Develop An App Like Dubizzle

Develop An App Like Dubizzle

How to Develop An App Like Dubizzle

After witnessing the success of the Dubizzle app, investors have been seizing the opportunities to create an online classified app similar to Dubizzle. Though Dubizzle is operational in a limited area, other companies have been providing similar mobile app services in other parts of the world and trying to grab users’ attention. Classified applications are gaining attention as they bring comfort, transparency, and honesty to buyers and sellers. If you wish to create an app like Dubizzle, it is the right time to approach a trusted real estate app development company and hire app developers. Further, the future is bright and promising for this industry due to its versatility and low-risk investment qualities.

What is A Dubizzle App?

Dubizzle is a classified application based in the UAE. This unique app allows users to buy and sell anything in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other nearest Gulf countries. The classification in the Dubizzle consists of the most essential valuables, such as furniture, apartments, cars, motorcycles, boats, home appliances, electronics, villas, rooms, baby items, and more. The app allows users to buy and sell goods by registering themselves and connecting with potential audiences. Dubizzle, a unique mobile application, has eased the selling and buying process for its users in Dubai and many more areas.

Why Develop An App Like Dubizzle? Is It Worth It?

With the trend of mobile applications in the 21st century, developing an app like Dubizzle would be beneficial for future investors and mobile app development companies. It offers numerous advantages for app companies, mobile app development service providers, and customers. Let’s look at the prominent benefits and why it’s better to hire app developers to create a buy-and-sell app like Dubizzle.

Better CRM

Strong customer relationships help companies grow and increase brand value globally. Positive reviews and feedback help companies reach new customers. Over time, with better CRM statistics, the app company can understand their customers' behavior using automated in-app analytical reports, propose more versatile services, increase sales, better customer retention, expand business services, etc.

Enhanced User Engagement

Enhanced user engagement is what every growing and established company strives for. Every mobile app development company strives to create an online classified app similar to Dubizzle to attract more users using various user-friendly functions, graphics, designs, and features. Companies can connect with their customers through in-app communication channels, such as chats, audio calls, customer services, etc. 

Increased Brand Value

An increased brand value brings more customers to app platforms and helps businesses promote their services globally. A mobile application like Dubizzle helps increase brand value among the target audience. Other factors that increase brand value through mobile applications are advertising, customer loyalty, positive word of mouth, lower prices, etc. Hence, hire app developers to develop an app like Dubizzle.

Faster Global Reach

Reaching global audiences has a lot of benefits for emerging businesses. First, companies get a diverse user base and increased sales, along with access to new talents, get to learn new cultures, diversify services to attract more customers, more popularity of mobile applications, more opportunities for foreign investment, improve company reputation, help more people, increase efficiency, etc.

More Online Sales

Mobile applications are the fastest way to reach more audiences and increase sales. More sales help companies increase revenues, earn customer loyalty, and increase efficiency. A mobile app development company incorporates user-friendly features and functions to help customers buy and sell things at their convenience.  Now, it’s time to develop an app like Dubizzle if you wish to bring transformation and automation to society. Investors also need to do proper market research and understand the app development process to create a buy-and-sell app like Dubizzle.

App Development Process to Create An App Like Dubizzle

Before creating an app like Dubizzle, every app company must know the complete development process. It takes enormous time, effort, and a significant amount of funds to complete every stage of the application creation process. Let’s understand what it takes to develop an app like Dubizzle which is feature-rich, customer-centric, and cost-effective.

Market Research

Market research is the first step in developing an app like Dubizzle. Before you hire app developers to create an online classified app similar to Dubizzle, ensure you know the industry insight well. Know your competitors, successful app companies & their business model, customer needs, etc. Either you can hire a team or do the market research on your own. Do the necessary automated analysis with the help of the latest technologies.

Develop A Unique App Idea

AI-based tools help investors tremendously to generate a unique app idea. After conducting proper market research, it becomes easier to filter the information, grab necessary data, create a detailed analysis report, and derive a profitable & user-centric app idea to develop a futuristic mobile application.

Find A Good Mobile App Development Company

Once the industry analysis is complete and you have a unique app idea for your next project, it is time to find a good mobile app development company. Just the way finding the right app idea is necessary to thrive in this competitive world, choosing the right mobile app development services is also necessary. It helps you deliver exceptional services for the long term on a budget.

Deciding Features & Functionalities

The next step in the Dubizzle app development process is choosing user-centric functions and features. Hire app developers who have expertise in delivering creative and proficient mobile applications. Too many functions & features, third-party softwares, and tools can make your app complicated. It can also make the app heavy and hard to operate. Therefore, choose the features essential for the smooth operation of the app.

Launch the App

Once the app is complete, QA & test engineers have released an error-free app prototype, the production team has deployed the app on client-server, and app store optimization is complete, it is time to successfully launch the mobile app. Get your digital marketing team for a successful launch day or outsource digital marketing services for a successful launch.

