The Ultimate Guide for Salon App Development: A Business Overview

The Ultimate Guide for Salon App Development: A Business Overview

We all are living in a revolutionary time regarding on-demand mobile apps. Using an on-demand app for everyday tasks has become a norm. On-demand salon app development is one of those sectors in which the tech industry thrives.  Be it Food delivery, Grocery, Medicine, or Home services apps, On-demand mobile apps are everywhere.

 However, for any on-demand app to be successful, both old and new beauty services businesses need to make strategies to cater for users’ needs and demands. An on-demand salon mobile app is the best way to reach a vast and versatile audience. A broad user base is certain since every age group needs beauty services. The most versatile and broad user base means getting plenty of options in product launching and offering marketing services worldwide.  Global demand for various beauty products, herbal or cosmetic, reaches new heights with popularity, brand value, and quality customer services. Hence, you have many reasons to go for the on-demand salon app development services. The right time is now to market all the services related to beauty and self-care in every corner of the world. 

The Need for An On-demand Beauty Salon Mobile App

Need for on-demand salon app

The need for an on-demand Beauty and Salon mobile app took off during COVID-19. Due to various restrictions, people could not enjoy their religious beauty sessions. Additionally, handling personal home appointments, scheduling, and on-time delivery of salon services became a tough task for salon owners. Even before the Pandemic, people used to wait in the waiting room, flipping magazines for their turn.  Salon business owners and consumers can save time after downloading the on-demand salon app on their mobile phones. Now, salon owners can automate many salon services, ranging from management to scheduling daily tasks. Consumers, too, are more aware of beauty-related services and salon stores. As a result, booking appointments and detailed service lists are easily accessible while keeping tabs on industry trends. 

Beauty Salon App Market Analysis: Growth, Trends, and Future

Beauty Salon App Market Analysis

The mobile salon app has undoubtedly brought tremendous growth to the beauty salon industry. Many beauty professionals could establish their name only after salon app development during high demands. With the penetration of mobile apps in various industries, contacting a salon app development company for your brand is a wise idea in the 21st century.  As per the study, many renowned brands and startups have launched their on-demand salon apps. However, in the future, the competition in the salon industry is only going to be tough. Thus, an innovative salon app has become a need for long-term profits and sustenance. 

On-demand Salon Business App Types: The Scope in Future

Let's look at the most creative on-demand salon business types to launch in the market-

Salon Booking App Solution

It is a perfect marketplace to find beauty professionals and connect with them. StyleSeat is the perfect example of a salon appointment app. Users can also connect through social media accounts and book for a particular service. 

Beauty Parlour Service Menu and Pricing App

The GetLook Salon app is perfect for finding a beauty parlor in the local area. People can also read about various wellness services provided by beauty experts. In-app booking, getting offers & deals, and finding at-home service menus and prices become easy with such apps. 

Salon Customer Profile and History App

It is the best appointment booking solution for a business owner. They can fill all the service requests whenever they are. It will help schedule bookings and avoid overlapping. Additionally, the nature of beauty service, personal requests, time, and many other things can be determined.

Nail and Hair Salon App

The customer uses this app to contact a salon specializing in a particular niche. For example, the Nail and hair salon industry offers various beauty professionals. Users can book their appointments for specialized services in this particular niche. 

Salon Business Management or POS App

Salon mobile applications have become how to manage the business and oversee real-time activities. Many businesses strive to deliver unique services and use various online marketing techniques to attract customers globally. 

Salon Waste Management App

Many salon app owners are offering eco-friendly salon services at every level possible. After delivering the services, salon owners can contact concerned authorities for better waste management. Because using recyclable products and tools is beneficial and cost-effective in the long run.

How Do Beauty Services Apps Work?

  1. The user downloads the mobile app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  2. After filling in Login credentials, the app platform takes the user to a two-step verification process.
  3. After accessing the salon app, the user uses the search bar to select beauty services or a preferred beauty professional.
  4. Now, the user selects the services from the salon parlor or a service provider to book appointments. 
  5. The user can pay later or use various in-app payment systems to get the receipts. 
  6. The salon app system schedules the appointments, accepts payment methods and notifies the requested salon. 
  7. The user gets the booking confirmation notification at the end. Moreover, the app user can also shop for beauty products and receive home delivery. 

Business Models for On-demand Salon App Development

Business Models Of Salon App

One thing that the competitive Beauty industry demands from beauty experts for long-term sustenance is the most creative & unique business plan. Thus, a strong business model is necessary.

