Guide to On-Demand App Development

Guide to On-Demand App Development

Start looking for the top on demand app development company because days are gone when people have to go to the stores to shop for the necessary products and services. On-demand apps have made our lives super easy. The current market tech has given a boon to the world of “On-Demand App Development solutions”. You can order anything whenever and wherever wanted, be it any grocery essential, fashion stuff, healthcare items, etc.

Constant changes are taking place in the tech-savvy world. Everything demands a change. The top-notch on-demand app development company helps to maintain those changes certainly. Such apps have emerged in the marketplace at a next-level pace. Technological advancement helped individuals get products and services at the doorstep in a shorter span of time.

The estimations stated that; there would be a rise of 143 Billion apps downloaded from the Play Store in 2023 (30% rise from 2021). In addition, app downloads will reach 38 Billion in 2026 by App Store (15% rise from 2021). The stats showcase that demand for on-demand apps will never struggle with downfall.

Hey, is there anyone interested in stepping into the on-demand business world? If yes, then catch up with useful information before investing in a big-fat marketplace.

This blog is definitely for everyone who wants to know about an on-demand app development guide. At the end of the blog, you will sustain with the required knowledge about on-demand app development to help your business emerge well in trending market standards.

What are On-Demand Apps?

Mobile apps, called on-demand app services, allow customers to order essential products and services in a shorter span. 

To make it understand better, let’s consider a few examples here:

  • Zomato to order food whenever I want to. 
  • Grofers for grocery delivery at the doorstep at specific times. 
  • Uber or Ola for taxi booking. 
  • Make my trip for hotel and ticket bookings. 

Basically, on-demand services are those in which the customers can avail of the necessary products and services seamlessly and faster. 

Key Facts To Know:

  • The global revenue of on-demand apps reached $318 Billion according to 2020 stats, with a hike of $60+ Billion from the previous year. 
  • It’s been analysed that total revenue will reach $335 Billion by the end of 2025. 
  • Almost 50% of entire on-demand app users are taking leverage from instant services. 
  • Moreover, 60% of users are also ready to pay extra for same-day deliveries. 

The demand for such apps is constantly increasing. Therefore, the graph of on-demand app profitability will stay on the rise in the upcoming years. For restaurant owners, taking the leverage from on-demand food delivery apps is a scalable deal to crack.

Impact of On-Demand Apps on the Business World

On-demand apps are ruling in all industry verticals. The on-demand app development services are running rapidly due to the enormous global demand. In fact, investors are enrolling and putting millions & billions in the on-demand business sector because it leads to profitability most often. 

Key Fact- Reports quoted that On-demand apps users have spent an average of $57.6 Billion annually.” PwC reported that ‘On-demand app solutions will witness $300 Billion worth by the end of 2025. 

Concluding with the cherry on top, the increased numbers of suppliers and great communicational tech certainly boosted the demand for such apps. It brought significant changes in the app market economy miscellaneously.                                                                                                                                                 

According to current market trends, most entrepreneurs are intended to build on-demand solutions with all-in-one services. This is how customers will get all the products and services under one roof. As per human tendency, this will increase the customer’s purchase. Moreover, they will choose the same platform for service options. 

Due to the fast-paced demand, businesses and industries are driving their pathways towards on-demand apps because the impact of the on-demand app market has covered entire industrial verticals and generated high revenue.

Industries of On-Demand Services in Mobile Apps

On-demand apps are available for various industries. As per the advancements in such apps, these will be the future of us ahead. Countless businesses and entrepreneurs are moving forward with on-demand apps business. 

If you want to get engaged in on-demand services, you first need to look forward to different industries where the solutions are possible to sustain. Secondly, find the best on demand app development company to build a robust app with extraordinary features for success.

