Top Easy Steps to Create a SMM Strategy for 2020

Top Easy Steps to Create a SMM Strategy for 2020

Do you know what will make your company see the new heights? Yes, you are right!! Social Media Marketing (Ads, Paid Campaigns) !!!   If you want this to happen then you must have an outstanding Social Media Marketing Strategy.   Are you ready?   Undoubtedly the answer is yes but the problem starts from here because social media is not as straightforward as it should be.   I am saying this because you have to choose the right channel ― figuring out the right content strategy ― analysis paralysis. Choosing them all is a very difficult task for marketers.   So, to help you out, I have come up with this detailed guide that will help you in creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy.  

 Why the strategy is needed?  

A well-planned strategy will help your brand understand and handle its goals but with the aim.   So are you ready to figure out your social media marketing strategy!!!!   Below are the steps for the social media marketing guide that will help you identify your social goals, engage audiences, and optimize your results.  

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 1. Set GOALS For Your Business   Before starting anything, the first thing we do is to set Goals!!!   The same case is here!!!   You have to figure out your requirements for your social media. I am saying this because you will have everything sorted out for your Business and its growth.   You can determine that growth in terms of cents or dollars or getting more reach or followers.   For this, the only thing that is common is to set social media GOALS.   I have listed a few steps of the goals that will help your business in different aspects. 


a. Increase brand awareness   

 The best way to increase your brand awareness is to focus on the content that showcases your business and your work.    

 b. Generate leads and sales   

  The best thing to grow your business, as well as revenue, is to generate leads and sales because it is very difficult to convince a purchaser. So, social media marketing hits the needs and requirements of the audiences by which they reach out to you.    

c. Grow your brand’s audience    

Social Media Marketing helps in growing the audience of your brand. In simple words- Social Media Marketing helps in introducing your business to your audiences.   When your audiences will grow then there are higher chances for them to contact you which will help them understand your business in a better way. Here keywords play a major role as the audiences search for the keywords.   So, stuff keywords, hashtags, or phrases in such a way that the audience’s search stops at you.    

d. Increase community engagement     

 Keep experimenting with your content and messaging style. This will help you in increasing the engagement rate.    

e. Increase web traffic     

 If you want to increase web traffic then social media plays a very important role. Social Media helps you in promotional posts, social ads, tracks conversions, and URL links that help in better ROI.   Any combination of these explicit goals is fair game and can help you better understand which networks to tackle, too. When in doubt, keep your social media strategy simple rather than muddling it with too many objectives that might distract you.  

2. Research Your Target Audience  

Don’t ever take a risk of assumptions when it comes to Social Media Marketing.   And the tools that will help you out here are analytics tools and demographic data. So, stop worrying and assuming.   Do you know that the social media platforms- Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others are not one-size-fits-all!!   Businesses use social media platforms because they provide an overview of the people who are following and by this, they can get an idea of how they can interact with them.  

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3. Establish Metrics  

Do you know what people consider the most??  

  • The service or product you are selling.
  • The social media strategy must undoubtedly be data-driven.

  By this, it means that it is very important to focus on social media metrics.   You might be confused about which metrics we are talking about??   Don’t worry!! It is social media metrics!!!   Given below are breakdowns of social media metrics-  



a. Reach  

If you want to know how far your content has been spread across social then post reach plays an important role. With the help of post reach, you will get to know how many unique users saw your post.   Not only this, but you will also get to know whether it is reaching the user’s feed or not. In this competitive world, it is your responsibility to track the reach on a regular basis.  

 b. Clicks  

Clicks showcase how many times your website’s content, logo, and name have been clicked by the user. If we talk about Link Clicks, then these are very difficult to understand how users make movements through your marketing funnel.   So it is very important to know about tracking clicks per campaign and by this, you can easily understand why people are curious to buy your services.  

c. Engagement  

 Engagement means knowing who interacted and whether the ration was good or not with respect to the total reach. By this, you get to know about your audiences and their desire to interact and use your services.  

 d. Hashtag performance  

If you want your content to perform well then you must focus on inserting hashtags. You must use such hashtags that perform really well and help your content to reach the right audience.    If you want to focus on the performance of your hashtags then you must have answers to the questions mentioned below-   i. Most hashtags used by you. ii. Hashtags that were associated with your brand. iii. Hashtags that created the most engagement.  

 e. Organic and paid likes  

 Except for the like count, interactions play an important role in organic or paid content. If we talk about Facebook, it is very difficult to gain organic engagement due to which organizations opt for Facebook Ads.    While on the other hand, it is very easy to gain organic likes on Instagram. By knowing this information, you can easily settle down your budget and save time.  

f. Sentiment  

 If you want to know whether people like your campaign or not and if yes then how much then Sentiments is the best way by which you can know it. It means knowing the measurements of how users reacted to your brand, hashtags, and content.    So, it is very important to have a deep knowledge of people and knowing how your brand is helping them.   These breakdowns must be considered while doing Social Media Marketing!!!  

