E Scooter App Market Trends And Business Opportunities

E Scooter App Market Trends And Business Opportunities

Have you ever considered how much money could be saved or earned if you invested in an electric scooter? Now is your opportunity to find out! As our world grows ever more electronic and hybrid technologies-dependent, so does the market for electric scooters (e-scooters). E-scooters have gained immense popularity among city residents due to their sleek yet lightweight designs; for navigating this ever-evolving landscape with ease and foresight consider consulting an e-scooter app development guide. Since 2008, they have been available on the market and saw compound annual growth of 19.5% from 2015 to 2021 - more than all types of regular motorcycles combined. As reported in May 2018 in the U.S. market, electric scooter sales outstripped motorcycles for the first time - signaling their projected rise throughout 2021.

Escooter Market Trends to Keep an Eye Out For

  •  The Electric Scooter Market is expected to reach 41,98 billion USD in 2030.
  • According to a study by Grand View Research Inc., the eScooter will be worth almost $41,98 billion by 2030. This will lead to an 8.5% CAGR increase.
  • Asia Pacific is expected to be the leading market during the forecast period of 2030.
  • The Asia Pacific eScooter Market is expected to reach USD 26,25 billion.
  • Due to heavy investments in the charging infrastructure, Asia Pacific will be the biggest market by the end of 2030.
  • In 2018, 5 million electric scooters have been sold.
  • According to a report, global sales of electric bicycles and scooters are expected to reach 129 million units by 2028. Electric scooter sales were near 46.89 and 44.39 in 2019, which increased to 50 by 2020.
  • By 2025, the eScooter market and motorcycle industry will be worth $13,864.0 million.
  • The eScooter Market is expected to grow at a 7.3% CAGR.

  • By 2028, 129 million e-scooters or motorcycles will be on the road.
  • The e-scooter market is expected to account for about 8% of all two-wheelers on the road.
  • Electric Scooters Statistics state that companies such as Bird, Lime, JUMP, etc., charge an average of $3.65 for each ride. Segregating the amount gives us -- $2.65 for an 18-minute ride, which is the standard price, as the charge is $0.05 per minute plus a $1 fixed fee.
  • Mobile Mobility was used for 84 million trips.
  • China has invested 2.4 billion dollars in infrastructure for charging stations.
  • Revenue from eScooters is expected to increase by 21% between 2023 and 2023.
  • Morningstar's research into the eScooter model predicts that the E-Scooter industry will see a 21% increase in revenue, which amounts to $5 billion. This includes countries such as the U.S.A., Canada, and Latin America.
  • According to a report from McKinsey & Company, in 2030, the E-Scooter Industry will be worth -- $200 billion to $300 in the United States, $100 billion to 150 billion in Europe, and $30 billion up to $50 billion in China.

Reasons Why It Is Wise To Invest In An E-Scooter Rental App?

There are various reasons for investing in an e-scooter rental app, and here are a few listed below:

Growing Awareness And Popularity

In today's ever-evolving climate change environment, people have become more conscious of climate change issues such as greenhouse emissions caused by automotive use, resulting in higher greenhouse gas emissions. Because electric scooters are environmentally friendly, people are making intelligent choices by opting for them over other forms of transportation.

 Profitable Scooter Sharing App Services

 Operating an e-scooter-sharing app service can bring significant profits. Even when renting the scooter for 30 minutes, charges could vary according to distance or time; nearly anyone with a smartphone could rent an e-scooter to run errands!

Ecologically Sustainable

Many governments are adopting policies for old petrol and diesel vehicles that include scrapping them. One reason behind this policy is that they emit harmful gases over time; that's when electric scooter businesses start appearing. Investing in them now could lead to great returns in both the near future as well as in today.

 Maintenance Costs

 There are multiple costs involved with developing an e-scooter sharing app, such as hiring an expert team for its development and purchasing scooters that may initially cost more. Still, after that, their maintenance is far lower compared to gas-run scooters, thus turning an initial investment into long-term profitability.

E-Scooters Are A Preferred Choice

 Electric scooter apps have quickly become one of the top choices among users today due to their speedy and hassle-free use. People also appreciate this form of transport because parking spaces don't need to be found and any time or place will do; furthermore, no noise pollution, air pollution, and traffic jams are reduced, making this a favored choice among many e-scooter riders. Thus increasing profit from your business with each additional user using it.

Opportunities of E Scooter Sharing App

This year, you should carefully consider the remarkable business opportunities provided by an E Scooter Sharing App. As it impacts many countries around the globe, these applications offer ample business opportunities. Below, we have highlighted several exciting business prospects of an E Scooter Sharing app you should keep in mind when planning this strategy.

Studies Have Shown Economic Benefit

Numerous studies have pointed out the economic advantages of using electric scooters within cities. According to studies, their use can bring massive economic benefits; just the e-scooter industry brought in $13.8 Million for the food and beverage industry alone! In 2019, 29.3% of tourists used shared e-scooters as transport and to explore a city. Electric scooters enable more people to explore more of their city and boost its economy, providing easier access for residents. Its benefits are compelling arguments in favor of continued usage even post-Covid 19 pandemic.

