Facebook To Face $35 Billion Penalty Over Misuse of Facial Recognition Data

Facebook requested a court in the US to suppress a $35 Billion penalty that has to be paid by the giant platform for misusing the facial recognition data in Illinois.   But the request of Facebook was rejected by a three-judge panel of the ninth circuit judges in San Francisco, according to the reports. The case will be taken forward to the trial unless the Supreme Court gets involved.   The report added, "The suit alleges that Illinois citizens didn't consent to have their uploaded photos scanned with facial recognition and weren't informed of how long the data would be saved when the mapping started in 2011".   Facebook might be charged $1,000 to $5,000 penalties per user which will turn out to be a maximum of $35 billion for 7 million people.  Also Read: CEO Mark Zuckerberg Slams TikTok For Censoring Protesters  In 2011, the social media platform started the facial recognition technology where it asked users to identify whether the people tagged in their photos were known to them.   The judges said: “The facial recognition software invades an individual's private affairs and concrete interests".   The court document stated, "Facebook's facial recognition technology violated Illinois's Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA)".   It added, "Violations of the procedures in BIPA harmed or posed a material risk of harm to those privacy interests".  Also Read: Facebook Is the New Cigarette For Our Kids: Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff  BIPA charges a $1,000 penalty for each negligent violation and $5,000 penalty for each intentional or reckless violation.   If Facebook loses the legal battle then it will be damaged by billions of dollars by the lawsuit.   Facebook said in a statement "Facebook has always told people about its use of face recognition technology and given them control over whether it's used for them. We are reviewing our options and will continue to defend ourselves vigorously".   The class-action is more severe than the record $ 5 billion settlement that Facebook agreed to pay to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).For the latesttech news and blogs, followJPLoft onTwitter, Facebook,Instagram, andLinkedIn.
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