List of Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

List of Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

The latest Mobile app development Trends are a boon to the business world. These digital solutions are potent to scale business operations and profit efficiency now and then. Estimates state that the mobile app development industry is nearly breaking the record to reach $614.40 Billion by 2026.  Undoubtedly, these massive revenue generations demand frequent changes in the mobile app trends in 2023 and the market. These potential changes towards the latest trends and tech are evolving the world around digital solutions. Nowadays, customer needs and demands revolve around incredible app solutions. 

Mobile app development should consider including the latest trends and techs because every experience matters. The app market is growing rapidly. What needs to be included is to follow the current mobile app development trends and the upcoming techs to add in existing and new ones.  Every mobile app developer must be aware of new trends and techs. We will discuss mobile app development trends in 2023 to evolve your business with a new & scalable strategy. 

Top Mobile App Development Trends For 2023

Mobile App Development Trends

  • Internet of Things (IOT)

Whether in healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, or other industries, the Internet of Things (IOT) is the mainstream in numerous business sectors. The frequent change and results through IOT-based mobile apps increased its demand.  Finally, IOT Mobile Apps have revolutionized business operations. Besides the successful mobile apps, you should know about the new and advanced technologies. These techs of IOT boost productivity, scalability, and operations and evolve the business. 

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It monitors the reading of connected sensors and devices. In addition, IOT is potent for analysing live video footage, analysing data plans, curating reports, and building data charts. IOT has advantages to B2B and B2C segments and manages the firm’s grades management. So, involve the mobile app trends for possible results.  The mobile app development trend of using IOT Mobile Apps has changed the business and customer-centric world in the enterprise industry. 

  • The demand for 5G Technology

5G technology has been under utility for a while but boomed up the entire tech market this year. All the technical companies and users shifted to 5G Technology at full pace. The statistics claim that by the end of next year, there will be 660Mn smartphones incorporated with 5G Technology. It accounts for nearly 47.5% of all devices.  5G Technology has changed the perspective of building and using mobile apps. Through this advanced tech, you will enjoy full speed and efficiency with mobile apps. 5G is 100x fast compared to 4G. The latency will reduce to 1 millisecond, whereas the latency is 50 milliseconds in 4G Technology.  However, incorporating 5G Technology in AR or VR will integrate with technology and make the app easier to access and use. Moreover, transferring data from device to device is a better, smoother, and quicker process with 5G Technology. 

  • Wearable Devices Are Game Changer

The demand and increased number of wearable devices cover new opportunities and rise in businesses. Mobile app development for users is booming in the business, as the apps have the potential to connect customers with brands deeply. When wearable devices are connected to mobile devices, it provides a better and quicker user experience. Furthermore, customers will receive more options and opportunities through mobile apps for wearables.  You need to understand the concept; there is a difference between wearable apps and smartphone apps. The apps in wearables are concise due to the small screen size and consume less energy. Nowadays, the apps in smartwatches and fitness trackers are widely used and still progressively rising. Still, the upcoming and current mobile app development trends of 2023 showcase that many mobile apps are ready to launch, like healthcare gadgets and smart glasses. 

  • On-Demand Apps

On-Demand Apps are becoming essential in everyone’s life. Well, why not? They deserve it, as it greatly benefits and eases people’s lives. On-demand apps are helping people to get daily essentials help, food, pharmaceutical suggestions, taxi services, and others.  This mobile app development trend tracks your location and instantly delivers essential service. They will deliver the necessary items to your doorstep. These on-demand apps became game changers for businesses and clients.  Getting the service or product at home in a minimal period is too easy. Consumers will find nearby stores from where they can order wherever. Meantime, they can track down orders. Moreover, you can share your feedback regarding the service and products through the feedback or reviews option. 

  • Cloud Tech Based Apps

Cloud-based technology is taking the next level in the techy world. Even the service providers are investing in cloud-based techs to become inexpensive and advantageous with efficient cloud infrastructure. Cloud Technology took a vast and significant space in mobile app development in 2023.  There are a number of mobile apps which take leverage from cloud techs. Cloud tech has turned to hosting inexpensive, accessible, and more efficient. However, the world has thoroughly adopted the cloud-based mobile app development trend, which is necessary for app success. The mobile app developers focus on efficient cloud infrastructure, quantum computing, and hybrid cloud solutions.

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

The videos in which you cannot state “what’s real and what’s not” is the show curated with augmented reality and virtual reality (AR and VR) Technology. Augmented reality superimposes artificial characters and objects on real-life objects, which looks at real & artificial both worlds. This artificial environment in series is ruling the tech world.  AR and VR aren't working for gaming but also leading educational and training backgrounds. The tech brings a game-changing experience to businesses and users, so use it for the best results. AR or VR Technology is appropriate for medicine, education, healthcare, and other industries. This mobile app development trend is at the technology forefront. 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are ruling technology quickly. It was always the most important requirement in the past, and now for the mobile app development trend in 2023. AI and ML bring excellence in mobile app functionality far beyond facial detection, chatbots, and motion detection. It brings versatility and relevancy to the functionality of mobile apps. 