Different types of on-demand apps services are:

1. Food Delivery Apps

On-demand apps are the fastest-growing industry in the instant services marketplace. This industry boomed during the Pandemic when we were bound to stay home due to COVID-19 regulations & guidelines. There were no dine-in restaurants, so that people could order food at home from a restaurant for contactless delivery. Undoubtedly, we all became habitual with convenient food delivery options, and that business idea took the next-level height in the industry. 

You can see the scalable and profitable graph of Swiggy, Uber Eats, Zomato, Doordash, Foodpanda, and others. All the businesses have shaken the industry. Customers can get food in minimum clicks and a few minutes by sitting at home. Even on-demand food businesses are also increasing their sales due to the convenience of customers. 

2. Taxi Booking Apps

On-demand services cover another vast-spread industry called taxi booking services, categorised under B2C. You might have used ola, uber, Lyft, etc. These apps permit booking a taxi instantly for travel purposes. The taxi booking app is facilitated to customers and cab owners both. 

The customers can travel wherever and whenever they want to. They can call cabs at the doorstep and add on the drop location for instant services. Whereas the cab owner will get customers through facilitating apps. The major convenience is the smooth communication between the driver and the customers. 

The most significant feature is ‘GPS Navigation.’ The GPS Track feature in the on-demand taxi booking app will track down nearby can drivers and customers available to both parties for streamlined servicing. 

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Entrepreneurs should include custom features to monetize the app and attract more & more customers. If you plan on-demand transportation and travel mobile apps, hire on-demand app developers with years of experience to build the best and trending apps. 

3. Healthcare Industry and Medicine Delivery

The concept of visiting doctors and pharmacies for medical assistance has plummeted drastically after COVID-19 Pandemic. The technology of on-demand medicine delivery solutions took a skyrocket height. Contactless medicine delivery in real-time has myriad advantages. It serves several opportunities for receiving medicine at the doorstep with no contact, less infection and no allergy spread, digital payment modes, and instant deliveries. 

Statista proved that the revenue of the on-demand medicine app industry reached more than 11% CAGR. Also, this will tough the USD $35 Billion graph by the end of 2026. The on-demand medicine delivery app development is still progressing with its features and upgrading the functionalities. 

The advancement of such apps took a boom. Now, you can consult with healthcare professionals to take assistance with the right medication and therapies. The consultants will suggest essential health tips, dietary regimes, fitness-related services, and more. 

4. Grocery Delivery Apps 

It is another most used on-demand service. Almost every individual is taking advantage of on-demand grocery delivery apps. It works with an instant delivery system at the buyer's doorstep. There are several stores associated with grocery delivery apps. Buyers must select the shop or the items that will be delivered to the doorstep sooner. 

Earlier, the grocery items were delivered in 1-2 days or the same day. Thanks to advanced technologies, these on-demand grocery delivery apps will deliver grocery items in at least 10 minutes as well. For Example- Zepto or BlinkIt. The real-time grocery delivery app is in immense demand. So, every entrepreneur can opt for the on-demand service for a scalable and profitable business establishment.

5. On-Demand Handyman Services 

The demand for on-demand handyman services is at a boom right now. No individual has time to deal with home repair services by themselves. Thanks to the on-demand handyman services, which help the customers to find a handyman as per their needs in the meantime. Whether landscaping the backyard, repairing the taps, needing an electrician or anything else, you can find the best-certified handyman for your work in real-time. The on-demand home services app allows customers to connect with quality handymen to serve in real-time.

Benefits of On-Demand App Development - Why Invest?

If anyone has an eye on on-demand app development, we must say that you have taken the best decision to enter such a booming industry. The on-demand app solutions are ruling in the marketplace. The major reason why these apps are levelling ahead is ‘Convenience.’ These apps have eased an individual's life, and that’s where the apps took a level-up boom in several industries. 

On-demand apps have the potential to facilitate businesses and customers. The details mentioned above clearly state that it is a leading plan to invest in on-demand solutions. This is going to generate increased revenue certainly. 