Environmental Benefits, Sustainable Travelling

 Electric scooters have gained in popularity for several reasons, the primary one being environmental impact. One reason investors invest in E-scooter-sharing app development is due to sustainable traveling by reducing toxic air pollutants in densely populated areas. Since they don't require fuel for operation, they save costs and pollute less, making a smart investment decision. Lime conducted a study that revealed how electric scooter-sharing programs helped the city of Paris reduce carbon emissions by an astounding 330 tons in just one year. Electric scooters have proven their worth as part of an eco-friendly transportation industry, even though some remain skeptical.

Offer Micro-Mobility

As we live in an increasingly digital era, electric scooters have become one of the newest hi-tech innovations that revolutionize lifestyles. An E Scooter Sharing App may become a convenient form of transportation in urban settings in future years; personal micro-mobility gadgets may become even more prevalent - both e-scooters and other widgets would likely be promoted for commuter use provided legislation concerning micro-mobility devices are legalized and specified. The e-scooter application provides safe travel options with reasonable costs and cost efficiency. Communities who legalize, support, and invest in such an E-scooter-sharing app ensure its safe usage for everyone involved.

Market Trends of E-Scooter Applications

E-scooter sharing has quickly become an indispensable mode of transportation in several countries, thanks to increased environmental concerns and the demand for cost-effective transportation options. Let's examine some future e-scooter app market trends and opportunities within this e-scooter sector.

 Government Acceptance 

At first, electric scooter companies needed help in securing government approval of their product. Many states in the US and European countries still do not permit electric scooters due to safety concerns; this will likely change soon as governments worldwide consider adopting them. Within five years, you could witness an explosion of approvals worldwide for these electric vehicles.

 Increased Number of New and Repeat Users

More people than ever are riding electric scooters, and that number will only continue to grow over time. More are becoming aware of their benefits, with sharing services enabling people to ride these e-scooters without actually owning one - thus leading them to use electric scooters more than ever to help the environment, save money, or have fun!

Investor Interest

Since the launch of e-scooter companies in 2017, investors have shown immense enthusiasm in funding them. Bird raised $415 million soon after its debut. Tier raised an investment of $250 million from one round alone, while companies like Voi and Circ also successfully raised investment. As the e-scooter market expands further, investors will likely take an interest in new ridesharing startups offering innovative e-scooter-sharing solutions; investors may take notice.

 Beyond Customers

E-scooters have become a popular solution for riders looking to avoid walking. Many companies and universities with large campuses are providing their employees and students access to these electric scooters as a service, helping individuals reach their destinations faster without hassles.

Understand the E-Scooter App Development Industry

Now that you understand the exciting business potential of e-scooter-sharing apps, it is essential to familiarize yourself with current e-scooter app market trends that are rapidly growing in popularity. We have provided below almost every movement with a substantial user base within e-scooter sharing apps.


Bird is an electric vehicle-sharing company established in 2018. Headquartered in Santa Monica, US, and with operations extending worldwide via Amsterdam, NL - its market capitalization stands at 2.5 billion dollars - it offers the best experience when riding nearby electric scooters. Multiple startups are investing in creating bird scooter apps for Android or iOS devices. We have an expert team available who can develop your app like Filled or Bird.


 Lime is one of the top and most authorized e-scooter sharing apps launched in 2017 to meet micro-mobility service provider demands, offering scooters, bikes, and other vehicles to reach desired locations quickly and conveniently. If you want to develop an App like Lime, hire remote mobile app developers are needed. Following their collaboration with Uber and raising $335 Million through a series of funding rounds, the company expanded internationally by opening offices in Madrid as well as offering electric scooters in Spain's Capital city.


 Spin is an established platform offering bike and electric scooter-sharing services worldwide. Launched in 2016, its headquarters can be found in San Francisco (US HQ),Ottawa, California (CA),and Amadora (PT). This firm is one of the most well-known on-demand E Scooter app development businesses that offer electric scooter services; currently, you can locate them in over 19 cities by searching online. Riders from East Lansing city can allow this type of mobility through spin app services.


 Skip is an e-scooter app in San Francisco based on a dockless electric scooter startup and was introduced as part of an E-scooter mobile app development effort (Skip) in 2016. Through a pilot program designed to determine how micro transportation fits within city spaces, Skip was granted permission to operate in Portland. Therefore, commuters download the Skip app onto their smartphone, scan a QR code to locate an available scooter nearby, and they're off their way!

Ride Goat 

aunched in 2019, Ride Goat is an amazing e-scooter-sharing app headquartered in Austin that provides quick access to electric scooters in multiple cities via mobile applications. As payments for accessing an e-scooter through the Goat application must be made up-front, ensuring an uninterrupted ride experience, internet connectivity is of utmost importance in connecting users' registered accounts to social media accounts for sharing among friends.


