What is Shopify? Complete Guide About It

What is Shopify? Complete Guide About It

Starting a new business? Wants to increase its online presence? But don’t know where to start! Shopify app development- the most recommended platform to build an online e-commerce store. You can create an online store very quickly with Shopify app development services. There must be many questions, such as; What is Shopify, how does it work, and is it helpful for your business? Before launching your Shopify store, go thoroughly through this blog post to have a complete understanding.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that helps businesses run online storefronts. Offline retailers or businesses can directly reach their global clients. Shopify allows people to grow their businesses and their online presence to a great extent. Today, everyone wants to increase their revenue growth. Without the increasing pains of outlet expansion, Shopify boosts your sales.

How Does Shopify Work?

Starting an online business with Shopify app development is simple. It also has a POS app for in-store purchases. This point-of-sale is used for payment of products or services.  Shopify allows companies to exhibit their brands across multiple channels. With this subscription-based platform, you can build a website and use their shopping cart to sell, ship, and manage your products. The Shopify eCommerce platform has many options for examining your online store. These technologies let users create tailored online customer experiences and maximize marketing ROI. Automating customer relationship management, transactions, inventory management, and more reduces expenses overall.

Do Small Businesses Benefit From Shopify?

Shopify has several capabilities to help you create and manage your online business. Users can start utilizing it without coding, software installation, or hosting.  Shopify app development costs range from $25 to $363/month with affordable options. Additional transaction fees are not charged with Shopify Payments.

Basic plan features include:

  • Recover abandoned carts and gift cards
  • Discount creation
  • Fraud analysis

Shopify Starter lets you sell in 133 currencies. You can quickly assign inventory to retail outlets, warehouses, and other product storage locations. Shopify is famous for its convenience and modern web design. Listing and selling unlimited items and having a personalized domain are two additional benefits. Shopify Payment also enables you to accept credit cards and PayPal without a third-party payment gateway, customer support, or more. Growing organizations can add users and sophisticated features with additional plans, which is wonderful. Shopify also lets online shops sell on Facebook, provide reports and analytics, and offer mobile access.

What is Shopify used for?

The renowned eCommerce platform Shopify lets business owners easily set up their online storefronts. Shopify has everything eCommerce store owners need. Shopify allows:

Start Your Online Store

Shopify app development makes it easy to create an online store with little technical knowledge. From web hosting to integrated payment processing to delivery, the platform simplifies eCommerce website creation. You can customize Shopify themes in the theme store to give your online store a unique look.

Easy Inventory Management

Shopify lets you add, update, and delete products, set prices, and manage stock levels.

Process Payments Fast

Fast payment processing is one of the major benefits of using Shopify. You can integrate top payment gateways to accept Apple Pay, PayPal, credit cards, and others.

Manage Orders

Shopify simplifies order management, payment processing, shipment tracking, and refunds.

Check Finance

Shopify sellers may simply examine vital financial data. Shopify provides an overview of sales, payments, pending sales, and detailed finance reports.

Expand Your eCommerce Business

Shopify offers a great deal of sales and marketing features. With these Shopify app features, you can help your online store expand. With email marketing, social media integration, discounts, and promotions, you can boost eCommerce sales. There's a lot more to discover with the Shopify app store. To build an amazing app for your business, you can count on Shopify app development.

Launch Your Own Online Store

Shopify allows consumers to create online stores with no technical expertise. It offers web hosting and integrated payment processing to develop fully working eCommerce websites.

Easy Inventory Management

Shopify provides sophisticated inventory management tools for efficient product management. This involves adding, modifying, and deleting products, pricing, and stock management.

Fast Payment Processing

Shopify allows users to accept payments via Apple Pay, PayPal, credit cards, and more.

Manage orders

Users can effortlessly manage orders, handle payments, track shipments, and issue refunds with Shopify app development. It streamlines order fulfilment.

Check Finance

Shopify provides powerful financial reporting and analytics solutions for businesses to track vital data. This contains sales overviews, payment status, pending sales, and customized finance reports.

Grow Your eCommerce Business

Shopify offers marketing and sales solutions to enhance eCommerce growth. Email marketing, social media integration, sales, discounts, and access to the Shopify app store are all included as business expansion tools. 