Let’s read the benefits of integrating business plans into on-demand app solutions- 

  • Numbers of Opportunities in Hand 

In the revolutionary world, on-demand service solutions are evolving efficiently and efficiently. These solutions provide products and services per the targeted audience's needs and demands. The users are reaping benefits from the on-demand app solutions. Fortunately, businesses are making utmost revenue and scalability with the increased demand. The on-demand apps are developed with an entirely customer-centric perspective. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of and grow their businesses. 

  • Profitability to the Business

No matter how vast your business is or what’s the size and scale of it? On-demand app solutions are in high demand, and the algorithm works according to the customer’s needs. Take an example of an on-demand food delivery app like Swiggy, which showcases the nearby restaurants to the customers. Whether these are 5-Star or normal hotels, the app will respond as per the customer’s need, not as per business scale. Every business is part of on-demand solutions. So, entrepreneurs can try their luck; who knows if they will succeed?

  •  Easy To Scale Up Businesses

It’s a bit easier to scale up the business through on-demand solutions. The more features and functionalities an on-demand app development company adds the more your business growth chances will expand. Undoubtedly every business can grow through various mediums and measures, but on-demand app solutions are the best and quick way. 

  • Cost-Effective Idea 

In the on-demand instant service solutions, the platform won’t ask for extra costs for the infrastructure development. The entrepreneur does not need to invest extra time and cost when building on-demand app solutions in the marketplace. Investing in on-demand app services is the best idea to save time and crack a cost-effective deal with better expansion chances. 

  • Expectations Fulfilled 

On-demand apps have become a necessity in an individual’s life nowadays. Digital instant services solutions are the best option for entrepreneurs to fulfil their business objectives. In the current marketplace, every person uses on-demand services, and that’s why your business will grow with on-demand solutions due to its immense demand in the market. Just hire on-demand app developers who are best at their work.

Features of On-Demand App Solutions

Features of On-demand app solutions

Before you hire an on demand app development company, you must be aware of the features. Knowledge of features and functionalities helps you understand which features to conclude in your app. 

There are 3 users who use these apps; user, admin and service provider. In the forthcoming details, we will explain features per specific user data. These listed features are enough to give you an idea about your app. 

1. Customer Panel

Registration- For first-time users, they have to fill up a registration form. The customers have to fill in their names, addresses, contact no. and other required details about themselves.

Payment- This is the major factor to which all users pay much attention. The payment gateways define whether the app is safe & secure or not. At the top, customers will receive seamless payment gateway options (Debit Card, Credit Card, Wallets, Gpay, Paytm and Cash on Delivery).

Social Media Integration- Customers can also log in to the on-demand apps through their social media accounts. It eases the customers to create an account more conveniently and use it. In addition, this feature allows the customers to share their app experience on social media accounts and share the app with friends & others.

Geolocation / GPS Tracking- Checking out for the direction and tracking the order is most required to gain customers' trust in the app. Through GPS Tracking, customers will track down and get updates on their products and service updates.

Feedback- Reviews, ratings and feedback done by the customers help to evaluate the customer experience with products and services.

Help & Support- Every on-demand app developer should add a help & support feature to assist customers whenever they have problems regarding services. It helps to build a better brand reputation as well.

2. Admin Panel

Dashboard- It is the significant feature of an on-demand app, which is liable to handle and control users and service providers. The dashboard keeps an update on both service providers and users. Ensure you must have a dashboard in your on-demand app.

Customer Management- The admin will manage the customers by letting them know about their order details, track orders, avail discounts and rewards, cancel, etc. It allows the users to resolve their queries by themselves with a better and smooth experience.

Charges- The admin panel is behind in accessing the rates of products and services. Also, it keeps checking on the commission charges. If the demand increases, then the admin panel can also increase the costs.

Reporting- Admin Panel records service providers' and users' analytics. It also showcases the data for cancelled orders, accepted orders, repeated orders, and other required relevant data.

