Grocery Delivery App Development: Key Features, Benefits, And Cost

Grocery Delivery App Development: Key Features, Benefits, And Cost
The thing that brought comfort in the daily lives of people in times of discomfort is the on-demand delivery apps. During the hussle times, people felt the need to have instant delivery alternatives. Even after almost everything is back in order, still people prefer ordering online whatever they can.  We have all the facilities, and this has become possible only because of the growing technological innovations and creative tech experts. In this mobile-driven world, you can do it all in minutes from the comfort of your home or office. If you want to raise serious money, then it's the right time to contact a reliable grocery delivery app development company and launch a unique grocery delivery app.

Impact of COVID-19 On Online Grocery Business

Due to the coronavirus, several major industries across the world were shut down and a few of them are still closed. This is the reason why there is a boom in Grocery Delivery App Development.  Also Read: Medicine Delivery App Development: A Complete Guide The growing sales of online groceries indicate the requirement for grocery ordering and delivery apps. As people are struggling in this lockdown situation, securing food supplies is one of the biggest challenges in the current situation. Food and basic necessities are leaving the warehouse as panic continues to be bought at the brick-and-wall sites. As a result, food ordering and delivery applications rose to the charts and were under a huge increase in daily downloads.

Statistics of Grocery Delivery Apps

Given below are some recent facts and statistics that show the massive increase in Grocery Delivery and ordering app usage during the coronavirus.
  • At the beginning of April 2020, shopping app downloads across the world reached 106 Million.
  • As of 2022, Instacart was the most downloaded grocery delivery app in the USA.
  • Study shows that the revenue from grocery apps will reach US$565.30 billion in 2023.
  • By 2027, it is estimated that the revenue will increase and reach US$1,003 billion with a CAGR of 15.41% for the forecast period of 2023-2027.
  • In the grocery delivery segment, China generates the most revenue.

Top 5 Most Popular Grocery Delivery Apps

1. Instacart

Download- Android | iOS Instacart, released in May 2014, offers free and contactless grocery delivery at the doorstep as fast as within an hour. You can order all the fresh fruits, vegetables, daily grocery items, alcohol, and other items within minutes from the comfort of your home. The grocery delivery app also offers household items, electronics, and late-night snacks. Instacart offers various supermarket options, such as Costco, Safeway, Wegmans, Publix, Aldi, and more. As of now, Instacart has associations with over 85,000 retail stores in North America. 

2. Walmart

walmart Download- Android | iOS Walmart app offers various shopping options including household items, electronic devices, fresh produce, and a lot more. Compared to its competitors, the Walmart shopping app also offers medicine delivery facilities to the app users. People can choose the delivery options at their convenience. It includes pickup, doorstep delivery, and shipping to various places via UPS or FedEx. Further, during in-store shopping, people can scan items and enjoy contactless shopping and multiple discount offers. 

3. Shipt

shipt Download- Android | iOS With the help of a same-day delivery promise among other policies, the Shipt grocery app has become one of the top online grocery delivery apps in more than 5000 US cities. These US cities are Alabama, Illinois, Chicago, Texas, New York, Washington, Michigan, Detroit, Minnesota, Atlanta, Georgia, and more. Shipt grocery app offers numerous items, such as beauty essentials, home items, pet products, and alcohol. They have associations with almost all major retail brands, such as Target, CVS, Harris Teeter, Publix, H-E-B, Petco, and more.

4. Amazon Shopping App

Amazon Shopping App Download- Android | iOS Undoubtedly, Amazon is one of the most preferred and popular shopping websites worldwide. The company offers numerous shopping items, from small needles to huge household items, and many more for every age group. Their 360o product view feature lets people know about the products in a better way. As of now, Amazon shipping is active in over 100 countries with a delivery time of 3-5 days. It also offers many shopping benefits including seasonal offers, discounts, secure online payments, coupons, and many more.

5. Dunzo

dunzo Download- Android | iOS With over 10 million downloads, Dunzo has become one of the most popular grocery shopping apps available 24x7. App users can order a wide range of grocery and food items including, fruits, vegetables, household items, snacks, pet foods, and meat products, and get them delivered to their doorstep. Therefore, app users get from essential items to emergency medicines on the Dunzo shopping app. The grocery shopping app offers various benefits for using in-app payment options, such as Google Pay, Paytm, Amazon Pay, CRED Pay, Simpl, and more. If you wish to go forward with the on-demand grocery delivery app development plan, you are now aware of the top five competitors in the industry. Conduct deep market research if you desire to taste success and sustain in this mobilized market for the long term. 

How Does A Grocery Delivery App Work?

