Yoga and Sleep music:
Meditation & Relaxation Sound

Best Meditation app

Find your inner peace and calm; meditate with the best selection of meditation music. It helps to inculcate the habit of yoga. Instead of spending huge sums of money for yoga studios, use this app to practice yoga wherever and whenever you want.

The Journey

Challenges Was

  • To create user-friendly design because selecting the icons according to the music was difficult.
  • To manage the theme according to the selection of music as the theme changes accordingly.
  • To manage all the functionalities on the single screen.
  • To create the identity of the brand online and offline
  • To play music on the lock screen.
  • To create the app in minimum apk size.

What We Did

  • Achieved challenging UI design.
  • The app is user-friendly due to which the user can easily access the app.
  • This app has been created in such a way that the user can listen to music online as well as offline.
  • The app was given to the client on time.
  • Visited different yoga and music apps and then created all the visuals for the mobile apps.
  • App has one-stop Android codebase.

The Results

This app became popular with-in no time. People loved this app because the music can be played offline as well which also decreases the usage of internet. App has a great collection of high quality sleep sounds, relaxing music, relaxing sounds, nature sounds, meditation music, and beautiful HD backgrounds.

Enjoy the most relaxing chakra healing audios that exist which are completely free. There are no ads, no in-app purchases, and no premium version. This is completely free and will remain free forever. Relax, calm, center yourself, focus easily, sleep better, and live an overall happier life with Yoga and Sleep music: Meditation & Relaxation Sound.


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