Podcast Marketing: The Complete Guide to Promote Podcast Online

Podcast Marketing: The Complete Guide to Promote Podcast Online

If you also want to know how to promote podcasts online then you are in the right place.    The podcast is a way to tell information about a particular topic through audio. Many people have created a podcast in which they have an interest or passion but they are struggling to get listeners.   So here we will tell you the best methods to promote podcasts online to grow your listenership. But Remember! You have to choose only those strategies which work best for you rather than using all of them.   But before we tell you the strategies and methods let’s know the market size and growth of the podcast industry.     According to Grandviewresearch, the global market of the podcast industry was estimated at $9.28 Billion U.S Dollars in 2019, and the expected growth rate for the podcast industry from 2020 to 2027 is (27.5) CAGR Annually.    

1. Release 3 episodes On the first day

  You have to launch at least 3 episodes on the first day. Make sure you have at least 10 to 15 episodes for the audience to explore.    This way audience will have multiple podcast content for them to listen to. But the content of the podcast which you are releasing should be engaging for the audience.  

2. Use Social Media to Promote podcast 

  Social media is one of the best ways to get listeners for your podcast. You can reach a wider audience for your podcast if you use social media.    You have to create a short audio clip of your podcast which should be engaging and after that, you have to publish it on the different social media platforms.    There are multiple social media platforms that are available for podcast promotions. We will recommend you to use only those platforms which work well for you instead of using all of them.   

3. Use Podcast Aggregators and directories

  Podcast aggregator also called podcatcher is an application that plays podcasts. The most famous podcatchers are Spotify, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Soundcloud, Iheartradio, Podtail, Podbay, etc.   You can also use podcast directories to reach a large audience. You just have to create an account in the podcast directories and have to submit it.    When your podcast available on different directories it will help them to become popular among the audience.  

4. Collaborate with other people

  You have to find other podcasters who are publishing similar podcast content like you and approach them to play a trailer of your podcast in his/her episode.    After they publish your podcats trailer in their episode you also have to do the same publish their podcast trailer in your episode.    This method will help you to reach a new audience and also increase your podcast engagement.  

5.  Ask to subscribe by email

  Email is one of the best ways to tell your audience about your new podcasts. But to capture the emails of the audience you will need a website and email marketing tool.    Whenever you release a new episode you can easily send an email to the audience and update them. But you will need at least 100 email subscribers to get a good engagement for your podcast.  

6. Do Giveaways and giver offers

  Giveaways and offers always help to get a new audience because they are eye-catching and attractive. You can ask for reviews for your podcasts to enter the giveaway contest.    The prizes which you are giving to the audience should be aligned in your episode in some way which will help you to get relevant people for the prizes.    If you have a low budget for the giveaway you can give T-shirts, product coupons, budget earphones, etc.  

7. Paid Ads 

  Now if you are still not able to get organic listeners for your podcasts then you can use Facebook advertisements and Google ads to reach the audience.    You can easily create a campaign on Facebook and Google ads and target a specific audience for your podcasts.    We will recommend you create an ad campaign for every episode because in this way you can target an audience who are really interested in that episode.   

8. Publish podcasts at strategic times

  You have to look when your competitors are publishing their podcasts after that you also have to publish at the same time.   But you have to keep changing the timings of podcasts if you are not getting good results. When you start getting results on your podcasts then you can fix your timings for the podcast to publish.  

9. Be a guest on another podcast

  Now, this is one of the most exciting ways to get engagement on your podcasts. You have to choose those podcasters who are in your niche and publishing similar content like yours.   You can reach out to the podcasters by email and social media and ask them to be a guest on their podcasts.  

10. Convert podcast into Youtube videos

  Youtube is one of the biggest video sharing platforms in the world with billions of people are watching videos daily.   So it becomes a huge opportunity for the podcasters to reach a huge audience. You just have to convert your MP3 audio file into MP4 format and next, you have to select an eye-catchy and good-looking image for the video and publish it on youtube.    You will get a very good response in a short period of time for your podcast with the help of youtube.  


  Now we have told you all the best methods to get the audience for your podcasts. You can choose any method to promote podcasts online.    But you have to create a quality content podcast for your audience to engage them. You can release 3 to 4 episodes per day for your audience for better results. But still, if you need a digital marketing company to promote your podcast then JPloft is best for you.   We have 9+ years of experience in digital marketing and promotions. Our marketing team will help you to grow your audience base for podcasts and increase their popularity online.