On-Demand Tutor App In 2021

On-Demand Tutor App In 2021

In the world of technology, everything is changing very fast. Developers are creating new things every day with mobile app development to help businesses. The education sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Many institutes and schools are also adopting new technologies to attract more students and provide better services. In 2020, the education sector was heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Online tutor apps are empowering the business and education industry. However, investors are planning to work with an on-demand education app development company. It is the best way to improve their educational services. Educational institutes can also take advantage of this pandemic to grow their educational Business by mobile app development such as on-demand tutor apps.

On-demand Tutor App

Online tutor application is a platform where students can clear their doubts with qualified teachers through video calls and chat. E-learning platforms are been used widely in this pandemic to provide education to the students. In this pandemic, the demand for mobile applications has increased rapidly and one among them is tutor apps which have seen huge growth. Many educational institutes already developed tutor apps for their students and teachers. Students can easily solve their queries in the application with teachers. There are lots of benefits of tutors apps where students can get instant responses from teachers and can also find valuable and educational courses in just one mobile application.

Features Of On-demand Tutor Application 

1.  Easy To Register

Students can easily register in the mobile application and can utilize the different educational courses. They can simply register with their email and password.  Students can also log in with their social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. They can also enroll in different kinds of courses in the account. 

2.  Chat Messenger: 

Students can easily connect with their teachers with an in-app chat messenger. Teachers will be able to solve their queries easily regarding the courses.  Students can easily ask their class timings to the teachers, charges of courses, and the app procedure with the help of a chat messenger. 

3.  Personal Dashboard

Students and teachers will have their own personal dashboard. They will be able to manage courses directly from their dashboard.  Different courses will be recommended to the students as per their browsing history. You will also able to see your recent course purchases on the dashboard. 

4. Offline Access

Students can easily access their courses offline by downloading them. You can give an option to the students to download the course and watch them later. After downloading the course they will be able to access all videos without the internet This is one of the most important features of the on-tutor application.

5.  Participate In The Quiz Tests 

Students can also participate in the upcoming tests to check how much they have learned.  If students are not able to clear the tests then they can again watch the course and try again. Students can improve their learning capability by taking tests and quizzes. Developers can also provide a revision tracker in the application to encourage the students to take more new tests.

6.  Notes For Students 

Whether it is offline or online, Notes are an important part of the study. The developer can give an extra option of notes in the application in which students are able to see and download the notes. The meaning of On-tutor application is very simple, and that is to reduce the efforts of students and help them to focus on the lessons and courses. For such advanced features, you must hire the best mobile app development company .

7. Courses Can Stream On TV

This feature is one of the most attractive and unique features of the Tutor mobile application. Students can stream their courses on bigger screens.  With the help of this feature, students can enjoy their sessions on the television and learn at a faster pace.

8.  Check tutor reviews 

Students can also check the tutor’s reviews and other information like how much experience they have in this field, the expertise of the teacher, and many more. Students are able to see the reviews and ratings given by the other students. This information will help the students to find a better tutor and course.


The educational sector has suffered the most in the covid 19 Pandemic. But many institutes have taken the advantage of this pandemic by contacting mobile app development companies for the development of tutor apps. However with the help of education app development services clients can improvise their online teaching app and provide better experience. JPLoft is widely focusing on developing a professional education app for the investors. The developers of JPloft are well experienced and expert in the development of advanced mobile applications.