Create an On-demand Video Streaming App Like Netflix

Create an On-demand Video Streaming App Like Netflix

Recent years have witnessed tremendous expansion within the video streaming market. A variety of new services have entered this sector; mainstream adoption of popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+ is contributing significantly. As an industry, video streaming now stands at billions worth and will only become bigger over time. This guide teaches how you can create a streaming app like Netflix from scratch! Rapid expansion in video streaming platforms has created intense competition. Each is jostling for market share by offering great user experiences and vast content libraries if they wish to compete successfully in this highly competitive arena.

Increased demand for video streaming apps has propelled businesses into this competitive industry. In contrast, some apps only run on one platform (iOS or Android). With competition only growing fiercer every day, we will discuss how you can build video streaming app like Netflix - including cost considerations (for both Android and iOS app development),features, and various other considerations.

Exploring the Wide Market of On-Demand Video Streaming Applications

Netflix's net worth has soared from $3.58 Billion (in 2010) to $140.36B in March 2023. According to Business of Apps, YouTube's monopoly on the AVOD is worth between $140 and $300 billion by 2023. According to industry reports, the OTT universe will grow at a CAGR of 15.2% from $149.34 Billion in 2022 up to $171.99 Billion in 2023. OTT platforms are all the rage these last few years. If you are a content creator or owner, you will make a lot of money by creating your own online streaming video platform.  Before you can understand the Netflix business model, it is important to know what Netflix does.

What Made Netflix’s Business Model a Grand Success?

How does Netflix make its money? It's in the billions. There are several reasons. First, what kind of digital assets does Netflix have? Netflix has the best video library of any OTT platform. Netflix has revolutionized the streaming industry. It produces its content and does not rely on others' work to succeed. Netflix shows are some of the most popular in the world and have a large fan base. Second, they can generate recurring revenues by offering simple but effective video subscriptions - standard, basic, and premium.

High-End Video Streaming Quality

Make sure to create a fun experience for your viewers on your movie streaming site. With a net connection, you can stream movies in different video quality options ranging from standard 240p to 4k resolution.

Multiplatform support

A successful movie streaming site must be able to stream movies in high quality on all screens and platforms. You're right; streaming compatibility is the backbone of any entertainment business.

Social Media Integration

It is a tool that encourages users to engage with movies and then share their opinions on social media platforms. Your streaming website will be visited by users who want to comment and review the shows.

Available in Multiple Languages

Global users prefer to use the best video streaming platform if they can watch it in their native language. Personalization increases the audience and keeps them engaged across all devices. You now know the factors that led to the success of movie streaming sites.

Netflix Value Proposition

Netflix's value proposition is comprised of four components:


Netflix delivers video on a variety of platforms, operating systems, and devices. Netflix can maximize its audience by using this approach. Subscribers can watch their favorite videos on tablets, browsers, and other devices.


Netflix only broadcasts exclusive shows from third-party publishers. The service also offers some exclusive shows that aren't available anywhere else.

No Ads

Only free users can see ads. Ads interrupting your favorite show can be very annoying. Subscribers to premium services enjoy an ad-free experience, which encourages users to purchase a subscription.

Recommendation algorithm

Netflix offers thousands of TV series that are stream able. The algorithm that gathers content based on the user's query increases engagement.

How does Netflix make money?

Netflix's subscriptions are its main source of income. The following monthly plans are available to users:

  1. Basic plan begins at $9.99/month. This plan does not include high-definition video viewing, and users are limited to one screen.
  2. Standard plan for $15.49/month. This plan allows you to watch HD videos. This plan will enable users to watch HD videos on two wings simultaneously.
  3. Premium plan costs $19.99 per month. Users can view 4K videos across four screens after paying subscription fees.

Netflix's target audience is divided into three segments:

  • Domestic Streaming: The main source of revenue for the platform is from subscription fees paid by US customers.
  • International Streaming: The majority of subscribers outside the United States pay a monthly membership fee.
  • Domestic DVD: Revenue is generated from US subscribers paying DVD-by-mail subscription fees.

Let's take a look now at how to develop a video-streaming App like Netflix and what the estimated cost is for creating such a streaming video app.

Steps to Build A Video Streaming App Like Netflix

You need not only to be able to code but also to follow several steps and consider important factors. Below are a few steps to create a video streaming app like Netflix:

Find Your Niche

You need to decide what type of video you want to stream on your app. Discover different types of content and make them available to your audience. We have researched and categorized different types of content. Here are a few of them:


Genres like comedy, thriller, and adventure are all common. Entertainment content is profitable, as it targets a wider audience, and people like to see new things.


If you are looking to develop a live-streaming application, fitness is an excellent niche to choose. Users are willing to pay a subscription fee for fitness streaming videos. They are motivated to stay fit by following their daily routine. Add fitness features like Zumba, Yoga, and Diet Conditioning. Conversions will increase.