  • Mobile Payments and Wallets

E-Commerce is the fastest-growing industry according to the current digital marketplace. Every person is opting for mobile app shopping mediums. That is why the demand for mobile wallets and payments is rapidly increasing. Consequently, the mobile app development trend is taking the next level up.  In 2020, there was a surge in mobile payment gateway users. COVID-19 played a significant role in uplifting the demand. People avoided using cash exchanges, and they moved towards mobile payment gateways. It has been surveyed that 2 Billion people shifted to mobile wallets and payments.  In the mobile app development 2023 trends, adding mobile payments and wallets is mandated to match current tech standards. Consider the most trending examples like Google Pay, Bhim, PhonePe, Paytm, and PayPal. 

  • Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology uses Bluetooth for mobile phones to find nearby stores and other firms. The beacons will share location-based signals, allowing mobile apps to open on your smartphone.  It helps the mobile app to perform multiple tasks. It enables the users to shop online from e-commerce sites or stores or book a room. This tech feature is capable of delivering information about multiple pieces. The Beacon app is accurate in managing the entire retail sector.  Moreover, it allows the customers to be satisfied and provide customised services. However, there’s no need to wait longer to resolve your queries. You will get answers immediately. Retail stores are using this technology for cashless and queue-less checkouts. Users can use Beacon Technology, which enables AI and resolves mobile payment problems. 

  • Touchless User Interface (UI)

It is the most demanding and emerging mobile app trend in 2023. Mobile app developers are opting for mobile app development trends. The stats claimed that approx 50% of mobile business apps include a touchless user interface in 2023.  Many people are familiar with touchless UI, like signing up or using identification biometrics, even though the financial and mobile payment app asks to validate the users with the help of identification through biometrics.  The latest mobile app trends include touchless UI, which allows one to control the app with the head or screen movement. All these incredible features will take e-commerce businesses to extend in mobile app development trends.  The trending AR/VR application interfaces will be bound with interesting transformations in mobile app development. 

  • Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is the latest and most advanced mobile app development trend 2023, which has shaken the app industry. The mobile app trend will help to forecast upcoming events with the leverages in AI, data mining, machine learning, modelling, etc.  The tech giants have been taking hefty leverages from predictive analytics for years. You can consider here an example of Netflix, which suggests and recommends movies and series per your previous watches. In 2023, predictive analytics will take the tech to the next level. In fact, this is going to improvise UX/UI experience. 

  • Voice Recognition Platform

It’s more convenient to use natural methods to interact with mobile applications rather than swiping & gliding on the screen. That is why technologies have introduced advanced voice recognition tech. Voice User Interface (VUI) actively penetrates the application and boosts user experience. 

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Today Voice assistants or VUI have the potential to make tasks simpler, like finding information. Undeniably, it’s a good tool that keeps people evolving. In the upcoming years, the VUI will take the tech to its robust programming entirely based on artificial intelligence.  These mobile apps are best at dealing with complex problems and resolving queries. Mobile app developers are constantly improving voice assistance creations. In addition, the VUI is a powerful tech. It is appropriate to recognize the emotions and mood of the speaker as per his speech. 

  • ChatBots

Chatbots have been in technical streamlining for a decade or more. Recently, chatbots have become great revolutions and become much more advanced. Chatbots are gaining more popularity, and consumer demands are increasing quickly. In fact, this is new and standard customer service.  This mobile app development trend in 2023 is using AI technology. The responsive rates and response ways are human-like. Rest we know how AI Technology is taking the next heights in the techy world. 

  • Blockchain Technology

When we talk about Blockchain Technology, it immediately redirects to bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology has evolved into different areas. Using such mobile app trend 2023 of blockchain technology is good for mobile wallets and cryptocurrency converters. It is perfect for tracking digital assets, securing digital identity, tracking loyalty programs, cloud storage solutions, etc.  The smart contracts of blockchain and possibilities are endless. Even the smart contract will provide a number of things, like issuing loans and taking different items on rentals. Blockchain technology has too many things to offer and offers a number of possibilities, though. This mobile app development trend is good to use with IOT Mobile Apps. Using the trend is useful, secure, cost-effective, and quicker. 

  • Cross-Platform Mobile App

Android and iOS development apps have taken over almost the entire marketplace. In fact, a number of businesses use the cross-Platform Mobile App Platform, which is cost-effective. It is compatible with all other platforms.  Cross-Platform Mobile Apps are ruling in mobile development trends and will remain the most demanding in the upcoming years. This ideology has the potential to reach a vast-scale audience. Moreover, this is cost-effective to use such mobile app development trends in 2023. Do you know a reduction in the cross-development platform can decrease 23% of users for the mobile app? 


The latest mobile app development trends in 2023 speak for their potential and advantages. Mobile app development works with the current hi-tech, advanced technologies and finds the best and most convenient solutions.  Mobile app development solutions are increasing their demand rapidly. Although the multiple advanced technologies have boosted its advancements, automatically eased customer requirements.  To succeed in the mobile application, following the demonstrated useful and latest development trends in 2023 is best to opt for.  To clarify any doubt, JPloft executives are available to assist you with the best knowledge and the right paths to take and provide the best result-oriented services to clients.