Celebrating World Food Day, Its Impact on IT Industry

Celebrating World Food Day, Its Impact on IT Industry

World Food Day is an international event which people celebrate on 16 October every year to celebrate the establishment of a Food and Agriculture Organisation. The main motive of World Food Day is to overcome global hunger and starvation issues through which thousands of people die due to unavailability of food and malnutrition. Globally, people celebrate this event and promote World Food Day in multiple different ways to encourage the people and provide better nutrition to the NGOs and humans in need.  Therefore, let's understand the requirement of encouraging people about World Food Day and how they can promote and help global starvation issues. Additionally, find out what practises people can make to spread awareness about the world, food day, and other aspects of the event. 

History of Organising World Food Day

Worldwide, people celebrate World Food Day on 16 October. It was established by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 1979. Back then, the organisation's primary concern was to fix food security and poverty. However, the primary objective is to raise awareness about global hunger and encourage actions to alleviate it. The idea for World Food Day was introduced at the 20th General Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization in 1979. However, the primary concept of celebrating World Food Day succeeded in the beginning of this revolutionary movement. Later, people started making different approaches and spreading awareness to do the limited sectors of the food industry.  The first World Food Day was celebrated on 16 October 1981, and each year has a specific theme related to food security and agricultural issues. People supported the mission to raise levels of nutrition and standards of living. Moreover, Government organisations supported improving agricultural productivity and improving the condition of rural populations.

How to Influence Students on World Food Day?

Nowadays, multiple school forms and colleges practise different programs to spread awareness about World Food Day and its necessity. It is necessary to support World Food Day and help the cause in schools, colleges, and educational hubs. However, there are various guidance Teachers can provide to the students to help World Food Day:

  • Food Wastage 

Students often leave their food unfinished or throw it in the trash. Therefore, teachers can guide the students to bring optimum food to fulfil their diet and not waste it as it can be a part of someone's meal. Additionally, make a dedicated box or bucket where students can put the remaining food to be utilised for feeding someone in need or animals.

  • Guiding Students on Hunger Issue

Perform a dedicated activity or showcase the students regarding the global hunger issue people face. Ensure that students understand how an individual can approach not to waste food and help someone in need. Teachers can showcase the dedicated movies or video clips based on Hungry Planet or food scarcity.

  • Contests 

One of the valuable approaches to spreading awareness and motivating the World Food Day program is to perform in multiple contests and make posters for the event. Teachers can ask students to make posters and perform other activities to support World Food Day. People can go together to serve food to the NGOs and those in need. 

Social Media Influence 

 People can use different social media approaches to motivate and influence the users on World Food Day. Check out the list of programs and approaches People can make on social media to show the effectiveness and necessity of World Food Day.

  • Creating content regarding World Food Day

Social media influencers and figures can promote World Food Day and the necessity of an approach to help the cause. To make this happen, people can create a video to promote stories, highlight the event, and take different initiatives to influence people and get engagement and acknowledgment from the audience. Moreover, food bloggers can also share the information on social media, recording how to reuse the food and sharing necessary recipes to support starving people. 

  • Engaging Online Campaigns

People can run popular Hashtags to promote the event and engage the audience to help the welfare. Moreover, people can create surveys online about the different approaches and how people make this day effective and support the cause in their local areas. Additionally, netizens can promote challenges on social media, and those who perform food welfare challenges will get assured gifts. 

  • Educational Awareness

Netizens can share facts and educational information on social media handles so that people can understand the need and importance of World Food Day. Also, guide them on how to help the cause and what steps they can take to improve this event and not waste food. 

  • Collaborations with the organisation

Influencers can collaborate with government organisations or firms, helping the cause of starvation. Moreover, they can support the NGOs and government-dedicated programs to help the course and share that information and moments on social media to motivate the people. Multiple influencers can also collaborate to read the awareness about World Food Day so that her audience can engage in the meet-up.

  • Organising events

Influencers can organise an offline event to ask their followers to visit and help the cause. Moreover, netizens can also ask their followers to come up with ideas, make donations, and help the organisations supporting World Food Day and helping people in need. 

Approach of Online Food Delivery Applications to Encourage World Food Day

The IT industry is not lacking in supporting World Food Day. Multiple private companies are also celebrating this day to help people starving for food in rural areas. Moreover, multiple food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Food Panda, etc. promote this day by sharing a discount or giving a massive discount on different restaurants.  Additionally, multiple restaurants are approaching the food delivery app development company to get a dedicated app and help the sector. Moreover, they approach the users to order the food and on every order they purchase, companies will serve a plate to people in need.


Work Food Day is a golden approach to help people from starvation and death. This day is celebrated on 16 October every year, and people make different approaches to spread awareness and support the people in need.  Find out all the information on the history of World Food Day and what approaches people can take to improve this event. Also, understand how this event can influence the students in the school, colleges, and educational hub. Moreover, it finds how social media influences and engages the public and helps people on World Food Day. Understand the contribution of the IT industry in revolutionising the food sector and inspiring World Food Day.