Pros of Shopify     

Shopify app development has solutions to simplify e-commerce. Online sales offer the following benefits in addition to increasing income and customers.


With a minimum setup, Shopify lets you sell products and services worldwide. It has an easy drag-and-drop editor to customize your online store homepage without coding. It also offers an excellent alternative for individuals who seek a comprehensive solution without site building or hosting complexities. Shopify gives you full control over its appearance. If you want to change the homepage settings, you can edit them using code.

Mobile-Friendly Online Store Designs

Having an online business makes buying/selling faster and locating the best goods and services easier. Online retailers allow clients to shop 24/7. This has driven more customers to buy goods and services online than in stores. Shopify's mobile-friendly design lets customers shop on their phones. Shopify's mobile-responsive templates attract more customers on their phones. Installing the Shopify app allows you to log in and run your store from your phone. Shopify supports and runs on both iPhone and Android.

Excellent Shopify Support

Shopify's e-commerce platform offers 24/7 support. Experts help individuals with issues via email, live chat, or phone 24/7.

Use Your Own Domain Name

Shopify allows you to use your domain name and can also connect it to the platform from your Shopify admin. You can acquire a domain name from Shopify or a third-party vendor.

Social Media Integration

Shopify lets you sell online, on social media, in online marketplaces, in-person, and in pop-up shops. Shopify may be integrated with Facebook and Instagram to reach your target demographic and enhance sales. This makes Shopify app development a popular social media business idea.

Amazing Themes

Shopify lets you trademark your store by altering the website theme. High-quality visual themes are one of the biggest Shopify app features. Numerous free shop themes are available on Shopify. Products, apparel and fashion, electronics, art, and other e-commerce sites can use the templates. You may upload logos, alter fonts, colors, and more without HTML or CSS experience with these themes. Users can personalize their homepage layout, add banners, slideshows, etc.


Shopify promises a low-risk dropshipping experience. Shopify dropshipping enables you to sell products by leveraging a supplier to store and deliver them. It helps you locate a product to sell, a dropshipping supplier, an e-commerce store, upload products, and launch and market your dropshipping store.

Cons of Shopify

Shopify has flaws like any other app. Shopify costs a monthly fee, while open-source alternatives are free to download. Some of its drawbacks include:

Challenges of Theme Customization

The most common Shopify theme issue is HTML, CSS, or JavaScript compatibility. These difficulties usually include how browsers, operating systems, and devices show your Shopify theme's design and layout.

Fees for transactions

Shopify still charges 0.5% to 2.0% transaction fees, although most online carts have eliminated them. Users can waive these costs while accepting payments with Shopify Payments.

Expensive Extras

Shopify has the most basic functions; however, e-commerce firms may need more advanced features. These sophisticated functions require add-ons. Add-ons can drastically raise monthly membership fees.

Content Management Issues

Shopify has content management concerns such as the inability to change tag pages, duplicate content, duplicate page titles, forced URL structure, and meta description and title constraints.

Shopify App Development Cost and availability

Shopify serves all sizes of businesses. Basic, Shopify, Advanced, Starter, and Plus are Shopify plans. Pricing is vital for every service, but you should also examine which solutions you require and which may not apply to you. The Shopify plans have varied features and capacities. Shopify offers a 14-day free trial to evaluate if the platform is right for you.

Shopify Starter

This $5 monthly plan is budget-friendly. This plan lets you sell things via WhatsApp, SMS, email, social media, and more. It has a simple shop, checkout, inbox, product pages, Linkpop, Shopify order management, an integrated fulfillment network, and more. Shopify Starter is great for businesses that want to test selling online without building an eCommerce website.

Basic Shopify

This $24-per-month package is suitable for businesses building an online storefront.  It has basic e-commerce functions. Two staff accounts, 24/7 support, unlimited products, an online store with a blog, and sales channels are included in this plan.

Shopify Plan

Shopify's $90 per month base plan offers everything you need to establish an eCommerce business. Gift cards, professional reports, and five staff accounts are included with your Basic Shopify package. Adding limitless products using the abandoned cart recovery function is a major selling point of this plan. Select your choices to send automated emails with the abandoned cart tool. Transaction fees for this plan without Shopify payments are 1%.