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Let's look at the two kinds of Business models in the beauty industry-

Individual Beauty and Salon Business App

Developing a personal salon app for your brand is not a new thing. The salon owner can introduce all the services in their app. Further, loyal and regular customers will get numerous benefits by using this beauty app. It has all the information and a one-tap booking system without any hassle 24/7.

  Examples- GreatClips, Supercuts, SportClips, etc.  

Beauty and Salon Aggregator App

It is a software platform where all the experts in the beauty sector provide service to the masses. Anyone can get access, book appointments, and schedule them in a few seconds. There are many ideas to make such apps unique during the salon app development process. 

 Examples- The Salon App, Booksy, Glamsquad, etc.

Revenue Model for an On-demand Salon App

Every business model needs to have a revenue model to last for a long time. Let's look at all the possible and profitable revenue models for an on-demand salon beauty services app-

  • Commissions- In an aggregator salon mobile app, the app owner can take part of their payments as commission whenever the user books an appointment. The salon owner predetermines it, and service providers can read it while signing up for the platform. Usually, it ranges between 15%- 30%. 
  • Advertisements- In-app advertisements help beauty parlors to stay on top of the homepage. Many salon app companies offer many advertisement services. The service providers can choose anyone suitable to their budget. 
  • Listing Fees- Usually, salon app owners offer limited beauty & salon services options in the free version of the app. Service providers must subscribe to app services to get more options and benefits. 
  • Payment Gateway Charges- Charging a token of payment from third-party services for providing a mobile app platform is a great way to generate revenue. Social media platforms, in-app payment systems, location trackers, etc., are a few third-party services. 
  • Subscription fees- One can generate good revenue by keeping the advanced services rendered for the premium version. Once the app becomes popular, beauty experts and customers will pay for advanced features to get better services and grow their businesses. 
  • Influencer Marketing- The fastest and most effective way to reach the masses is by using influencer marketing. Influencers in various parts of the region help generate revenues by promoting brands to their audiences. 

Top 5 On-demand Beauty Salons Mobile Apps

Top 5 Beauty Salon Apps

It is important to know about competitors and learn from them. Also, you can build an awesome app with various creative features the fastest way possible. The top five On-demand beauty salon mobile apps are-

It is an online beauty and salon appointment booking marketplace. Users can find several beauty professionals, salons, and parlors. It is the ultimate marketplace to book appointments for grooming and beauty treatments in only a few clicks.

Download- iOS | Android 

Get an on-demand salon app in the form of Glamsquad. For every hair, nail, and makeup related services, Glamsquad offers the best professionals in the USA. as of now, it is available in a few cities in the USA. Some of these cities are San Francisco and the bay area, NYC, Jersey City, Miami, South Florida, etc. 

 Download- iOS 

PRIV offers all the beauty and wellness solutions to its customers. After its merger with beGlammed in 2019, the PRIV has reached a larger user base in over 33 cities in the USA and Canada. Some of the services they offer are hairstyling, makeup, manicure/pedicure, massages, men’s grooming, personal training, spray tans, ear piercing, etc.

Download- iOS | Android

Having an on-demand salon app that lets you book an appointment in a nearby salon instantly is vital. Fresha gives you an instant booking solution to discover and contact professionals and salon stores in your area. In addition, its business app helps salons manage their businesses online. 

Download- iOS | Android

Stylebee offers 24/7 wellness and salon services to its customers. The salon app company offers one of the top beauty professionals. Customers can book the appointment in a few steps by setting their preferred services, time, and date. Their professionals will arrive at their location with all the tools to customize their look. Their app is available only for iOS users and they send the download link upon request.

What are the Key Features of A Salon Mobile App?

Key features of salon app

A mobile app development company divides a salon app into three panels during the salon app development process. 

  1. Web-Admin Panel
  2. Customer Panel
  3. Beauty and Spa Services Provider Panel

Web-Admin Panel

The salon owner manages and gets the rights of the admin panel after the completion of the salon app development process. Let's look at the features incorporated by a mobile app development company that helps him with the management- 

  • Log in to the Admin Panel- Salon owners login into the panel and set up the business. The business team also gets the login credentials for effective management. 
  • Database Management- Business owners can update every business detail online, such as logbooks, schedule meetings, tasks of various teams, blogs, services, and many more.
  • Listing Profiles- The admin can track the number of businesses signed up on the platform. The more businesses join the salon app platform, the more revenue it generates and becomes popular. 
  • Team Management- Getting timely updates from teams, assigning their tasks online, organizing business meetings with them, and many other tasks are using these features. Many plug-in software also helps manage tasks. 
  • Financial Management- Admin must keep the account book updated all the time. The in-app features help keep records of commissions, profits, taxes, and losses. 
  • Analysis Tool- Determining the performance of the business is essential. Salon businesses must incorporate analytical tools in their web and mobile applications. Generally, Google Analytics is used for detailed analysis.
  • Push Notifications- Getting timely updates and notifications about real-time activities are important. It is possible only with the push notification feature.

