Guide to Email Marketing Strategies 2021:

Guide to Email Marketing Strategies 2021:

In 2021, email marketing is going to help many businesses to achieve their goals. But they will need proper email marketing strategies to target the audience and convert them into their customers.    We all know that email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods to grow our sales online. You can also increase your brand awareness with the help of email marketing.    So in this blog, we will tell you the best email marketing strategies you can use for your business to increase sales and grow online. You can use all these email marketing strategies for your business to increase your conversion rate.   Lets’ Start   

Optimize Email Messages For the Mobile Experience:  

  We all know that our website should be mobile optimized for a better user experience but do you know that if you are doing email marketing then your emails should also be mobile optimized.    Yes, You read that right your email messages should be mobile optimized. If emails are not optimized for mobile then it can impact the user’s experience, and you might lose your potential customers.    There are lots of responsive mobile email marketing templates are available in the market, which you can purchase and give your users a better experience.  

Re-engage inactive subscribers

  If you are only targeting the new subscribers but not engaging with the inactive subscribers then you are following the wrong strategy. Because inactive subscribers can also give you the same benefits as new subscribers.   You can keep sending the emails to your both old and new subscribers to get more leads and conversions for your business.    So make sure to send regular emails to your old subscribers also.  

Personalize Your Emails

  Personalize your emails as much as you can because it helps you to engage with the subscribers. You can use behavioral trigger emails to personalize and you can also use the location and time while doing email marketing.   There are many free tools available online which you can use to personalize your emails. This is one of the best and effective email marketing strategies you can use in 2021.   

Add Urgency To Your Emails  

  If you add urgency in emails then it can skyrocket your engagement rate. You can add interesting deadline in the email like emojis, use specific urgent messages in the emails.    You can also use timers or expiration date along with the offers you are providing to the subscribers on email. This type of email will help you to get some quick actions from the audience.  

Use One Call-to-Action in Each Email 

  You can also use a call to action buttons on your emails in which subscribers can directly take actions.    But you have to use only one or two call to action buttons in your emails because if you use multiple calls to action then your subscribers might get overwhelmed.    So make sure to create good and urgent calls to action buttons that will help you to generate more sales.  

Integrate Email And Social Media

  As we all know social media has become a very important part of every online business. So it makes it necessary for you to integrate your social media profiles in the emails which will help you to grow your subscriber base.   You can also invite your social media followers to subscribe to your email newsletters or list. But remember social media can only be good for your business when you already have a good follower base on your social media accounts.

Use Welcome Email 

  Whenever a person subscribes to your email you always have to send a welcome mail to them which leaves a very good impression on them.    It will also help you to build trust with the customers. Make sure to send an attractive and useful welcome mail to the subscriber because it is your impression and it will show how you will treat them through emails.  

Send Emails At the Right Time

  Many people ignore this important fact that sending emails at the right time can increase their engagement rate and sales of their business. So you have to send the emails to your subscribers at the right time.    Right time means when the audience opens your emails, read them, take actions. According to Coschedule the right time to send emails to a person is 6:00 am, 10:00 am, 2:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 10:00 PM, and 12:00 PM these are the best time to send an email.  

Make your emails valuable 

  You have to provide value on your emails if you want to engage with the subscribers. If you provide them valuable content on the email they will likely visit your website and check your services.   But if you do not have any idea of how to create email content then you can hire an affordable digital marketing company.  

Use email to sell your knowledge and create recurring revenue: 

  If you are good at something then you can use email marketing to reach a large audience in which you can sell your knowledge. If you provide valuable content or knowledge to the audience then you can generate a good amount of revenue from email marketing,    


  Email marketing continues to deliver good results to businesses. But it has changed a lot in 2021, now it's no longer easy and simple as people think.    So it's time for businesses to update their email marketing strategy. You can also hire an affordable email marketing company.    Jploft is a leading online marketing company with experience of 8+ Years in the marketing industry. Our digital marketers will drive the best results for your business with the help of email marketing.