Post-launch Support

The mobile app development services do not end with launch. Every good mobile app development company provides post-launch services for necessary modifications, upgrades, and debugging. The mobile app development company offers its tech team to provide maintenance and support services. It also includes upgrades and modifications in the application according to user experience and demands. Now, you have understood the hard work required to complete the Dubizzle app development process. It takes a talented and experienced team to complete app development. Thus, hire app developers whose skills match your requirements.

How to Create An Online Classified App Similar to Dubizzle

After the completion of the Dubizzle app development process, it’s time to create an app like Dubizzle. You must know what stages an app like Dubizzle goes through to have enterprise-level quality.


The first step in developing an app like Dibizzle includes the expert consultation that a mobile app development company provides. Clients get to discuss their projects with industry experts before choosing suitable mobile app development services. It includes project timelines, resources, requirements, market demands, trends, budget, etc.

Unique App Idea

The team starts developing the project guidelines for the unique app idea after a detailed discussion with the tech team. This unique app idea starts taking the shape of reality with the involvement of other team members in the tech team. The production team discusses the project guidelines with the other team members and assigns the tasks.

Design & Development

The technical design team works on creating a wireframe consisting of simple navigation, feature names, functions, and more according to the project requirements. After the client approves the UI/UX design, the development team starts coding according to project guidelines. The developed software gets delivered to the QA team and test engineers.

QA Testing

The QA team and test engineers analyze the developed software and test its quality. Test engineers and quality analysts' responsibilities are to deliver the industry-grade solution to the production team. The QA team and test engineers put the developed software through rigorous tests and eliminated all the errors, bugs, and glitches.

App Launch

After the client approves the software prototype, the production team completes the deployment. The app development team works on app store optimization and helps clients launch their unique mobile applications. The mobile app development services do not end with the launch. The mobile app development company also provides services post-launch for necessary upgrades and maintenance according to user experience and demands. The post-launch services and app optimization help companies attract more customers and increase sales. It also depends on the type of mobile app development services the client chooses, budget range, business model requirements, app platform chosen, etc.

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What are Dubizzle App Features?

When you wish to create a buy-and-sell app like Dubizzle, it is essential to include necessary features, user-centric functions, required third-party tools, and more. Let’s look at the key Dubizzle app features that your app idea should have.

Profile Management

Mobile app development company ensures to build a robust profile management feature in the mobile application. Admin can sign up using business email and phone number. After this, they can set up their business in given categories and make sales. Users also sign up and create profiles. It helps them surf and select desired properties or goods from given options.

App Customization

Sellers can optimize their profile and customize services according to their products. It includes the profile details, uploading images, presenting company details, product details, contact information, company policies, service delivery areas, etc.

Location Setting

The most important detail a seller and buyer need to, respectively, conduct business and find suitable goods is location details. Once the user sets the location in the mobile app, they can visit the profile of every seller operating in their nearby area and the service they offer.

Communication Channel

Proper communication channel is pivotal for the success of the mobile app. In-app chats, AR/VR features, audio/video calls, etc., help sellers communicate with buyers and interact better with them. The new technology helps with delivering services with transparency and honesty.

Buying Options

The more versatile your services are, the chances of getting more customers become high. The buying process must be simple and quick. It must also include the comparison option with similar products offered by other sellers, so customers can make better decisions.

Search Filter

The online search filter option helps customers to search for the desired results. Nowadays, mobile app companies use advanced technologies to introduce an advanced search option. These technologies can narrow down choices and give the desired results, resulting in saving time.

Feedback & Reviews

Feedback and reviews are essential to deliver high-quality services globally. Customer experiences help companies improve their products, offer new services, and generate high revenues. Users can post their experiences on the app store review section and help other customers know about the quality of the services.

In-app Payment

The online payment system is one of the most crucial features a mobile app development company must incorporate. Several modes of online payment, such as eWallets, credit/debit cards, net banking, and wire transfers. Buyers can easily buy or rent goods by making payments in seconds and keeping online receipts.

Social Media

In the 21st century, social media sharing is important to promote brand services to target audiences in less time. Social media channels, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, and Whatsapp are essential to interact with customers, strengthen customer relationships, and increase sales globally.


Detailed analytical reports consisting of sales reports, customer behavior, market trends, business statistics, and many more analytical reports. It helps businesses increase their sales, understand customer behavior, their demands, needs & requirements, and market trends, and strengthen brand image & value.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the most effective ways to deliver business services, promote new offers & sales deals, and attract target customers by giving them discount coupons. Social media channels, such as Whatsapp & messages and emails are new ways to send notifications. Push notifications are also helpful to keep the users alert about in-app transactions and other activities.

How to Determine the Cost to Make An App Like Dubizzle?