The Grocery Delivery App functions in a smooth manner. Grocery items can be seen virtually which helps you to choose the grocery items quickly and easily. Filters are also available that help in searching. Add the grocery items to the cart and checkout by selecting the payment option. Besides such features, many other features also get added as per the grocery delivery app requirements and client demands. Given below are the detailed steps of the Grocery Delivery App working:
  • Users can register by filling the necessary details
  • After registering, login with Email or phone number and Password
  • Search the product that is required through the search option or filters
  • Select the product and add it to the cart
  • Fill in the address details where the products are to be delivered
  • Confirm the order by selecting the payment option
  • Admin receives the order request
  • The order is forwarded to the grocery store manager
  • The store manager accepts or rejects the order
  • Admin reverts the customer through notification
  • Store Manager then generates the order
  • Admin is updated about the collection of order from courier service
  • Order is delivered to the customer successfully 
  • Courier service provider updates Admin and Customer 

Key Benefits of Grocery Apps For the Business and Users

Benefits of Grocery App

For Customer

Available 24×7 Days 

The Grocery Delivery App is available 24*7, so the customer can shop anytime worldwide. Thus, fulfilling the goal of developing an on-demand grocery delivery app.


The Grocery Delivery App is easy and convenient for customers as they can browse and buy items by sitting at home comfortably. Further, an easy navigation system and simple features help people from every age group understand app functionality quickly.

Time & Money Saving

With the help of the Grocery Delivery App, customers are saving time and money. They only have to go through the grocery app and order online. The items will get delivered to the doorstep.

Attractive Offers

Grocery apps provide attractive and amazing discounts and offer a better shopping experience. It's why people love shopping from grocery app development solutions. Also, push notifications help people notify about new offers in real time.

Easy and Secure Payment

The items can be purchased, and the payment can be done by selecting the best payment option the customer feels safe. The most common online payment options are credit/debit cards, net banking, eWallets, UPI, and others.

For App Owners


Due to an increase in demand for Grocery Delivery App Development, the competition has become tough. So the app owner must provide interesting offers to the customers in every aspect.


The app owner must also focus on branding as building trust is very important. If the branding is done properly then the customer base will increase and there will be a hike in sales.

Competitive edge

Knowing the rivals helps you in progressing and it also increases the understanding of the competitors and the customers. By learning the lessons from previous failed businesses, the grocery delivery app company can make effective business strategies to beat the competition.

Fundamental Features of Grocery Delivery App

Admin Panel User Panel Delivery Panel Grocery Store
Dashboard Log-in and Sign-in Delivery Request Notification Order management
Real-time Analytics User Profile Accept/ Reject Delivery Request Manage Inventory
Manage Customers Current Location GPS/ Track Customer Location on Map Accept/ Reject Order
Manage Delivery Boy Shop by Category In-app Chat/ In-app Calling Receive Payment
Manage Stores Browse Items Get Delivery Confirmation Review & Ratings
Push Notification Search Items
Manage Offer and Coupon Code Add to Wish-List
Category Management  Add to Cart
Order Management Schedule Delivery
Manage Payment Order Tracking
Order History
Digital Wallet
Multiple Payment Options
Review & Rating
Social Sharing
Invite Friend
In-app Chat


Grocery delivery app development company hands over app credentials to the grocery delivery app company after the development process completion. Now, the admin can update business details in the online portal and communicate with the team via in-app features.

Profile Management

Customers, grocery delivery service providers (brands and local stores),and delivery can manage their profiles and add necessary details in their respective app panels. Grocery stores let people know about available groceries and their business, customers add destination addresses and names for the home delivery, and delivery personnel add their names and other details for transparency.

Advanced Search Option

It helps people search for their required groceries using various filter options, such as price, brand, quantity, etc. People can also search for specific stores and request groceries. Recently, the grocery delivery app development company offers a ‘voice recognition’ option to list groceries.


The grocery delivery app development company incorporates a business analyst option in the admin panel. It helps the grocery delivery app company to understand their customers better, make better business strategies, analyze their business strategies, and keep an eye on their competitors. Nowadays, the most useful tool to get detailed analysis reports is ‘Google Analytics.’

In-app Payment Gateway

Encrypted and fast payment systems play a vital role in making the grocery delivery app successful. eWallets, credit/debit cards, net banking, and UPI are major online payment systems. Ensure the grocery delivery app development company incorporates premium and quality security features for secure transactions.

Safety and Security

The safety of the grocery delivery app is a fundamental aspect to consider during the development process. Several grocery delivery app companies install in-app security features, such as emergency calls and a help center for queries & complaints. The grocery delivery app company must fix bugs on time and upgrade in-app features for better functioning.

Feedback and Ratings

When customers want to share their opinions about service, they can share their feedback. They can post their experience or share concerns and give ratings. It helps other people know about the grocery delivery app services, and the company gets the chance to improve its services if required.

Order History and Tracking

‘Order History’ is an in-app feature available for customers. Customers don’t need to repeat the search process and add items to the shopping cart. They can access previously ordered items, edit them as per their needs, and reorder groceries online instantly.  Also Read: On-Demand App Development – A Complete Guide! The ‘Order Tracking’ option is advantageous for customers and service providers to track the delivery route and time through the in-app feature. The delivery personnel use an in-app navigation system to deliver the groceries on time and at the right destination. The most useful in-app tool to track and get real-time navigation is ‘Google Maps.’ Customers can also use other grocery tracking apps. They are available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

In-app Chat

While customers can communicate with the customer care service department to find answers to their queries and questions, they also communicate with the delivery personnel regarding their grocery delivery. An on-demand grocery delivery app offers several modes of communication, such as text, audio/video calls, media sharing, etc.

