WhatsApp On Android Finally Gets Fingerprint Feature

WhatsApp On Android Finally Gets Fingerprint Feature

The Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has at last announced the Fingerprint Lock for Android. Finally, WhatsApp is bringing to the Android app while in the iPhone, the Touch ID and Face ID were launched in February 2019. The feature allows users to lock their app automatically, and unlock with their fingerprint.   Users can also choose in how much time they want to automatically lock the app. There are three options-  

  • Immediately
  • After 1 minute
  • After 30 minutes.

  Not only this, the user has the option to choose whether to show their message in the notification including the sender or not.     

How to turn the WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock for Android?

  To enjoy the WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock feature for Android follow the given below steps-   Go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Fingerprint lock.   Enable the “Unlock with fingerprint” option, and then the users will have to confirm their fingerprint.   The feature can be seen in few of the android smartphones and will soon rollout for Android users globally.   The feature that android is lacking from iOS WhatsApp is the FaceID.