People prefer to watch "how-to" videos than to read long content in order to find answers. Create a on-demand video streaming app like Netflix, that offers information to learners of all ages. The benefits of creating an educational streaming app are long-term.

Decide Content

The content type is the foundation of any Video on Demand service. Answer these questions to gain a better understanding.

  • Would you consider creating your videos to use on your platform?
  • Would you consider using videos from another distributor?

If you deal with video distributors, then a license is required. You can either do it this way:

  • Renting a film from a distributor authorized with a license.
  • Contacting the owner of the copyright

Define Your USP

Before building a video streaming app like Netflix, it is important to consider your Unique Selling Proposition. It is important to define your USP clearly and to communicate it to your audience as simply as possible. Netflix is a good example. Netflix's USP is its technology, which allows subscribers to access content on any device at any time.

Pick the Right Tech Stack

You must choose the right tech stack to create a video streaming app like Netflix. This will optimize the experience and also ensure that the service is available even with fluctuations in traffic. Your streaming service should also be scalable. You will need the right technology stack to achieve these goals. This article needs to be longer to cover this topic in depth. You'll need to consider the right hosting platform, Content Delivery Network (CDN),video streaming protocol, and other components.

Content Licensing & Legal Registration

More is needed to know how to launch a streaming service. Making the business legally compliant is another important part of preparation. In addition to legal registration, licensing content is one of integral challenges in mobile app development for video streaming services. There are two major video distributors in the USA:

  • Motion Picture Licensing Corporation
  • SWANK Motion Pictures

These licensing companies offer major solutions. You need to know that licensing video content is a huge investment before you start a streaming service. Netflix, for example, invests billions in licensing content. The companies spend the same amount on video production. Some licensing companies will sell you a license for only the first episode or season. Negotiate the terms of any agreement or company before you sign it.

Choose your Monetization Model

Three monetization options are available for video-on-demand services.

  • Pay-Per-View: It's the simplest pricing scheme, where the user is charged for each video, they watch. This model works best if your platform broadcasts sports, boxing, conferences, and MMA.
  • Advertisement: You may charge companies to run video ads on your platform. This monetization method will only be successful if you can make your platform popular among users.
  • Subscription: As you may recall, Netflix employs this monetization method. Broadcasters also use the subscription model. Subscribers pay a monthly subscription fee for access to the content library. This monetization method is useful if your platform regularly releases new content.

Know your requirements

It is now time to start the video streaming application development process. Understanding your video streaming needs is essential. When developing your app, you should take into consideration the following factors. #Internet speed Internet speed can affect the ability of an app to stream content on-demand. The minimum internet speed required for standard-definition films is 2MB/second. If you want to stream high quality content through your app, you must know the minimum required internet speed.

Cloud Computing and Hosting Architecture

Cloud computing and hosting is recommended for their flexibility and rapid access to video. They are useful for many for many operations such as A/B tests and caching architecture.


Users do not want their information accessed by unauthorised persons. All customer devices must be taken into consideration when it comes to content and information security. For the best mobile application security tips, we recommend operations such as network background, token-based security, domain restriction, and watermarking.

#Payment Gateway

You should choose a payment gateway to ensure that payments are easy to track, secure, and traceable. Choose from popular payment solutions such as Stripe, 2CheckOut and PayPal.

#Subscription logs

Any app must track and manage subscription logs. The number of users increases as you build a video streaming app, making it difficult to manually manage their data. Integration of subscription logs helps to determine streaming data and video quality. This also shows you how many screens are logged in.

Find an Experienced App Development Company

Finding a development company to help you with video streaming app development services is crucial if you want it to be successful. The following are the steps involved in choosing a vendor:

  • Find app developers on platforms such as Clutch and The Manifest.
  • Review the shortlisted companies
  • Make sure the experience and portfolios match your goals
  • Analysis of capabilities and specialization
  • Ask for feedback from recent clients

Focus on Your Audience

Three primary ways to reach your audience with an app

  • Social Network Channels: Share your videos with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use social media to promote your business and find the right audience.
  • YouTube: YouTube is an extremely powerful tool for brand promotion. YouTube is a great tool for video marketing and promoting your product.
  • Newsletters: This involves sending a detailed letter to your potential clients with information about the service that you offer. The letter must be well-written and include all necessary information about the platform.

Decide on the Functionality

There are several roles that users can play when using video streaming solutions.

  • Video Consumer: End-user that watches content on streaming platforms.
  • Video Creator: This user role is suitable for solutions such as YouTube or TikTok.
  • Content admin: This role is for the administration of streaming solutions and allows you to upload videos, delete them, or perform other administrative tasks.