In-app Advertisement

The grocery delivery app company releases various in-app advertisement options for grocery delivery stores. They can promote their stores on the app and be on top of the recommendation list. Also, the grocery delivery app company runs various ads in collaboration with other brands on its platform. It helps them to earn revenue and improve their brand visibility.

Push Notifications

Notifications are the fastest way to market new offers and sales discounts to people. It also alerts the app users about their real-time activities on the grocery delivery app.

Required Grocery Delivery App Development Team

A highly experienced and competent team becomes necessary to turn the idea of developing an online grocery delivery app into reality. The essential members of the grocery delivery app development team should be:

1. Project Manager

The Project Manager manages the project by analyzing the requirements and co-ordinates with developers and clients for the project. A PM also has the responsibility of managing the budget throughout the development process.

2. Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developers are responsible for the effective Grocery Delivery App development process that can sustain the test of time. The developers are trained and have skills related to the latest technologies and programming languages. Nowadays, people prefer cross-platform frameworks for sophisticated grocery delivery mobile app development.

3. UI/UX Designers

The UI/UX designers are responsible for developing unique and attractive UI and designs for the app. They help clients visualize the finalized outlook of the grocery delivery app by designing a wireframe. They use various Design softwares and programming languages, such as PHP.

4. Front-end and Back-End Developers

Front-end developers are responsible for developing the client side of grocery delivery app systems. They are also responsible for creating a user-friendly navigation system. Back-end developers are responsible for plugin development, APIs, database management, and other features. In short, they handle the server side of the grocery delivery app system.

5. Quality Analysts and Test Engineers

A QA goes through the app and checks whether all the features mentioned by the client are working along with the design. In other words, The QA checks the quality of grocery apps at every stage of development. On the other hand, test engineers perform various tests on grocery delivery apps to test the app functionality and ensure industry-grade quality.

The Cost Of The App Depends On Various Factors

Factors Affecting cost of Grocery App The cost of the on-demand grocery delivery app development depends on many factors. Conduct thorough research before decoding the budget range. Let’s look into the factors influencing the grocery delivery app development cost-

1. Grocery App Business Model

Grocery app development based on the aggregator-type business model requires more financial aid in comparison with others, as aggregator-type grocery apps require more features and additional app panel development.

2. App Features and Complexity

The complexity of the app and its features decides what will be the cost of the app. If the number of features and complexity increases, the Grocery Delivery App Development price also increases.

3. Development Team Size and Structure

The online grocery app development cost changes with the number of developers, designers, and QA required. Further, the more experienced and versatile the development team is, the more their hourly rate will be.

4. Choice of Grocery Delivery App Development Platform

You can choose either the Android or iOS app platform, and if you want your grocery app to get developed for both platforms, then you must go with hybrid, cross-platform, such as flutter & react native or native. This choice also alters the prices of grocery app development.

5. App Development Company Location

It depends on in which country you want the application to get developed. A few companies charge hourly as well, and it depends from region to region. So choose the Grocery Delivery App Development company wisely and after research.  Usually, mobile app development companies in developed countries charge more than grocery app development companies in developing companies.

6. App Security and Hosting Services

App security is an essential feature. The on-demand grocery delivery app development company incorporates quality hosting services and develops robust security features. As a result, it increases the cost of grocery app development.

7. Marketing Features and Updates

The role of a grocery delivery app development company does not end with the app launch. The app development company must constantly update app features, remove bugs, add new marketing tools, and upgrade several technical features over time. So, people can enjoy the smooth functioning of grocery delivery apps.

Online Grocery Delivery App Development Cost Estimation

The grocery delivery app development cost depends on numerous factors. These factors make it impossible to estimate the accurate cost range. However, an on-demand grocery delivery app development company can give you a budget range depending on the latest technology trends, grocery delivery app type, and several other factors. Further, a white-label grocery app, rich in all fundamental features, costs less than one built from scratch. You can incorporate several advanced features as per requirements.  If you wish to develop a grocery delivery app from scratch, the cost ranges from $15,000 to $25,000. It takes about 3 to 6 months to build an instant grocery delivery app, primarily depending upon the business model and app features. 

Wrapping Up

So, today we have discussed grocery delivery app development and why it is vital during this crisis. After the Pandemic, several entrepreneurs and businesspeople are interested in developing a futuristic and technologically advanced grocery delivery app. Keeping this in mind, many grocery delivery app development companies are also offering attractive grocery delivery app development services. If you are looking for cost-effective grocery delivery app development solutions, an Indian grocery delivery app development company would be the best choice.  So don’t go for a second thought and contact the mobile app development company and hire experienced developers.