Future of Augmented Reality in Mobile Applications

Future of Augmented Reality in Mobile Applications

Augmented technology is one of the youngest and newest technology in this world.  It has attracted many technology companies to use this in their own mobile application. Many companies are also predicting that there is huge growth in AR technology. Many mobile app development companies have started to use this technology in their application to provide a better user experience.

With the help of augmented reality, users can experience the real world through computer-generated data. Augmented reality will also help businesses to improve customer engagement. Mobile app development companies are developing location-based and recognition based apps for users with the help of AR. Many ecommerce industries are using this technology to sell their products. The customers can easily test the products on their mobiles phone. For example, Lenskart is one of the popular ecommerce company which sells sunglasses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses for men and women.  Lenskart gives an option to the users in which they can test and check eyewear to see how it looks on them.

This is one of the interesting features of AR technology which is widely used in ecommerce websites. There are lots of social media companies that are also using Augmented reality to give interesting and funny filters to the users. Social media companies like Facebook and Instagram are very much bullish on Augmented reality. 

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AR in Education Applications :

Augmented reality will change the typical learning in the educational sector. We already know that the use of the smartphone is increasing day by day.  The education system is adopting many new technologies like AR to provide better education to the students. The Augmented reality helping the students to visualize things very easily. It is also helping the educational institutes to provide better digital content for students to study. Many educational institutes already started to integrate this technology into their educational mobile applications for their students.

AR in Gaming Applications:

Augmented reality is not new in gaming applications. There are lots of games available that are based on AR. Smartphones Users have seen many augmented reality games like pokemon go, temple treasure hunt, etc.  These games are loved by many users and also get a positive response from the Audience. For example, Pokemon go has achieved 50 million downloads in just one month. So we can clearly see that AR is becoming very popular amongst gamers.

AR in Interiors Designing

There are lots of interior designing mobile applications are available in the play store which is using AR technology. In these mobile applications, interior designers can actually see the visuals of furniture on their mobile phones and tablets with the help of Augmented reality. AR will give lots of benefits to the interior designing industry in the future.  You can actually place your furniture on mobile phones to see whether it is looking good or not. This technology will also help the interior designers in their work. Users can easily customize the furniture color in the interior design mobile application. 

AR in Healthcare Applications

There are lots of apps being developed by mobile app development companies to enhance the healthcare sector. An application called Viipar is a video platform for surgeons. Doctors and surgeons who are not much experienced can use this application as a guide. These types of applications are used by many professional doctors. AR integrated healthcare applications can do vein visualization and surgical visualization, etc. Many AR-related companies also reduced the cost of these applications to improve the experience of the users. These AR healthcare applications are also able to show how medical devices interact with the body. 

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Travel and Tourism 

Tourism is a vast industry and many businesses are betting on it. Many travel companies are also developing AR integrated applications for their users to serve them better. AR integrated travel mobile applications can also provide local guides to travelers. Travel companies are already using Augmented reality in their mobile application to improve the experience of travelers.  If travel companies want to integrate augmented reality in their mobile application they will need an experienced and expert mobile app development company. 

Ar in the Automobile industry 

Many Car companies are fastly adopting AR mobile applications to compete in the market. AR technology is mostly used to enhance the driver's experience by providing information about their surrounding environment, road condition, navigation, etc.  The car manufacturers can easily automate the training process while manufacturing and maintenance of automobiles. According to Vrfocus, the augmented reality automobile market growth rate will be 177% for the next 4 years it will reach $5.5 billion us dollars by 2022. 

AR In Music Industry

Music is loved by everyone from kids to adults. But music is not only about listening to favorite songs or putting together playlists. But with the help of augmented reality users of music mobile applications can easily see the bio of the artist and lyrics of the song. AR integrated music applications can provide all the information about a particular song or singer. The augmented reality can also enhance the live performances by illustrating the story which is told by the track.


Technology is changing day by day. Many new technological things are coming into the market every day. But Augmented reality will stay for longer in the market and it will surely help the businesses to improve their customer engagement and help them to provide a better service. If you are also looking for an augmented reality app development company then JPloft will be best for you. Jploft has 10+ years of experience in the mobile app development field. Our expert mobile app developers will build a perfect mobile application for you as per your requirement.