You may need to create a separate video streaming app like Netflix for each user role, depending on the type you are building. These apps can include the following features.

  • Onboarding: These pages help the user get to know an app and its main features.
  • Registration: It one of the most basic and important features of streaming services such as Netflix. Users can register via social media or email.
  • Sign Up/Sign In: The ability to sign in using social media.
  • User Account: Users can access their favorite videos and view the history. They can also add new videos to their list, update user information, and manage billing.
  • Search: It is an advanced search engine that allows users to filter by genres, release dates, recommendations, and more. Its primary goal is to make searching easy and quick for users.
  • Ratings and reviews: The ability to rate and review content.
  • Push Notifications: Can be used to inform users of new content releases, billing details, or updates.
  • Payment Gateways: Integration with Braintree Stripe, PayPal, Apple, Google Pay, etc., to allow users to pay for subscriptions or content.
  • Basic Settings: Basic settings should include sound level control, subtitle activation, play/pause options, video quality selection, and playback rate.
  • Multilanguage Support: The ability to select the language for video playback and enable subtitles.
  • Screenshot Ban: Prevents the taking of screenshots or video recordings.
  • Geo Restriction: Ban the use of service in certain locations.
  • Download feature: Ability to download content into the local storage device.
  • Admin Panel: allows app admins the ability to moderate content users and perform back-office tasks.
  • Analytics: Features for administrators that analyze how users interact and use the application. They can also determine what content is most popular.
  • Video Quality Selection: Ability to select the desired quality of video to be watched.

The complexity and cost of developing a mobile app are directly influenced by the number of features that you choose to include. It is reasonable only to have the most basic and important features in your first version.

Marketing and Promotion

It is not sufficient to know how to launch a streaming service. Everyone with a marketing strategy will know your application. Marketing and promotion are, therefore, integral to your strategy. The following are the stages and activities of a compensation marketing campaign:

  • Paid Ads: Will help you to spread the word about your streaming app and attract users.
  • SMM: The best way to create a connection with customers and potential users
  • Influencer Marketing: Working with bloggers and influencers allows you to reach millions of people.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization techniques will help you promote landing pages so that they appear in the top positions of search engines.
  • Events: You can promote your application during live events such as conferences, meetings, and so on.
  • Partnerships: You can work with other companies and startups to promote your video-streaming application at their events or among partners.

Get Feedback For Improvements

Gather feedback from your first users after the release of the first version. This feedback can help you plan future versions of your app. Analyses, surveys, and user interviews can help identify areas for improvement. These data should be considered when planning the features that you will introduce in the future.

Cost of Creating an On-Demand Video Streaming App Like Netflix

Calculating app development costs will be easier once you've decided how to launch a streaming service. It takes time and money to create a video streaming app like Netflix. Costs increase as you add more features. The process of development can include the creation of different apps for both end-users as well as admins. The cost will increase. The average cost for native iOS or Android app development is estimated to be $30,000. The average development time for a video streaming app like Netflix is 5-7 months. Please take into consideration that the cost above is for the development of only a single application with the basic features. Development time and costs can increase significantly based on the number of features to be implemented. This price of developing video streaming app like Netflix does not include content creation or licensing costs.

The Key Takeaway

You now have a good idea of how to launch a streaming service. What are you waiting for? Call us today and hire remote mobile app developers for creating a feature rich video streaming video streaming app like Netflix. We will ensure that you receive a high-quality app. You can see that the process of developing an app has many steps. Suppose you choose to launch a streaming service. In that case, the project will undergo a development process that includes building relationships with content creators or licensing companies, marketing, promotion, and planning future growth. Creating your streaming services is a great opportunity to reach your audience and build your brand. The barrier to entry is lower than ever with the wide variety of available platforms. Netflix is the industry leader in video-on-demand and offers limitless possibilities for online streaming. Contact an on-demand development company to get your video streaming app similar to Netflix. 


1. What are the essential steps to create an on-demand video streaming app like Netflix?

To create a Netflix-like streaming app, begin with thorough market research, secure content rights, choose the right technology stack, and meticulously plan, design, develop, and launch the app.

2. How do I secure content for my video streaming app like Netflix?

Secure content through licensing agreements with content providers, studios, and production houses. Negotiate and legally obtain streaming rights for exclusive content on your platform.

3. What features should I include in my video streaming app?

Include user registration, a content catalog, user profiles, search algorithms, video playback, payment gateways, and user reviews for a feature-rich experience.

4. How can I ensure smooth video playback in my streaming app?

Ensure smooth playback by optimizing video encoding, using CDNs, and implementing adaptive streaming technology to adjust quality based on internet speed.

5. What are the monetization options for a video streaming app like Netflix?

Monetize through subscriptions, pay-per-view, or ads, or combine these models to align with your audience and content strategy.