Angular JS Vs Node JS Vs React JS: Which One Of The Best

Angular JS Vs Node JS Vs React JS: Which One Of The Best

Do you know the most popular web application development platforms? The answer is undoubtedly- Angular JS vs Node JS vs React JS. These platforms are used by several popular and top companies such as- Amazon, LinkedIn, Netflix, PayPal, etc. These platforms are popular among the youth and developers and the credit must be given to JavaScript Frameworks.

Why top companies use these frameworks?

These frameworks consist of several features that help the companies to build applications such as social media apps, video apps, online games, real-time chat board and many more easily. It has become very important for every businessman to choose the suitable Javascript framework to develop an efficient web application because this makes your business a strong brand image in the online platform. Due to this reason, we have brought this article “Angular JS vs Node JS vs React JS”. So, let’s take a look, which one can be helpful to you among Angular JS, Node JS, and React JS by comparing them.

1. Angular JS

Angular JS is an open-source MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework having many advantages. In today’s era, Angularjs is the most popular framework. Angularjs is mostly used for Single Page Application development. Pros and Cons of Angular JS

Pros Cons
Developers can make a Single Page Application with ease. Applications made in Angular JS are not secure.
Developers write very less code as there is no need to write a separate code. Limited routing
It provides data binding to give a rich user experience. Complex third party integration
It uses HTML to define the user interface of the web app.  
There is flexibility for web application development through directives.  
It allows developers to access reusable components.  
It's all development stages are testable.  

2. Node JS

Node JS is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time system. It is used to build easy network applications with high scalability and very fast. It is a server-side run- time system which is built on V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome. Also Read: Node.js Web Development Tools: 10 Efficient Node.js Development Frameworks Node JS is used for creating multiple types of applications including a command-line application, web application, REST API server, real-time chat application, etc. It is mainly used to create a web server just like PHP, Java or ASP.NET does. Pros and Cons of Node JS

Pros Cons
Easy to learn Lack of development tools
Easy in building apps Lack of rich library
Developers can use the same JavaScript for both front-end and back-end development. Unstable application programming interface
Node JS is highly extensible Not suitable for large applications
It provides 2 ways to scale a Node JS application– Horizontal Scaling and Vertical Scaling. Developers have to deal with ample nested callbacks.

3. React JS

React JS is an open-source library that was created by JavaScript. It is used for single page application for creating an interaction between the user and the computer system. It is fast, simple, scalable and mainly focuses on the user interface of an application. It can be combined with other JavaScript frameworks or libraries to create an MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. Pros and Cons of Reach JS

Pros Cons
It allows server-side and client-side rendering. Several developers dislike JSX React’s documentation
It is easy to learn and implement Very sophisticated view layer.
Fully component-based architecture. Large library
SEO effective search engine It is a library, not a full framework
Can easily debug JavaScript  

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Top reasons to select AngularJS, Node JS, and React JS

AngularJS Node JS React JS
1) Amazing User interface   It uses HTML to define the user interface of the web app because HTML is a declarative language and less brittle to recognize. 1)  Server-side proxy   It can be easily used as a server-side proxy. That’s how it can handle several simultaneous connections in a non-blocking manner. 1)  SEO Effective   ReactJS can easily run on the server and the virtual DOM will be rendered then which further return to the browser as a regular web page easily.
2)  Flexibility   The use of filters and directives makes it a flexible for web app development. 2)  NPM   Node Package Manager comes with your Node JS installation by default and provides support for package management. 2)  Components in ReactJS   It makes you able to create your components which you can later combine, reuse or nest your core content.
3)  Easy Testing   It’s unit testing is done by adding mock data into your controller and then measuring the output with behavior.   This is a new way of testing web apps in which individual test pages are created which then calls one component and interacts with it to see if it works. 3)  Data Streaming   HTTP requests and responses are treated as isolated events which helps in proxying between different data resources. It is also used for real time video and audio encoding. 3)  Great efficiency   It takes care of all the changes made in the DOM which was created and updates in the DOM tree also. This makes it a flexible approach to gain a good performance.


React JS is “more accommodating” than Angular JS. Developers can easily apply the React native framework to any back-end they choose, such as ASP, Django or Ruby on Rails, unlike Angular. In MVC pattern, you can build the web from the reusable components. The components build using dynamic UI flow in the future. This is the trend and the backbone of React Js that Angular Js needs to catch up on. The learning curve of React JS is shorter than that of Angular JS. Unlike Angular JS which takes a long time to understand and become the expert,  React JS takes just a few months of practice for new users to learn and be proficient in it. Node JS is a powerful platform for creating server-side and client-side applications. It also gives you good service when you are developing apps that hold many open connections for a long time. All three JavaScript frameworks are more popular worldwide. These are used in making web application development. You can use these frameworks according to your business needs. You can contact JPLoft Solution Pvt. Ltd. for the best web/ app solutions. Don’t hesitate to call our executive at +1 303-335-0405 or drop your inquiry at [email protected] or Free Quote at-