Google Rolled Out Incognito Mode In Privacy Push

Google Rolled Out Incognito Mode In Privacy Push

Google said on 2nd October 2019 that they are going to offer new privacy features to its YouTube, Maps, and Voice Assistant services. They will give options such as incognito mode and automatic data deletion.  

Google has been running to launch a plethora of privacy-related features like the search giants and social media companies face heat from users and regulators worldwide on how their platforms handle user data.  

Before few days there were rumors that Alphabet’s Google is testing on new features and now Google has launched Incognito Mode for Maps, Auto-delete for YouTube history, ask Google Assistant to delete data, and Password checkup tool inside Google's Password Manager.  

Let us understand what these features have to offer users one by one.    


  • Incognito Mode for Google Maps

     - It will stop saving maps activity to the accounts of the users such as the places they search for. But it will take away their personalized recommendations.     

    • Auto-delete for YouTube history

- The company will expand this feature and now the users will be able to set a period after which their viewing history data will be automatically erased.    

    • Password checkup tool

- This is a new feature that will help the user to know whether their accounts have been compromised and if the password of their account is weak.    

    • Ask Google Assistant to delete data

- Now the users can delete their voice assistant activity by just verbal command. The verbal command is- "Hey Google, delete the last thing I said to you."   It will be interesting to see whether users will like these features or not. But it is going to help us in many ways.


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