer numerous astrology app services and attract a diverse user base. Let's look at those astrology app solutions-

Vedic Horoscope

The Vedic horoscope predictions are related to Hindu astrology or Vedic astrology. It is one of the most ancient techniques to study planet positions, make calendars, determine auspicious times, and forecast various events. People around the globe still seek astrologers' advice before taking a big or significant step in their lives. The government proposes many courses for the younger generation to study and earn a degree in Vedic astrology.

Chinese Horoscope

The Chinese zodiac makes calculations based on the Chinese lunar calendar. It contains 12 months, animals associated with it, and their characteristics represent human qualities to a certain level. Though it originally comes from China, its extended reach covers the major parrots of Southeast and East Asian countries. Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand, and Cambodia countries follow the Chinese horoscope. 

Western Astrology

Western astrology determines the planet's positions and their effects centered on Earth instead of space. Also, it uses stars' alignment and calculates after considering a person's birth time and location. The branches of Western astrology are Natal, Electional, Horary, Medical, Financial, Locational, Psychological, Meteorological, and Theology. Western countries also refer to it as "Sun Sign Astrology."

Zodiac Horoscope

A Zodiac horoscope tells about a person's personality, emotions, and motivations based on various astrological signs. Users can know about the significant qualities and traits a person with a specific zodiac sign possesses. It helps people understand their personality and their loved ones, how they behave, and more. In the most popular zodiac horoscope, 12 zodiac signs are taken into consideration.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card reading consists of 78 cards to predict a person's past, present, and future. A tarot card reader asks a question and draws the most suitable cards for users. Each card has its meaning. You can also offer consultation with an expert tarot card reader online by adding this feature to your astrology app. The astrology app development company can also add the option of sending results via email addresses.


Numerology often consists of the fields of the paranormal, astrology, and divinatory arts. Based on the person's birth date, the numerology software determines a person's personality traits and other aspects. Often, it is useful for predicting various aspects of life for good luck, such as number locket, car number, etc.

Crystal Grazing

Crystal-seeing, crystallism, or spheromancy predict the future by gazing into crystals through the trace. Some crystal practitioners use visionary experiences or supernatural sights to predict the future. On the other hand, some practitioners use visions from the subconscious mind by gazing at crystals and predicting the future. You can associate with experienced crystal gazing experts and offer online consultation to users.


Palmistry is also known as Chiromancy in astrology. Palm Reader helps people know about various aspects of their lives and make better decisions. Palmistry helps with marriage, life, career, love, family, and more. You can associate with palmistry experts and offer the best palm reading services.

Prominent Features of An Astrology App

Features of Astrology App

Here, you'll learn the most fundamental and prominent features an astrology app must have to function well-

Sign Up

The astrology app development company hands over the app credentials and ownership to the astrology app company. Admin can now transfer their business management on the online platform. They can manage the business profile, teams, and finances from anywhere.

Advanced Search

In the case of numerous features and functions in the online astrology app, it is vital to incorporate multiple filter options. Such filter options assist in getting the desired results better by narrowing down the search options. The filter options in an astrology app development company also ease the app functionality.

Online Appointment Booking

An instant appointment booking with the astrologer helps people get instant solutions from the comfort of their homes. When your astrology app has a global reach, every customer can't come to their preferred astrologers and seek help. Therefore, online appointment booking and scheduling features can ease the functionality of business and achieve customer dissatisfaction. As a result, you establish credibility and strengthen customer relationships.


Shopping Cart

This in-app feature helps users add their items and checkout after buying. Users can collect their desired items by adding them to the shopping cart. Before making final payments, they can see the total bill, including taxes.

In-app Communication

In-app communication helps users contact experts on the app. The communication mediums include audio/video texts, calls, media sharing, and more. People can contact astrologers to find solutions to their queries. The in-app media sharing options help users send pdf or Kundalini images. The astrology app development company must ensure the security and privacy of personal chats.

Online Payment Gateway

The online payment gateway system is essential if you wish to sell online through your online astrology app. The most popular in-app payment mediums include credit/debit cards, eWallets, UPI, net banking, and more. An encrypted and safe online payment system can improve the credibility of your astrology app.


Kundalini is a Vedic astrology widely used in Hindu tradition. The chart gets prepared according to the Hindu calendar's date and time. Based on the planet's position, the kundalini gets designed. A person can make their kundalini at any point in their life.

Natal Chart

Natal astrology has significance in Hindu, Western, and Chinese astrological readings. The main objective of determining the natal chart is to determine an individual's path in life. People can get their natal chart using the date of birth, time, and location and get the planet's position in a circular geometric manner to determine how each planet affects the person.

