A Step By Step Guide for Mobile App Marketing

A Step By Step Guide for Mobile App Marketing

So You have developed a world-changing mobile application for users? Right!   Now only one task remains that how you will get downloads for your mobile application. There are more than 5 million mobile applications available in the play store and app store so it’s not an easy task to get downloads for your mobile app.   So how you will get downloads for your mobile application? In this blog, we have made a list of the best 10 mobile app marketing strategies to get more downloads for your in play store and app store.   

Why Mobile application marketing is important

  Marketing a mobile application can become a tough process. There are lots of mobile applications are available which are using different kinds of marketing tactics to increase downloads and traffic.   The competition in the market is also very high for mobile apps because many of them are using the same marketing strategies for their application to reach a large audience.    Some people also thought that building a mobile application is the only task but they don’t know that without the right promotional strategies mobile application becomes worthless.   

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1. App Store Optimization

  This is one of the most important things you have to do for your mobile application to reach a wider audience. Your mobile application should be optimized to rank at the top search results in the app stores. The higher rankings in app stores will help you to drive more downloads for your application.   With the help of app store optimization, your mobile application will get awareness, downloads, and engagement from the audience.  

2. Use App Store advertisements 

  Many people are not using the app store advertisements for promotions. App store ads are one of the most effective and easy ways to increase your mobile application visibility and downloads.   Running an ad campaign in-app store is very similar to Google ads. The paid ads will show your application to a huge audience that is looking for it.   You just have to find the keywords for your application to reach potential users.  

3. Use social Media 

  If you are not using social media for mobile app marketing then you are missing a huge chunk of audience. You have to promote your mobile application on social media with regular posts.   Learn about your social media audience like hobbies, interests, demographics, when they become active on social media, etc.   If you want higher engagement for your mobile app then reshare your users created content.  

4. Influencer Marketing 

  Influencer marketing is an effective method to get the audience for your mobile application. But A+ influencers are very costly they charge ($100000 to 1000000 per post) so we will recommend you to hire a micro-influencer because they charge a low amount.   You have to hire those influencers who are related to your mobile application niche. It will help you to get the right and targeted audience for the app.  

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5. Publish content Regularly  

  If you publish regular content on social media, websites, it will improve your visibility in search engines and help to get more traffic. According to blogging.com, the businesses that post blogs regularly generate 126% leads more than other people who don’t do.    You can tell the audience about your application development journey to increase engagement. Before you write any blog you have to do keyword research and write quality content for the audience.  

6. App Install Ads

  You can run mobile application install ads on google or social media platforms to drive more traffic to your application and increase the download rate.    But you have to bid on those keywords which are relevant to your mobile application niche. Run ad campaigns on different social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. If you have a small budget for ads then you can use google ads which are more effective and budget-friendly.  

7. Do Guest blogging 

  Guest blogging is one of the best methods to drive more traffic to your website or mobile application. You can submit your blog post related to your application niche to other influentials websites or blogs.    If you write quality blogs for guest posting then it will also improve your SEO and help to get more quality backlinks.    Guest blogging is a win-win strategy if you use it.  

8. Ask people to review and rate your application 

  Most people see reviews and ratings before purchasing any products or services online. The mobile applications are also similar to this. Review and rating can help your application to increase downloads.    You can encourage your app users to give ratings on app stores and also leave a good review. If there are any negative reviews are given by the audience you have to contact them and ask the queries and problems which they are facing on your mobile application. After solving their problem you can ask them to change their negative review to a positive one.   

9. Giveaway, offers, contest 

  Giveaways are one of the best ways to attract an audience for your mobile application. You can do a giveaway of a product or service in your application to increase the engagement of your app.    You can also provide discounts on your products or services which you are giving on your application. Many companies use these effective strategies to attract more customers to their business.  

10. Hire Mobile App Marketing Company

  If all these strategies still not work for you then you can hire a mobile app marketing company to promote your app. These agencies will help you to drive more traffic and increase your application downloads in the app stores.   But before you hire any mobile app marketing company you should look at the experience and expertise they have in the marketing field.  


  Now after reading this blog you might get an idea of how you will increase your mobile application downloads and traffic   But if you want to reach a large audience in a short time then you have to run google and social media ad campaigns because free marketing strategies take time and lots of effort.   You can hire a digital marketing company for your ad campaigns to reach the targeted audience.