Service Providers Management- The admin panel has to check for service providers' reviews, ratings and ratings. The panel offers bonus amounts to the service providers to maintain their motivation levels.

3. Service Providers

Registration- The service providers must fill out a registration form with the customers. They must fill in details about their brand and other necessary business details to provide users insight.

Push Notification- When the customers place their order, the service providers must catch push notifications to continue the process. Also, the service providers can keep customers updated about their orders through push notifications.

Earning- Undoubtedly, this is a very significant feature to add to the satisfaction of service providers. At least the provider can track his earnings through the order tracking record.

Offline or Online- It is a toggle feature that is highly beneficial for users and service providers. The service providers can go offline when unavailable, and customers won’t struggle with dilemmas.

Accept or Reject- In this feature, the service providers can accept and reject orders as per their availability. If the stock is full and service providers cannot take more orders, they can reject or cancel orders accordingly.

Customer Support- Customer support is the most important feature for on-demand app solutions satisfaction. If things are not going as planned, you can contact customer support for query resolution. You can resolve the problems of customers and service providers easily for their satisfactio and stability on the on-demand grocery delivery app and other solutions, though.

What are the On-Demand App Models?

The on-demand app solution works on behalf of 3 models. Let’s clarify these 3 models of the on-demand app and how it works-

  • Person-to-Person On-Demand App 

The P2P on-demand business model works from person to person. The one offers services to another person. 

Understand the concept with the example of Airbnb. It’s the platform in which people rent their rooms and homes to people. 

Such apps are not hard to develop, as there is no need to include common features as in other on-demand solutions like business registration, form fillings, etc.

A few features are included in these apps, like; payment gateways, GPS tracking, customer registration, and chat. 

  • Business to Customers On-Demand App 

It is another on-demand app solutions model in which a business directly provides products and services to customers. For example, Swiggy for Food, Blinkit for grocery, 1MG for medicines delivery, etc. 

These apps are not as complicated as B2B models. There are common features included, like smooth payment gateways, order tracking, registrations, etc.

  • Business-to-Business On-Demand App 

It is the last and one on-demand business model, in which business provides services to business only.

Consider here an example of Instacart. The major difference between B2C and B2B on-demand business models is that; there are no consumers in the B2B business model. 

There is a bit of complexity in the B2B on-demand app solutions model; the app includes different features like registration, payments, scheduling, invoicing, etc.

Get Started with On-Demand App Development Solutions 

On-demand app development solutions

If you want to start with on-demand app development services, you must be prepared for that. Here we are elaborating on some factors you should consider before starting the development of on-demand solutions, which are: 

1. Identify the Problem First

Smartphones have become the lifeline for every person nowadays. Undoubtedly, there are lots of opportunities provided by smartphones, and that’s why on-demand solutions are achieving heights in the marketplace. 

These app solutions work with real-time supply. In fact, the on demand app development company managed the apps so that items were delivered to customers in no time. Consider a few industries like medicine delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery, hotel room booking, tickets booking, etc. 

The entrepreneur must understand to invest in the app solutions which are commonly and daily required. Take the example of car washing services, which are not regularly required. On the contrary, consider here the uber or ola on-demand taxi booking services, which are required regularly. Make sure you address the pain and initiate your on-demand business idea.

2. Identify your Audience

It’s very important to know who your audience is. When you know your audience, it is easier to target them for the business, products and services. Knowing whom to target will help to give an insight into strategies to follow for hitting the targets. 

The targeted audience can be anyone like business, middle-class people, only the brand-conscious people, family, bachelors, etc. You must research to find out the pain of your targeted audience and then work on resolving them through your on-demand app solutions.

3. Follow the Current Market Trends

The digital world is constantly evolving, which is why the current market trends and techs are constantly changing. Nobody was much concerned about on-demand taxi booking apps a few years ago, but now we are living our lives very smoothly. 