Customer Panel

The second part of salon app development consists of a Customer panel. As the name suggests, it is for salon customers to find the best salon in the nearest area. Let's look at the features of a Customer Panel-

  • Login- Customers must log in to the app platform using their Email ID and phone number. Then, pass the two-step verification method to make the platform safe and secure.
  • Salon Booking- Customers can see the listing of various beauty professionals and salons in their area. They can tap and look at the description. Now, they only need to book after filling in the necessary details. 
  • Appointment Reminder- The beauty services app sends reminders about their appointment so they can attend the due date. In case of an emergency, they can postpone or reschedule it. 
  • In-app Payments- In this cashless economy, it is wise to have an in-app payment system. The 'cash' or 'cash on delivery' option is also good.
  • Service History and Reorder- Customers needn't search for the same services again. They can tap the 'History' icon and reorder/reschedule the services whenever they want. 
  • Chats- In-app communication is best for proper communication between customers and salon businesses. It can be audio/video chats, media sharing, texting, etc.
  • Push Notification- Customers get notifications regarding new discounts, appointments, and real-time in-app activity via this feature. Push notifications are the best way to promote new salon services to the masses quickly.
  • Security & Safety- The company policies and detailed safety & precautions are necessary to include in the beauty & salon application. It is best for users and service providers to prevent them from scammers.
  • Feedback- Genuine customer feedback helps other customers choose the right salon services. Thus, customers can write reviews and ratings according to the salon's services. 
  • Customer Support- Customers can contact the customer support department for any query or complaint. It helps build a strong CRM. 

Beauty and Spa Services Provider Panel

A beauty and Spa app panel is for online salon business management. A salon app development company must be creative while developing beauty applications. Let's look at the fundamental features of a beauty app you can even find in white-label software-

  • Login- Every salon business, big or small, needs to log in using a business Email ID or phone number. Then, they go through the two-step verification process to keep the scammer at bay. 
  • Profile Management- Every salon business needs to update details about their business. It can even upload video portfolio and connect with customers on a deeper level.
  • Financial Management- A salon business can handle its finances through these features. It includes a commission to the app company, listing fees, subscription fees, customer payments, taxes, etc.
  • Manage Appointment- Salon businesses can accept, reject, or confirm upcoming beauty service requests. It also helps them set reminders and track previous beauty services. 
  • In-app Navigation System- The in-app navigation system guides beauty professionals to their destinations. So they could deliver all beauty-related services on time.
  • Chats- In the beauty sector, delivering customer support anytime is important. Customers must get answers to their queries in time. It helps boost the ratings and build a robust CRM.
  • Online Marketing- For a salon business to thrive, it is important to market wellness services to the masses. Hence, salon businesses can promote their services through push notifications. Further, advertise beauty services on the app, such as a client loyalty program.
  • Push Notifications- A salon can promote beauty services and stores using push notifications. It also notifies them about real-time activities on the app platform.

Advanced Features to Develop Prominent Salon Business Mobile App

Features to develop Salon Business Mobile

The ultimate goal of incorporating advanced and unique features is to make salon business services unique in the market. So, people can enjoy every unique beauty service that only they offer. Let's look at some of the advanced salon features that help the beauty services app stand out- 

AR-based Hair Coloring/Styling App

The hair salon business is one of the most creative and profitable sectors in the beauty salon industry. Augmented reality (AR) helps customers choose the best hairstyle or color based on their features. It also helps beauty professionals to understand the customers' demands. As a result, they save a lot of time as customers will be aware of their final look.

Advanced Search Option

A more detailed filter option is always a time-saving and quick solution. As an app owner, you can offer this in your premium version to app users. The advanced search option helps people identify the nearest salon that matches their needs. It includes price, time, date, occasion, product, policies, etc.

Salon Store/ In-app Shop

Online sales have generated great revenue and popularity in the last couple of years. As a salon business owner, targeting a global audience becomes easy and fast with a digital store. People from all over the world can buy and get the services delivered at home. 