Kundalini Match

In Hindu culture, people prefer to do a kundalini match before a wedding. The 'Kundalini Match' feature analyzes the astrological details of both boy and girl and predicts compatibility in various areas of life. In addition, the in-app feature also gives suggestions.


The Panchanga readings depend on Vedic astrology. Many people consider pachanga before starting any auspicious work. Panchanga is considered one of the oldest astrological readings to predict the planets' positions and their effects on Hindus specifically.

Daily Horoscope

Daily horoscope prediction displays the everyday horoscope result using one's astrological chart details. Users also get notifications related to daily horoscope readings. Based on such predictions, people make changes in their daily routines or alter schedules.

Weekly Horoscope

Based on your astrological chart, users get their weekly horoscope readings. In some astrology apps, the readings also give suggestions to get the most out of it or to take necessary precautions depending on the positive & negative effects of astrological charts.

Monthly Horoscope

The Reading depicts the month's astrological prediction based on the information provided by the user. The user gets to know about the upcoming hurdles or opportunities in advance. Based on the readings, suggestions are displayed using softwares.

Yearly Horoscope

The prediction for the future year in the astrology apps depends on the planet's positions or the type of astrology reading. For example, in Chinese astrology, every astrological year has a specific meaning.

Love Horoscope

As the name suggests, the love horoscope predicts the future possibilities of a person's love life and its course. People who believe in astrology believe in love horoscopes and act accordingly. The readings also help people to find a suitable partner with certain qualities.

Money Horoscope

Astrology plays a key role in taking financial decisions. People often wait for the right time before making any big financial decision, buying expensive things, or starting a business. Often, the money prediction depends on the planets' positions affecting one's life. 


Analytic reports help the astrology app company to improve business strategies, strengthen business planning, understand customers' behavior, reach the target audience better and faster, and many more. Nowadays, Google Analytics is the best tool to generate analytics reports. You can choose any other analytic tool if you prefer. You need to ask your astrology app development company to incorporate it during the development process.

Push Notification

Push notifications to help astrology app companies market their various sales offers and discounts & connect with customers in real-time instantly. Daily astrological predictions are also sent to customers using SMS and push notifications. 

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Above mentioned astrology consultation app features help customers to understand their astrological chart, and the astrology app company can grow its business network. 

Exceptional Astrology App Services

Apart from these fundamental astrology app features, some exceptional and advanced in-app features make the app unique. Ask for such astrology app development services to make your astrology app more unique and futuristic. Let's learn about them-

AI-powered Horoscope

The AI-powered horoscope is quick and more accurate. You can ask your astrology app development company to incorporate AI tools for faster astrological calculations. In-app AI chatbots can also help people by solving their queries. Many astrology app companies are incorporating AI to determine horoscopes. Such app companies are The Pattern and Co-Star.

Expert Consultation

Online expert consultation can set your app apart from your competitors. You need to find the best astrologers in the field and associate with them. They can provide astrological services and earn a side income on your app. Your astrology app will also attract a diverse user base due to this. It is one of the best ideas to sustain long-term in this mobilized industry and achieve business goals.

Online Store

An online astrology shop is one of the eminent ways to generate significant revenue. You can offer various products related to your industry on your online portal. People can order items from the comfort of their homes. The in-app features will help you schedule and manage your shop. Hence, an online store is operable using a minimum or no budget.

Personalized Reading

Personalized readings include online appointment booking with the astrologer. People can book appointments online, have one-on-one meetings using video calling, and have detailed discussions with them. Also, they can pay using in-app payment options.


Adding various regional and international languages can attract a global audience. You can provide online consultations using your app. With this in-app feature, people can translate the app language into their preferred language and seek help anytime. As a result, your app will have reliable brand value and become more profitable.

Monetization Model for An Astrology App

Monetization model for astrology app

Every business needs a revenue generation strategy to survive and thrive for a long time. To do so, Find a monetization plan suitable for your astrology business. Here, you will learn the most common monetization plans to grow your online astrology business-

Astrology Marketplace

Choose to build an astrology marketplace to allow other astrologers to provide their services. Then you can generate profits through listing fees, in-app promotions, and subscriptions. The astrology marketplace gives opportunities to other independent astrologers to offer their services on a single platform and connect with a diverse and broad user base. Over time, it will establish credibility in the industry, and you will earn significant revenue.

In-app Purchases

In-app stores are a sure way to generate revenue. Many astrological solutions require tools, gemstones, beads, pooja items, or Feng shui. You can sell such items online on your astrology app. People will spend more time on your astrology app and make online purchases.

In-app Advertisement

In-app advertisements and promotions are eminent sources of revenue. You can associate with gemstone dealers, local merchandise vendors, and other sellers and offer advertisement opportunities on your platform.

