Instagram Introduces New Feature to Help Users Prevent Phishing Emails

Instagram new features and updates

Instagram is offering a new way for its users to identify phishing emails and protect themselves against hackers.


According to a report, the new feature by Facebook-owned photo-sharing service will show genuine emails the company sent you.


An Instagram spokesperson said in a statement “Bad actors are getting better at imitating emails from Instagram, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to distinguish between a genuine email and a fake one”.


How will it work?


Go to settings and then click on the Security tab. There is an option to see Emails from Instagram.


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There is a tab labeled security that will show you a list of emails the company sent you.


The “other” tab will display emails Instagram sent that aren’t related to security issues.

According to Instagram, users shouldn’t click on a link in an email that appears to be from the company, if they can’t verify.

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