List of Top Best News Apps

List of Top Best News Apps

In today’s busy life, it is quite difficult to keep ourselves updated about the happening of the world.  Thanks to news applications, that we can get all the information of global events with just a click. 

Globally, 62% of the people surveyed said they used free news mobile apps on iOS and Android at least once a week on average. Simultaneously, 54% of participants strongly expressed their concern over the widespread delivery of false information on the internet, particularly on social media sites. The best news apps, like Google News, BBC News, and CNN News, assist you in being informed, staying organized, and receiving the news you require. Because there are so many options available, choosing best news app could be challenging. Whether you're searching for a visually appealing interface, personalized recommendations, or in-depth research, this guide helps you find the best app to improve your news consumption experience.

Types of News Apps

There are two main types of news apps:

1.  News aggregators: These apps compile news articles into a single feed from multiple sources. By choosing the subjects and sources that interest you, they let you customize your feed. The example of popular news aggregator applications are Google News, Flipboard, and Apple News.

2.  Single-publication apps: These apps are created by specific news organizations and only offer content from that organization. They may offer features that are not available in news aggregator apps, such as exclusive articles, live videos, and push notifications. Some popular single-publication apps include The New York Times, CNN, and BBC News.

Other types of news apps include:

Social news apps: These apps allow users to share and discuss news articles. Some popular social news apps include Reddit and Newsbreak.

Opinion-based news apps: These apps focus on providing commentary and analysis of current events. Some popular opinion-based news apps include The Daily Beast and Vox.

Local news apps: These apps provide news coverage from a specific local area. Some popular local news apps include Patch and Nextdoor. 

List of 10 Best News Apps 

With thorough research, we have shortlisted news apps that are trusted by users and are used the most.

Google News

When it comes to apps and technologies, Google is known for its perfection. Its news application, Google News, is no exception. It covers and brings the news from around the globe. The full coverage panel of Google News is its most liked and used feature by the users. While reading any breaking news article, you just need to click on the full coverage icon to get access to more of the topic and similar topics. This panel also shows videos, tweets, and other details related to the news. 

You can subscribe to the topics and news sources as per your interest to get real-time updates. Google News app allows you to like or dislike and save the searches and stories according to your choice. It will also recommend more relevant stories based on your search. Overall, it provides an enjoyable reading experience to its users, making it one of the best free news apps. 


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