4. Get Ideas What Your Competitors Are Up To  

Before writing content it’s better to take a peek at the work of the competitors.   I am saying this because not only your business but also your content must be at par.   Confused about how to do it???   Don’t worry because social media comes to your rescue here!!   With the help of social media, you can get an insight into their social presence and their brand. Not only this but you will also get the strategy for the promotion of your own business through social media.   I am not saying to copy them but instead, get ideas from them and do better than them.   But before this, you must know who your competitors are.   Confused about how to spot them?   Don’t worry because we will help you out!!!   The best and simplest way to find your competitor is through Google Search. Write down your keywords or industry terms or phrases and google it. Now check which company is at the top.   After looking you will get to know who your competitors are.   After that, you must look at which competitor is on social media and by this, you can easily track them.   Keep an eye on their posts on social media and see what hashtags they are using and the way they are promoting the services through content. After this optimize your strategy for better growth.  

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5. Create Engaging Social Content  

We know that while social media marketing we have to play with content because it is the center of attraction.   Your Social Media Marketing Strategy is all dependent on content.   So it is very important to have an idea about what you are gonna publish which will help in your brand identity.   Now comes to picture is the engaging social content!!!   What is this and how can this happen??   Don’t stress yourself!!! Let me help you out!!   Keep the given below points in mind!  

 a. Sticking to Content Theme  

 In terms of content, it is very difficult to stick to a content theme that too on a daily basis.   We all know that visual content is important to marketers as they have to reach the targeted audiences. So it becomes a priority to make a content theme for your content sectioning.   Why content theme is important??   It is simply because it makes your work easier to build a content calendar.

  b. UGC and interactive content  

 UGC means User-Generated Content. It helps you by bringing the customers to you and help to interact with them. You can use hashtags, post a photo, and write an interactive content to boost your engagement rate.   You can also ask questions or post a poll to interact with the people.

  c. Stories and time-sensitive content  

 Add stories and along with them a time-sensitive content so that people can see the stories as well as read the content. Create content in such a way that it leaves an impact on their mind.   

d. Video- the masterpiece

  Social Videos are a boom and it is not going to over anytime soon. From a startup to big businesses, social media plays a very important role.    But while creating a video you must keep in mind the time factor. The video must not be too long nor be too short. Make a video that is relevant to your business.   Above mentioned points are the centerpiece of your social media marketing strategy  

 6. Timeliness - A Top Priority  

Timeliness must be at your top priority!!!   It happens from both sides- from your side as well as from the customers’ side!!!   Let me explain to you how-   If you have posted an image then you are not sure till when the audience’s response will come and it might not be also possible that they will respond to you on your time.   On the other hand, the customers might also reach you when you are not available.   So this situation goes on both sides!!!   So how can you handle both the things??   Let us understand!!!  

 a. Learn The Best Times To Post  

You might have seen people saying that while posting keep the timing as a priority. So it is very important to know the best times to post. This is the only way how you can interact with the audience.  

 b. Respond to your customer ASAP  

The way you expect a quick response, the same way even the customer expects the quick response. And if you want to grow your brand then it is very important to interact with the audience and reply to them ASAP.   Clear all the queries of the customers which will help your business as these customers can turn into your clients. This is the reason why social customer care is needed.   It also helps in increasing audience awareness and it is all about social engagement.   Apart from these two points, you must also keep updating your content on a regular basis. It will help you in reaching majority of the audience.  

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7. Analyze And Put Efforts Into Updations

  I hope, till know you might have understood about social media strategy.   Don’t leave this strategy in-between and focus on it for a year and then see how your business will see a rise.   The next point that gets added to our list is analyzing and updations.   If you don’t analyze your efforts, then it is of no use. I am saying this because you will have no idea what is happening, where your business has reached, is it falling down or seeing the rise and a lot more things.   So, it is very important to keep a bird’s eye on your social media activity.   If you don’t want to waste your time doing everything from starting then the best way is to monitor the metrics behind your campaigns.   It is the real-time monitoring by which you can analyze the small mistakes and can then make changes on the spot.   This is the best way as social media is evolving at a rapid pace.  

8. Discuss Wins, Goals, And Challenges With Your Team  

The time comes when you become blank and do not know what to do.   So it is very important to go hand-in-hand with your team!! Share with them the challenges, goals, and wins that are happening.   Marketers must discuss about what is going around on the social platform as new ideas might emerge which can help in the results.  


Now the question arises- Is your social media marketing strategy sorted out?   I hope that this guide will help you in making Social Media Marketing Strategies at ease.   Looking for more resources?   So, what are you waiting for??

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