Ways To Improve Online Reputation Management In 2021

Ways To Improve Online Reputation Management In 2021

We all know that if we want to grow our business online then online reputation plays an important role in our online marketing strategy.   We have to maintain our online reputation positive to build trust with the customers. If customers are continuously giving negative ratings and feedbacks to your business then it can harm your business reputation online because negative reviews and feedbacks are not good for any online business.   But do you know that there are many strategies for online reputation management in which you can reduce your negative reviews?     Before we talk about strategies let's talk about what is Online Reputation Management?  

What is Online Reputation Management?

  Online Reputation Management or you can say ORM, basically aims to create a positive public image of a company, business, or individual person across the web.   The Online reputation includes monitoring of companies and businesses online reputation, addressing the negative customer feedbacks which can damage the entity’s image.   

The Working of Online Reputation Management 

  The ORM is all about the monitoring of companies’ reputation across the web by ensuring that businesses are appropriately represented and the potential customers are also left with a great experience and impression.   There are multiple channels within online reputation management like paid media, Earned Media, shared media, owned media, etc.   

Paid media 

  The paid media requires payments to feature a brand or a business. It includes sponsored ads, Google ads, social media ads, or promotions through paid influencers.    The aspect of paid media for ORM is very straight you have full control for the placements of your ads. You also have to check very carefully that any of your competitors are not advertising against your company or brand.    However, if brands are doing any negative advertising against your company then paid media platforms will resolve your issue by doing just one complaint.   

Earned Media 

  Earned Media enfold the coverage of your brand which basically receives from external platforms for free of cost. It includes:  

  • Vlogs and Blogs
  • Articles 
  • Forums 
  • Classified Websites
  • The press Coverage
  • Third-party listings like (clutch, glassdoor, Trustpilot, etc.)

  You Can also Count GMB (Google My Business) as an earned media because customers leave reviews for companies and businesses. earned media should be used by all online businesses as it improves online reputation and helps to build trust with customers.   

Shared Media 

  Most of the businesses have their own social media profile for better engagement with customers. But negative comments, bad feedbacks, and low star ratings can harm your company’s online reputation.    So you have to pay attention to your social media profile’s negative comments and ratings to improve the reputation of your company online.   

Owned Media

  Owned media basically related to your websites and blogs which are fully controlled by you. If you improve the rankings of your business website on search engines then it will surely help you to improve online reputation management.    Google will show your websites on their top pages to the audience if you work to improve the search rankings. It will also help your website to get popular amongst the audience.     Here are some of the best strategies for online reputation management.  

Make Presence Stronger On The Internet:

  There are lots of social media websites available in which you can create accounts and grow your fanbase for your business. Social media is one of the best tools to make your presence stronger. It can also help you to target a niche audience for your business.   You also have to do SEO of your website to get a higher ranking in the search results. SEO is a great way to build a strong audience on the internet. If you do not have any idea of SEO then you can hire the best digital marketing company to get the best results,   

Ask Your Customers To Review Your Business: 

  You can ask your happy customers to review your business and give positive ratings. If customers give a positive review of your business it will surely help you to build a strong online reputation.    You can directly contact your customers who purchased your services and products and ask them to give a review on the basis of the services they have received.   

Reply To Negative Reviews: 

  A negative review can seriously damage your online reputation which is not a good thing for an online business. So Reply to the negative reviews and ask them to contact you directly if they have any problem regarding your services. If they get satisfied with your response or solution ask them to change their review online.    It will help your business to build a strong trust with the customer. According to Lee Resources, if the customers get a satisfying response from the business side then the customer comes back to do business again.    The Harvard business review also said that if any query of customers got handled in less than 5 minutes then they tend to purchase more products from your business.   


  Building a positive online reputation is not an easy task it takes lots of time and effort. You can not make your business reputation stronger in just a few days or weeks because you have to build strong marketing strategies and after that, you have to work on them which takes lots of time.    So if you are looking for a digital marketing company for online reputation management for your business then JPLoft is best for you.   Jploft has 8+ years of experience in the online marketing field. Our expert marketing team will drive the best results for your business by implementing the best marketing strategies.