Steps to Develop an On-demand Salon App

Steps to develop an Salon App

Awareness of the salon app's mobile app development process is essential before starting a salon app development process. Whether it is a hair salon app, nail salon app, or health and wellness app, the fundamental steps are similar  in every mobile app development service. 

1. Market Research

Proper market research can help remove many doubts and save time by a lot. Every innovative salon app development service idea will come to light once you fix your goal and start working on it systematically. 

2. Choosing Right Business Model

Since you have plenty of ideas to work on, it's time to filter out the most creative salon app ideas. It helps in forging a strong and proper business plan. Choosing one model out of many salon business models will not become confusing.

3. Finding the Right Mobile App Development Company

The tech industry offers many mobile app development companies marketing various salon app development services. Therefore, selecting a business plan that offers all the services that suit your business plan will be easier and less time-consuming.

4. Deciding the Unique Specifications

Ensure to make a list of all the unique features and specifications you want in your on-demand salon app. Conveying the right message and exact vision to your salon app development company is non-negotiable. 

5. On-demand Salon App Testing

One must test the working of the salon mobile app software after the developers' delivery of the on-demand salon application. It includes an attractive app design, easy user navigation, fast loading, instant booking, devoid of bugs, etc.

Tech Stack Required for the Outstanding Salon Mobile App Development


Web Development Flutter, React Native
Mobile App Development (Android & iOS) Flutter, React Native
Backend Development PHP, Java, Python
Frontend Development HTML, CSS, JavaScript     
Database Oracle, MySQL

Third-Party Services

Payment Gateway Razorpay, Stripe, Paypal, GPay  
GPS/Location  Google Places API, GoogleMap
Cloud Storage Microsoft Azure, iCloud
Registration  iOS, FacebookID, Gmail
Analytics  Google Analytics
Push Notifications NotifyVisitors, Google Firebase, AWS
SMS Twilio, Zadarma, Vonage
Mailing MailChimp
Social Media  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok,Whatsapp

Development Team Structure for a Beauty and Salon App

 Project Manager-

The project manager manages the technical team, oversees the project budget, encourages the team to complete tasks on time, and works as a mediator between the client and the tech team.

Team Lead-

 A team lead helps with project completion by assigning tasks to the concerned person & group. It updates the project manager about the progress of the projects at regular intervals. 

UI/UX Designers-

Making the salon app design easy to understand for all age groups of users and attractive is their job. Designing the wireframe suitable to the client's vision and dream is their responsibility. 

 Frontend & Backend Developers-

 The frontend and backend developers handle the client and developer side of app development. They are programming language experts in their respective fields developing web and mobile app software's. 

Full-Stack Engineers-

 Unlike app developers, they are not experts in one programming language; instead, they handle the software development and database of the mobile salon app. Thus, they are versatile and beneficial during the mobile app development process.

Test Engineers and Quality Analysts- 

The test engineers and Quality analysts check the quality of the salon mobile app software for the entire duration of the mobile app development process. Thus, ensuring the standard quality at every salon application development stage

. Marketing Team-

 Every on-demand mobile app should follow digital marketing techniques to be successful in this digital world. Once the mobile salon app gets approval from the Google App Store and the App Store, the client must spend time marketing their salon services to their target audience. 

Determining On-demand Salon Application Development Cost

On Demand Salon App Cost

Determining the exact cost of on-demand salon app development is complex. However, salon owners can estimate the approximate cost by considering various cost-affecting factors. Once you know how various factors affect the cost, it is easier to estimate the expenses to some extent. A number of features, the mobile app development company's location, app complexity, compatibility with various software platforms, third-party software, app developers' cost, and many others are significant cost-determining factors. Usually, the overall salon app development cost in an Indian mobile app development company ranges between US$20,000- US$25,000. A beauty service app development takes about 3 to 6 months to complete. 

Time To finish the On-demand Salon App Development Process

S. No. Name Time (Hours)
1 UI/UX Designers 50-60
2 Frontend & Backend Developers 475-500
3 Technical Documentation 35-45
4 Test Engineers & QA 70-75
5 Debugging 35-45


In this revolutionary period, three generations simultaneously go through this progressive period. GEn X, Millennials, and Gen Z all have different experiences with technology. While not all boomers are tech-savvy, Millennials are the ones who experienced the rise of technology, and Gen Z grew up with technology. Further, many mobile app development companies offer the best salon app development services. As a salon business owner, you can choose whichever business model is helpful to attract all three generations. This user base is broad and diverse to market various beauty services. With creative ideas and proper planning, you can create a multi-billion dollar business in the long run. Hence, it is the right time to contact the salon app development company and have your salon business app built.