Advanced Shopify Plan

Advanced Shopify costs $363 per month for medium to big online enterprises. This package includes delivery, low transaction fees, and advanced reporting. The advanced plan lets users produce personalized reports on at-risk and loyal consumers. You get unlimited product uploads and lower transaction fees with external payment systems. You can add unlimited products, videos, and photographs and get all the traffic you need.


Businesses may need to charge sales taxes and report and remit them to the government. Tax rules and regulations are complicated and change frequently. Shopify can automatically calculate the most popular sales taxes. Tax overrides can handle certain tax rules and conditions. Shopify does not handle sales tax filing or remittance. This means you must register your firm with your local or federal tax office for sales tax. The computations and reports Shopify provides can simplify tax filing and payment.

How To Grow Your Shopify Business?

Shopify can help you develop an online store, but that's just the start. You must recruit customers, advertise your products, and provide exceptional customer service to stay competitive. There isn't a single formula that can guarantee online store success. There are several terrific methods to increase your chances of success. Some tips to expand your business with Shopify app development are:

Check Mobile Settings

Mobile devices are the new frontier for internet sales. Tablets and smartphones are the most popular Internet surfing and shopping gadgets. Make your online store mobile-responsive to succeed in the market.

Optimize SEO

You must optimize your web store for SEO to increase visitors. Your store's web traffic comes largely from Google. You must rank high in your competition. Ranking high in search engines can increase everyday visitors and cost less than sponsored advertising.

High-quality photos

Image quality in your store affects brand image. Customers will view your eCommerce store as more professional if all its photographs are high-quality. Always use high-quality product, social media, Instagram, and Pinterest photographs.

Make some creative Ads

You must properly reach your target audience to maximize online sales. Ads are available on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and others. To be successful, you must find the platform where your audience spends the most time and the finest media for your specialty. Online advertising helps your business send clients relevant, tailored, and timely communications. Paid media can target the correct market, but expenses add up.

Add Good Reviews to Your Site

Customers on the fence about buying your products benefit from social proof. Good reviews and star ratings help buyers skip research and make confident decisions faster. Positive product and service reviews boost sales. Customers should post reviews of your products and services to provide third-party confirmation. Because consumers read reviews—even from strangers—good evaluations can drive sales. You should also respond to customer reviews periodically. To show clients you care, address their complaints proactively.

Use Social Media to Increase Sales

Social networking may help you build a brand that clients can relate to. Social media lets your business engage with customers, increasing revenue and brand connections. Your Shopify store may integrate with your blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. To grow your online profile, you must be consistent with social networking. Engagement makes your target audience more loyal and increases your followers. Shopify app development grows your presence on 100+ social media networks and 80+ online marketplaces. The finest part is having product management in one spot.

Puy Shipping Tracking on Auto

Shipping tracking gives you real-time information and peace of mind that your product is on its way. A cargo tracking system can significantly reduce logistical costs. Because it gives you and your customers better visibility into package status, shipment monitoring can cut costs.

Make Blog Posts

Add blogs to your online store to update clients on your items and services. Blog entries may help your store's SEO, convert visitors into consumers, and increase customer interaction. Content marketing can provide free organic traffic to your store, unlike advertisements that could hurt your bottom line. Your blog should provide useful information to help readers make decisions. How-tos, product comparisons, and gift guides are Shopify blog post ideas. To boost brand awareness, consider guest posting on related websites.

Give Free Shipping

Free shipping can persuade customers to buy. Without free shipping, you may lose many consumer leads. Conditional free shipping is an option if you can't offer a no-strings free shopping policy. Customers can get free shopping if their basket exceeds a particular amount. Condition-free shipping is another great way to boost the average purchase value. To please customers, offer free shipping and a simple return policy. With 52% of customers avoiding online purchases due to a complex return policy, an easy-to-return policy can boost revenue.

Upsell and cross-sell.