The Source National Technology Readiness Survey claimed that; on-demand apps are most often used by the elderly. They are much affected by on-demand healthcare and on-demand grocery delivery apps. 

4. Convenience Psychology

“Convenience”; this one word can boost any business plan. If your brand, product or services are giving customers high convenience, nothing can stop you from being visible. 

When you have decided to start on demand solutions, make sure the on-demand app development company provides the required convenience to the customers. Undoubtedly, none wants to travel to the shop or have food from their home. Everybody needs rest in the hassling lifestyle. So here, your on-demand app has to provide the utmost convenience to the customers. 

So you need to attract customers by offering them the best services with the most convenience. Give the customers genuine and reliable satisfaction to achieve success with your on-demand app model.

5. Integration of Technology

When you hire on-demand app developers for your solution, keep in mind to book the one with knowledge about all specifically required and advanced technology integration. Satisfy the customers, service providers, admin panel and all. 

It is important to integrate some features appropriate for customers' convenience. We are the leading mobile app development company. The entire team works here and has a thought process to understand what the audience is looking for, what makes them satisfied with your brand and which tech integration is best to sustain customers’ attention. 

Considering here a few points to keep in mind are:

  • Safe & secure payment Gateway 
  • Reliable options
  • Push Notifications 
  • Real-time order tracking 
  • Customer support 
  • Cancellation and refund policies 

There’s much more to remember while facilitating the era with on-demand app solutions. 

6. On-Board Suppliers

When the on-demand app development company starts with processing, the developers focus on 2 segments: the customer and the service provider. Think, what if there are no sellers? Then where the customers will purchase the items. That’s why when you develop on-demand app solutions, ensure to manage with supplier mode to ease customers.

Cold Calling- If the on-demand app is new, you should make cold calls to ask vendors to register. In this, the app executives will call and ask from vendors to come and join our app.

Check the Ground Rules- Making some ground rules at the initials of business, planning, or an app is good. This will help to create appropriate business guidelines to attain possible results. The best thing you could do is add all business requirements, rules and cancellation policies.

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Advantages and Remuneration- The on-demand apps track your hourly and everyday earnings. It includes gas and vehicle expenses. You should better consider all the aspects beforehand at the time of on demand app development processing.

7. Algorithm Matching

This algorithm searches for the best and most suitable service providers per the customer’s requirements. The matching algorithm determines the requirements and searches for the best service providers. The software tech used in on-demand apps will find the right service provider per the customer's preferences. 

Automatic Matching- The search engines will automatically find suitable and preferable service providers per your searches.

Manual Matching- Customers will search for the specific service provider for the products and services required.

Cost of On-Demand App Development

On-demand app development cost estimation is not easy to determine. Several parameters are key in determining the exact cost during the app development stage. First, we must focus on the on-demand app development cost parameters. Indeed, going through the on-demand app development process is not easy. It is also true that the pre-development stage also affects the expenses. On-demand app business model, mobile app development company's location, developers' cost per hour, and a robust on-demand app plan are some parameters every app company must consider.

In addition, poor market research can cost you a lot because you can not build a solid business strategy without understanding the industry. Moreover, during the app development stage, third-party plugins, app platform compatibility, complexity, etc., are some of the significant cost-affecting parameters. 

Usually, you can estimate the approximation of on-demand app cost by considering all these factors. It takes about $18,000 to $24,000 for 3 to 6 months.


Let it be a small or large company, on demand app solutions are best to take your business at heights. However, building such on demand apps is a prominent way to boost your business. This is not going to enhance productivity, but also increase scalability and profitability. 

Before you dive into on demand business, you must contact the result-oriented on demand app development company. By hiring the top on demand app developers, you can meet the expected results and expectations from your business. In fact, the mobile app developers will fulfill customer needs and objectives of business. 

On demand apps are constantly increasing in different industries. If you want to improve your business products and service demands, on demand app solutions are best to adapt. You can contact our on demand mobile app development company for the feasible solutions.