The Dubizzle app development cost depends on several significant factors. Usually, a feature-rich mobile application like Dubizzle costs between US$25,000 to US$35,000. If you have a unique idea and turn it into reality, you can also use white-label mobile app software with all the basic features. The mobile app development company includes all the basic features in the white-label software and clients can add extra features according to their app ideas. Dubizzle, a classified buying and selling app, has shown tremendous growth and opportunities in the industry. If you wish to develop an app like Dubizzle, you must bring unique ideas to offer and attract your customers to your platform.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Dubizzle App Development

Factors affecting the cost to make an app like Dubizzle are not to be ignored. Every investor must consider these factors before selecting mobile app development services and investing in the development process.

Industry Research & Analysis

Proper industry research takes time, effort, and a significant amount of funds. You might also need a team of researchers to study the market, understand the industry insights, customer needs & demands, and more. All research and analysis requires funds to complete.

Technical Design

With the consistent advancements in the tech industry, new technology changes the way we experience mobile applications. The UI/UX designs, graphics, and other animation software you choose affect the overall of the project. You might need to invest more to add more advanced graphics, UIs, and animations.

Mobile App Development Services

The type of mobile app development services you have chosen also affects the overall cost of development. Along with it, the app development platform, mobile app development company’s experience & expertise, third-party softwares, app complexity, app store optimization, and many more factors affect the cost significantly.

QA & Testing

Quality analysts and test engineers help to maintain the industry-grade quality of the developed  software. The QA team and testers put the software into several rigorous tests that cost significantly, resulting in affecting the budget of the client. However, it is necessary to create an online classified app similar to Dubizzle and deliver excellent services.

Maintenance & Support

After creating an app like Dubizzle, the mobile app owner must maintain and upgrade the application from time to time. It is also necessary to introduce new features and remove outdated features from the application. It all requires money and must be included in the project development cost. Apart from these most known and significant factors, several other factors also affect the overall cost of project development, such as the location of the mobile app development company, the experience of the app developers, time taken to create an app like Dubizzle, quality of the resources, application programming, app security, etc. Thus it is wise to outsource mobile app development services, choose an Indian mobile app development company for quality & saving money, and conduct proper industry analysis before starting the project.

Time to Create A Buy-and-sell App Like Dubizzle

It’s no easy task to create an online classified app similar to Dubizzle in this highly ambitious world. Emerging businesses and startups introduce new technologies to stand out in the market, resulting in more competition. Thus, new businesses must find a unique app idea to beat the competition. It takes time, money, and consistent efforts.  Usually, the app development process takes around six to a year to complete. It also depends on several considerable factors, such as experience & knowledge of mobile app development companies & developers, location of the company, mobile app development services, number of features, incorporation of new functions, third-party services, app complexity, business model, and more.


It is wise to launch an app like Dubizzle after getting the proper knowledge of the industry, potential customer needs & demands, and market trends. With the right knowledge at the right time, you can upscale your product quality and increase your chances of getting success. Hire app developers from a trusted mobile app development company offering one of the best and budget-friendly mobile app development services. The excess spending does not guarantee quality product development.  Therefore, industry research is one of the crucial aspects every investor must consider. It is challenging and tough to create a buy-and-sell app like Dubizzle. However, with proper guidance from industry experts, you can deliver excellent services and expand your business globally to meet user demands.


Q1. What are apps like Dubizzle available in the market?

When you wish to develop an app like Dubizzle, it is essential to study the market in depth. It also includes studying all the businesses operating in the industry, providing services successfully, challenging the traditional ways of conducting businesses, and the customer-centric solutions that make them successful. Bayut, OpenSooq, Propertyfinder, Yallamotor, Dubicars, RTA, OLX, Khareta, Carswitch, and Sylndr are a few noteworthy businesses. These companies are considered, in one way or another, Dubizzle’s competitors and alternatives for the Dubizzle application. 

Q2. How does the company earn money by developing an app like Dubizzle?

The app company must earn revenue and increase profit by delivering excellent and user-centric services. Companies use several ways to increase profit by creating an app like Dubizzle. A few of these ways are advertising, in-app transaction fees, partnerships with other brands, and different subscription services.

Q3. How does the Dubizzle app work?

Dubizzle is a user-centric app that connects customers and buyers. After installing the app, users create profiles by signing up. Users can scroll through various categories in the app offered by different sellers.  Advanced search is also present for users to filter searches according to their requirements. With the help of information given by sellers, users can contact and finalize deals. The in-app payment options help make the payment system seamless and fast. Sellers can make deliveries and stay connected with the buyer using an in-app chat.

Q4. State categories the app company can offer by creating an app like Dubizzle.

Dubizzle is one of the top-rated applications in Dubai. One of the reasons that makes the Dubizzle app successful is its diverse categories. These categories are motors, community, rental & selling properties, various industries & beverages, furniture & home appliances, tech gadgets & devices, jobs, etc. If you wish to provide more services, you can add more categories and attract your target audiences.

Q5. Do you sign an NDA? 

At JPLoft, we do sign NDAs and protect intellectual property rights. We provide all the necessary documents after the completion of the project. We keep the project idea and its associated information confidential.