Cross-selling and upselling boost store revenue together. Cross-selling and upselling encourage customers to buy complementary and upgraded products. For instance, someone wants your coffee maker. Cross-selling coffee powder means convincing people to buy it from you. Upselling suggests the buyer buy a better coffee machine than the one they already have. Related products are typically shown to shoppers to cross-sell and upsell.

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is the best way to reach your audience. Additionally, it is cheaper than paid advertising. The ROI for email marketing is great. Shopify simplifies email marketing for small businesses. Shopify Email lets you:

  • Easily create branded emails
  • Make use of a pre-built template to automatically pull products, prices, and branding from your store.
  • Quickly automate email campaigns
  • Track and manage email campaigns in one place.

The nicest aspect of Shopify Email is that you can send 10,000 human or automated emails per month. You just pay $1 per 1,000 emails after that. On all Shopify plans, customers have access to Shopify Emails.

Shopify Course

Shopify sellers may not know everything they need to succeed. So, taking a Shopify course may teach you how Shopify works, SEO tactics to promote your brand, and marketing strategies to boost online retail sales. Luckily, Shopify has a wealth of instructional resources to help you succeed. You may learn about email marketing, SEO, and Facebook ads in these classes. The best aspect is that these courses are affordable. This package starts at $9 per month, so you can access these courses for free.

The Shopify Collabs

Increase the reach of your Shopify store to maximize its success. Collaboration with creators, influencers, and companies is one way. Shopify Collabs connects creators, influencers, affiliates, and brands. Set up your profile and connect with brands or influencers related to your products/services.

Is Shopify trustworthy?

Shopify app development services are trustworthy. Without technical or design expertise, Shopify lets you establish and run your eCommerce store from anywhere. It allows you to sell things, add customer reviews, boost email marketing, publish on Facebook, and get detailed analytics. Shopify automatically loads free themes onto your store, where you can customize them. Choose free fonts, change colors, add photographs, arrange sections, and more. This makes Shopify great for beginners who wish to experiment with their online store's appearance and feel. You can sell unlimited products on Shopify. You can sell infinite products on any Shopify plan. It lets you sell online using your website and in-person with Shopify POS. The Shopify online store builder provides tools for beginners and experts. This platform has many features to turn website visitors into purchases and one-time consumers into loyal clients.

Final Verdict

Shopify is a top e-commerce platform. Businesses can sell on Shopify more easily than before. Shopify retailers can quickly list products and manage orders with its full set of services. The most important parameters for store performance and customer behavior are on the Shopify dashboard. Waiting for what?  Also Read: Top Shopify Development Companies Plus, Shopify Shipping offers discounted carrier rates. You can buy and print shipping labels with this integrated tool. Accessing the feature requires a Shopify account. Create an online store on Shopify to learn more. Try Shopify's free trial to see how this popular e-commerce software can help you sell online. Shopify app development makes commerce better for everyone, so it may be right for you.

FAQs related to Shopify

Can Shopify be used on mobile phones?

You can use Shopify on your phone. Install the Shopify app to log in and run your online store from your phone. Your team can use the Shopify app with limited access. They can only browse Shopify app areas they have authorization for. But with proper access, they can review orders, items, and customers.

Is Shopify helpful for beginners?

Shopify app development is generally recommended as beginner-friendly. It's a simple platform that enables anyone to create an online storefront without coding or web design skills. Additionally, Shopify offers several customizable themes. When you get stuck, you can quickly seek help from the huge and active Shopify community. The software has payment gateway connectors, shipping and tax options, and inventory management for online stores. Once you decide what to sell on Shopify, you can start quickly. Shopify app development is a good option for beginners who want to sell online without coding or design skills.

Can we pause our Shopify subscription?

Yes, you can pause your Shopify subscription if your store is eligible. To use this function, your Shopify store must have a paid plan after the free trial. You cannot pause your Shopify subscription if your store doesn't match such criteria. In their Shopify admin panels, eligible store owners should pick Pause and Build.

Is Shopify better than Amazon?

It's hard to say which platform is better; Shopify or Amazon. Because both platforms have different uses. Shopify lets you construct and sell an online store. Amazon is the largest online marketplace for listing and selling things. The Shopify or Amazon platform that best suits your business goals is the best.