PUBG Online Game Tournament: App And Web Development

PUBG Online Game Tournament

The craze of PUBG is increasing day by day and people are preferring PUBG Online Game Tournament. 


Do you also want to start PUBG Online Game Tournament and for which you will require an app and web development!!!


Before that let us understand what PUBG is and why people are keen on this tournament app and web.


PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It is the most played game across the world. People play this game with keen interest because it provides a realistic gaming experience. It was launched in the month of September and in the year 2018. This realistic game has captured the attention of not only people but many game enthusiasts worldwide play online tournaments and try to win it at any cost. To know more about PUBG, read from Wikipedia.


Create your own PUBG online game Tournament App and web with distinct features


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PUBG Online Game Tournament App Or Web Functionality


For PUBG Online Game Tournament App and website there will be two panels:


  1. Admin 
  2. User


Both the panels have advanced functionality and we integrate the best functionalities in the app and website. We also focus on the latest trends and technologies to keep your tournament advanced. 


We have listed below the functionalities that are required in admin and user panels.


User Functionality

Admin Functionality

Register/ Login with their details Have the details of All Registered Users
Users can See latest Tournaments created by admin Can Block any User (if required)
Users can join any tournament by paying the entry fees Create Solo, Duo, Squad Tournaments
Payment can be done by any payment gateway (Paytm, UPI, etc) Set pricing event wise (Entry Fees, Per Kill Prize, Chicken Dinner Prize Money)
Users will get game room details (username and password) before the starting of any tournament Create PUBG Tournaments (unlimited) according to Date & Time
Users can check the result of the tournament from the dashboard once the tournament is completed See the number of Players Joined for Each Tournament
Users will get money according to the kills or chicken dinner winner and the amount will be deposited instantly Can Create and Share Game Room Details before Starting PUBG Tournament
Users can update their profile and password Update Winners Lists after each tournament completes (payment will be updated automatically)
Can see withdrawal request and can also settle the amount.
See History of All Payment Gateway Transaction 
Can Export All Users Database via Excel


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How to Create a PUBG Online Game Tournament?


1. Create PUBG Tournament


You can easily create a PUBG Tournament from the dashboard.


2. Configure the Match Format


After creating the tournament, configure the match format and for this set the match format settings. Under the setting menu, the advanced game will be selected by default. If you want to change then you can do so or can also keep the same.


3. Create FFA Stage


With up to 100 players, PUBG Requires FFA stages: Simple and Bracket type FFA Stages. Now, you can name your stage, set its size, and create a PUBG Tournament. 


4. Open Registration


In order to register participants, registration must be opened with potential participants in mind. After starting the registration process, you can check the players’ in-game names and other relevant information from the custom fields.


5. Promote your Tournament


Visibility in the market is very important for the promotion of the tournament. So, publishing your tournament keeping in mind the audiences increases the chances of people joining the tournament.


6. Validate Participation


Once you have received the request to participate in the players, don’t forget to confirm it. Effective participation increases the player’s mind and allows him to play the game with the utmost ease.


7. Announce Result


When the tournament has finished declaring the results, it must be published on the dashboard. Enter the result of the game and each time you save new information, the ranking and display will be updated automatically for both organizers and players.


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Final Thought


PUBG Online Game Tournament is in trend and in 2020 it has seen a hype because of COVID-19. This game is addictive and entertaining, so people are playing this game nonstop. 


So, to become the owner of the next PUBG Online Game Tournament, contact us for the expert team who will develop a PUBG tournament considering all your requirements.


If you want any kind of help regarding web and mobile app development solutions, don’t hesitate to call our executive at +44-1256-274012 or drop your inquiry at [email protected] or visit

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