Neuron is an affordable e-scooter-sharing app launched in 2016 by Zakhary Wang and CTO Harry Yu of Singapore. Neuron's user base now spans multiple locations around the globe. Noting the company operates across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia is essential for understanding their operations. Furthermore, their CEO anticipates their business will experience substantial expansion over time.


 Dott was first launched as an e-scooter-sharing app in 1993 by Maxim Romain and Henri Moussianc of Dott Ride. Their offices can be found in Amsterdam. Dott Logistics excels at processing its maximum capacity. It holds legal permission to operate its business in cities such as Paris and London


As most of you must already be familiar with Uber, no introduction is necessary for its existence. Since its debut in May 2010, Uber has amassed over 93 Million active users - all without ever needing a formal introduction.

 Wind Mobility

 Uber currently holds over 68% of the US rideshare market, and its active monthly user growth averages an annual compound compound growth rate of 48.74%. Wind Mobility, founded by Eric Wang in 2017, provides another e-scooter-sharing app in Berlin and Barcelona. Available to users for rental is their micro mobility company, which started operating several years earlier. Downloadable apps are available both through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to access this e-scooter sharing service. Get an app like Wind Mobility easily by connecting with our experts and taking just a few steps. Our specialists will get your premium app created.


Circ is another e-scooter app-sharing company launched in 2019. Their app offers smart parking discounts in some select cities by monitoring travel time and distance data. Cricket boasts more than 10,000 scooters with effective working speeds and quality, so if you are searching for similar apps like Circ, contact our team about developing an E-scooter sharing app.

E-scooter Sharing App - An Untapped Business Opportunity

With increasingly hectic lives and work agendas, many of us still prefer traditional modes of transport such as car, train, or plane for short-distance trips. Due to increasing traffic congestion and planning requirements for such movement, e-scooters provide an alternate and faster means to travel around town. Now, with our mobile app development services at your disposal, you can design and construct an e-scooter tailored precisely to your needs. No longer limited by stores or regions, new customers gain access to exciting products and services. Additionally, our innovation platform assists businesses in quickly becoming certified and entering new markets with ease. Let us know how we can support you in your business endeavors!

The Key Takeaway

The e-scooter market is rapidly evolving. People have quickly adopted them as a mode of transportation in daily life. Meanwhile, new players continue to enter the market, making it harder for existing ones to dominate it. The electric scooter market is experiencing a revolution as people seek alternative forms of car ownership that also consider the environmental impacts of each ride. Businesses recognize the advantages of providing electric scooter services, whether consulting services or rental fees. More and more people believe electric vehicle app development to be the way forward and see increased physical activity as being beneficial to their health in the long term. As our society shifts toward urban areas and more people travel on foot, having access to quality electric bicycles will become even more essential for all cyclists. Some consider an investment to be one of the most useful transportation accessories of tomorrow.


1. What is the Current State of the E-Scooter App Market? 

The E-Scooter App market is expanding quickly due to the increased adoption of electric scooters for short-distance commuting. This leads to greater demand for app-based rental services and growth projections for this market.

2. What are the key drivers of growth in the E-Scooter App market? 

 Key growth drivers include urbanization, pollution, traffic congestion concerns, and micro-mobility solutions, as well as regulatory support and increased environmental awareness, which all help contribute to market expansion.

 3. How can I enter the E-Scooter App business? 

 To enter this industry, conduct market research to identify an ideal location and target audience. Afterward, secure required permits, purchase electric scooters in bulk, and develop an efficient mobile application to rent out these products - remembering marketing and partnerships that will all contribute towards making you successful!

4. What are the revenue streams associated with the E-Scooter App business? 

 Revenue can be generated through ride rentals, subscription plans, advertising partnerships, and data monetization; some companies also offer maintenance and repair services as additional income streams.

 5. What steps can I take to ensure the safety of riders using my E-Scooter App? 

 Safety must come first. Implement safety features into your app, such as helmet reminders and speed limits, to enhance rider protection. Furthermore, regularly inspect and maintain your scooter fleet, educate users on safe riding practices, provide customer support for reporting incidents, as well as provide user education regarding reporting incidents.

 6. What are the challenges in the E-Scooter App market?

  Obstacles include regulatory hurdles, competition, and vandalism, as well as maintaining sustainable operations for e-scooter apps. Furthermore, maintaining an equilibrium between supply and demand must also be kept in mind in order to avoid oversaturation in certain markets

. 7. Are There International Opportunities in the E-Scooter App Market?

  Absolutely, there are international opportunities in the E-Scooter App market! Many cities around the globe are adopting E-scooter rentals as an eco-friendly form of transport, creating global expansion possibilities if your business model can adapt accordingly to local regulations and adapt accordingly when venturing overseas.

 8. How can I stay current on E-Scooter App market trends?

  In order to stay informed on emerging e-scooter app market trends, make a point of following industry news regularly, attending industry-related conferences and webinars, joining professional networks relevant to your field, collaborating with experts from your area as well as conducting market research can all help keep you abreast of emerging e-scooter app market trends.