Further, conduct market research for more revenue-generation plans. The other revenue generation methods include premium subscription plans, data monetization, sponsorships, etc.

Benefits of An Astrology App

Benefits of an astrology app

If you are still in a dilemma about whether investing in astrology app development services is a profitable idea, then you must learn the benefits an online astrology app provides.

Digital Transformation of Horoscope Services

You interact with a limited number of people when you provide astrological services without using any online platform. An online astrology app presents the advantage of having an online presence. You can expand your services to more people. In addition, an online platform helps you automate numerous astrology app development services. You can also market them worldwide. Nowadays, people prefer mobile applications over other mediums for various reasons. That's why it's wise to build your online astrology consultation app.


The brand's unique app theme, logo, and color make people remember it for a long time. Every brand strives to imprint a unique image in customers' minds in the ad industry. Such impacts make people go for that brand every time they need related services. Thus, customer recognition due to your unique online astrology app services results in increasing brand value and credibility. Further, your mobile astrology app attracts more talent and increases the presence of creative & talented astrologers. As a result, it will improve the digital presence of your mobile astrology app.

Better Customer Reach

The more people use your astrology app, the more popular it will become. The online presence also helps you connect with more customers in much less time. Various in-app features will help you interact with more people and resolve their queries. Further, it will not cost you extra either. You can build a family of loyal customers residing in local and international regions.

Increased Revenue

With the help of an online astrology app, you can attract more people to your platform and sell products. In addition, the consultation fee also is a source of revenue generation. The success of other monetization models depends on the existence of your online astrology mobile application.

Faster Global Reach

Though word of mouth and networking help get popular; Still, it takes years to become a well-known brand and earn significant recognition. Then, it takes more time to build credibility without any digital presence. With the help of an astrology app, you can reach your target audience worldwide in much less time. Further, astrology mobile apps are a cost-effective way to attract global customers. 

Challenges during An Astrology App Development

No big project is unaffected by challenges. The path to achieving the best astrology app is full of various challenges too. Such challenges are related to adequate finance, finding astonishing astrology app development services, talented developers, and many more.

Here, you will learn about the most common challenges during and after astrology app development.

Lack of Skilled Developers

An astrology app requires a team of skilled and experienced developers and designers. An Astrology consultancy service app design is not everyone's cup of tea. The astrology app development team must have extensive app development knowledge, access to the right tools, and must be creative to make the astrology consultancy app more attractive. The astrology app must exhibit accurate results with a quick response time. A large response time may cause disinterest in users. They might uninstall the astrology app and never use it again. Thus, ensure you get a skilled developer team when hiring an astrology app development company.

Reaching Deadlines on Time

Many astrology app development companies miscalculate the app development time and budget limitations. It ends up exceeding budget and time. Not only it affects the launching and business planning, but also the undisciplined astrology app development services affect the app quality. When you hire an astrology app development company, do a background search and ensure their credibility. Make sure you get your astrology app on time. To do so, discuss the whole development process, project deadline, budget, and software quality beforehand. This way, you get a dedicated team and project manager who will finish the project on time and wouldn't exceed the budget.

Lack of Funding

Lack of funding during the astrology app development process is a common challenge. With a limited budget, finding a good astrology app development company is another big task. Many astrology consultancy app development companies wouldn't hesitate to compromise quality to finish the project within a predetermined budget. Also, when you associate with astrologers, lack of funding can become a hindrance. Before you start the astrology consultation app development process, gather information regarding app development costs and other expenses. Ensure the project manager finishes the project on time and provides an industry-grade astrology app.

Hiring a Creative Marketing Time

Even though the astrology app development company has provided you with the most attractive and user-centric astrology app still, success isn't guaranteed. Always hire an innovative marketing team to spread your business vision to the right audience. The creative marketing team can help you meet your target audience. If not, then you might not get the success you deserve. Thus, be careful when hiring marketing analysts. Further, they must be aware of the latest trends. 

Enjoying long-term success and staying relevant & valuable in this competitive industry means overcoming such challenges. You must design a robust business plan to remove all the roadblocks on the path to success.

Astrology App Development Team Structure

For the smooth online astrology app development process, it is vital to have a talented and experienced team of designers, developers, and other engineers. Let's understand the fundamental structure of a mobile app development team-

Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for managing the budget, distributing tasks, and reaching deadlines on time. A PM communicates with the client, sends development reports periodically, and ensures the smooth functioning of the team. Therefore, A project manager assembles experienced developers and leads the astrology consultancy app development process.

