Free Video Calling Apps Trending During COVID-19

Free Video Calling Apps Trending During COVID-19

During COVID-19, the only thing that made us feel connected with each other is free video calling apps. It is only possible because of the cheaper and faster internet connection with the latest 4G technology.    With the help of these free video calling apps, our lives have become sorted as we can be in touch with our family, friends, and work colleagues. There are many apps, and choosing from them is very difficult.    So, I have come up with the list of the best free video calling apps that will help you in this pandemic period to stay connected with your people.   Also Read: Costs And Features Of An E-Wallet Mobile Applications    

1. Skype

  Skype has been the first priority for the companies since its beta version, which was released in 2003. With Skype, you can stay connected with its new features, design, and lime-to-time updates. You can access Skype on a wide range of devices and is among the most reliable video calling apps.   


  - Record the call for up to 30 days- Call any device, Skype, mobile, or landline.- You can share presentations, photos, videos, voice messages, and a lot more things.- Up to 50 participants, no time limit  

2. Zoom

  During COVID-19, Zoom is among the best free video calling apps, and this is because of its easy-to-use interface. Zoom offers the most important two features- mobile screen sharing and breakout rooms. People prefer Zoom because around 100 users can meet up over here with 40 minutes limit for more than two people.  


  - Meeting of 100 Participants at a time.- Unlimited one-on-one meetings.- Share group text messages, images, and audio.- The time limit for more than two people is forty-minutes.   Also Read: Know Everything About Newspaper App Development  

3. Google Meet

  Through Google Meet, you can easily connect with your colleagues, family, and friends. For this, both the hosts and participants must have Google accounts. You just have to click on “Join or start a meeting” and ask the participants to join by sending the link of the meeting. Apart from this, you can also schedule a meeting through Google Calendar.  


  - Unlimited meeting time until 30th September (After 30th September, 60-minute limit)- Up to 100 participants- Offers noise cancellation feature  

4. Google Duo

  Google has also come up with a mobile app― Google Duo. The updates are going on, and recently Google added the invite option through which the user can invite the participant by providing them invite link. All the user who wants to connect with each other must have Google Duo.  


  - Groups of up to 12 people- Can record a message- Uses end-to-end encryption   Also Read: Top Educational App Ideas To Fuel Your Startups In 2020  

5. Facebook Messenger

  Facebook is very famous among all generations and from the past many years. The same is with its video calling app ㅡ Facebook Messenger, which is free and is available on both Android and iOS or any web browser which is logged in with your Facebook account.   


  - Find friends by either using names or phone numbers.- Can connect with people internationally within no time.- Share images and videos with effects instantly with your connections.  

6. Whatsapp

  Whatsapp has nailed in the world of the best messaging app, and now it is in the list of top video calling apps. Millions of people use Whatsapp Video and voice calling app because it is available across the world on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.  


  - Video or voice calls are completely free.- Can share documents, images, videos, and much more.- Set custom wallpapers, notification ringtones, and many more feature easily.   Also Read: Top 10 Business Ideas During COVID-19  

7. WeChat

  The usage of WeChat is increasing incredibly as it allows you to connect with family and friends quickly all around the world. Through this app, you can enjoy features such as chat, voice, video, image sharing, and the list goes on.    


  - Free high-quality voice and video calls.- Users can also share their pictures on their photostream.- Localized in around 20 different languages  

How To Choose The Best Video Calling Apps?

  There are a lot of video calling apps apart from the list that is mentioned above. Mostly all the apps that are mentioned in this blog are free and can be experimented to check which suits you best.   You can also discuss it with your colleagues, family, and friends accordingly to use the apps. This list will be helpful for all of you as these apps are beneficial for everyone.   If you want any kind of help regarding video calling apps or want a video calling app, don’t hesitate to call our executive at +44-1256-274012 or drop your inquiry at [email protected]. or visit our website