UI/UX Designers

Visuals play a vital role in the success of an astrology consultation app. When the astrology app development process starts, UI/UX designers will help you visualize your astrology mobile app. The more attractive the design is, the more people will be intrigued to use it. Thus, you must choose a simple yet attention-grabbing astrology app design for the final look.

Full-stack Engineers

Full-stack developers are the best app developers to build a minimum viable product (MVP). They have experienced generalists, are well-skilled in various programming languages, and can build applications for early customers. After getting the feedback, the application will require specialists to pack the application with various futuristic applications.

Frontend and Backend Developers

Frontend and Backend developers start the process of astrology app development after the client finalizes the app design. The frontend developers handle the user-side development process that users can see, interact, and communicate with. Backend developers focus on server-side app development, such as databases, internal architecture, and servers. The easier and faster the navigation process is, the more users will get attracted, and the more smoothly the astrology app will function.

QA and Test Engineers

Keeping quality in check during the astrology app development process is essential. It saves time and extra manual work at the end of the astrology app development procedure and matches industry-grade quality standards. Thus, after every development stage, quality analysts and test engineers run tests on the mobile application and ensure top-quality product design and development. 

Based on the astrology app business model and plan, the team structure has flexibility and resilience. Therefore, it is vital to understand the client's expectations and vision before deciding the suitable astrology app development services.

Astrology and Horoscope Apps Development Cost

Cost to develop an astrology app

The astrology app development cost depends on several factors. These cost-affecting factors include the astrology app development company's location, developers' hourly rate, app development platform, number of features, app design, and many more.

Location of the Astrology App Development Company

The app development companies located in developed countries charge quite a large amount as compared to other app development companies in developed countries. Therefore, outsourcing would be the best idea for a budget-constraint project. Another challenge concerning hiring an astrology app development company includes finding a credible and trusted astrology consultation app development company. Therefore, conduct thorough market research to avoid scammers.

Developers' Hourly Rate

It takes experienced developers to develop an exquisite astrology app. Further, quality is an uncompromising factor. Therefore, Look for cost-effective astrology app development solutions offering the best quality. Remember that the more experienced developers team you hire, the more the astrology app development cost will be.

App Design and Compatibility

Online astrology app development cost depends on the app's complexity and compatibility with other platforms. Your online astrology app must function smoothly on Android, iOS, Windows, and others. Further, a smooth and minimal design attracts the users more. A complex navigation design only costs more time and money to make the app user-friendly.

Number of App Features

The more features an astrology app has, the more the cost will increase. Also, the large number of features only makes the app complex. To avoid this, you must keep the number of features to a minimum. Include only essential functions to simplify the navigation path and reduce insignificant expenses.

Hidden Cost

The hidden cost consists of app upgrades, the addition of new app features, debugging, app maintenance costs, content development, infrastructural cost, and more in an online astrology app. Further, marketing costs and advertisements affect the overall budget. Advertisement cost depends on the marketing campaign types, such as Email marketing, print media, Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc. 

Hence, you know a few cost-affecting factors you must consider before deciding on a budget. You must also consult with your astrology app development company for better budget management and function efficiently.


Now, you know about the challenges. Select reliable astrology app development services, take necessary precautions, and choose robust astrology app development solutions. You are also aware of some of the top competitors in the industry. These astrology apps are one of a kind when it comes to the app services, design, theme, and business model. You must think thoroughly and conduct detailed market research to build a unique astrology consultation app. Further, be careful while hiring an astrology app development company.


Q1. What are post-launch astrology app development services?

The astrology app development services don't end with the astrology app launching. For a predetermined period, the astrology app development company offers cost-free debugging, maintenance, and other astrology app development solutions. After that, the clients need to pay for app services. The cost depends on the maintenance services clients require in their astrology app. 

Q2. What are the qualifications required to be an astrologer?

The government has proposed many courses to study astrology. Students from the arts, commerce, and science stream can apply for undergraduate degrees. Further, students can also apply for postgraduate and diploma degrees. 

Q3. How to start my astrology business?

The necessary steps required to start an astrology business include

  • Planning and legalizing the astrology business,
  • Tax registration and, designing business cards & opening bank accounts,
  • Setting up accounts and credit cards,
  • Get required permits, licenses, and insurance,
  • Choosing an astrology app development company,
  • Hiring a marketing team,
  • Start delivering astrology consultation services.

Q4. Is there a demand for Astrology?

The study shows that people seek astrological help for health, wealth, happiness, and hurdle removal. Therefore, astrology services are in high demand worldwide. 

Q5. Can astrology predict the future?

The purpose of astrology apps is not to predict the future. No astrology app can tell you what will happen to you in the future. It helps you make conscious decisions and prevent harm from avoidable hindrances in life.