VPS Or Dedicated- Which One Best Suits Your Business?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) and a Dedicated Server

Do you want to reach your audience online? Then ask yourself a question about how it is possible!!


The only answer to it is having the best web hosting service. It plays a very important role in the distribution of your online content.


You must choose the host that must meet your business needs and must adapt to it.


Now you might be thinking which web hosting to choose?


Don’t go too far for it because you have come to the right place.


The two choices that come in the mind are Virtual Private Server (VPS) and a Dedicated Server.


It is very difficult to understand the difference between VPS and dedicated server hosting. So I have come with this article that will help you to choose the best i.e VPS or dedicated server hosting.


VPS Hosting Comparison To Dedicated Servers


If you want to find the best and most optimal web hosting solution then you must prioritize security, efficient data delivery, scalability, and reliable hardware resources.


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Tick all the boxes and then you can go further to see the difference between a VPS and a Dedicated Server.


What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As the name indicates, all the clients on the server appear in the way that they are on a separate dedicated machine. The VPS simulates this environment, reducing the resources and cost.


A VPS hosts various client’s information on a single physical machine and to separate tenants, it uses a hypervisor, unlike shared hosting.


Virtual Private Servers and Shared Servers have the same physical structure but differ in software and their availability of resources.


VPS is considered superior that shared server hosting because it offers more resources such as memory, running CPU, computing power, or graphics-intensive software or modules.


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Also, a VPS server provides a guarantee for resources for clients while shared hosting does not offer any guarantee.


  • Pros and Cons 


Pros Cons
More affordable than dedicated servers. Support will be slower
It is more secure. Difficult to configure.
Root server access. Less powerful than a dedicated server.
It is fast. Require more technical knowledge
Easily upgradable


  • Price


VPS hosting can range between $20 to $100 per month depending on the web host you choose.


  • Best suited to


VPS is suited for those who need dedicated resources and wants more control over the hosting environment.


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What is a Dedicated Server?


Dedicated Server is associated with a single client. The client can access all the resources on the physical server which includes all network access, memory, hard drive storage capacity, and processing power.


  • Pros and Cons


Pros Cons
Faster speed, connectivity and upload time It’s expensive.
More storage and data options Diagnostics and problem resolution is more difficult.
Total control of your own server Need to administer the server, so technical knowledge is needed.
Can run software and utilities of your own choosing.
Control panel has more features giving you a greater amount of control


  • Price


Dedicated hosting can range between $80 to $500 per month depending on your needs.


Note: Pricing is usually based on additional services and server specifications.


  • Best suited to


Dedicated hosting is best for large companies and high traffic websites. It is best for the business that needs a level of security.


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Summary Comparison


Given below is a summary comparison of VPS and dedicated hosting.


VPS Hosting Dedicated Hosting
Cost Wide Range

(around a few dollars to $175/month)


(around $100+/month)

Tech Knowledge Required Low (managed) to High (unmanaged) Low (managed) to High (unmanaged)
System Control High High
Server Resources Partitioned from other customers Separate machine for each customer


Choose a VPS Hosting Plan If…


  • There is a growth in your blog and you need a better hosting, but the price is a major concern.
  • You are technically proficient, but not overly so.
  • You need additional resources, but do not want to purchase a full server.


Choose a Dedicated Server If…


  • You need the most secure hosting.
  • You need the best for your website and want to increase RAM, support tons of visitors, server up a resource-heavy website.
  • You need hosting environment that you configure such as app development or other (non-blogging) situations.


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Final Word: Virtual Private Server vs Dedicated


The server world is changing day-by-day and constantly evolving.


The technology is enhancing and the security threats are increasing due to which it is not possible to prepare for everything. So, by giving a perfect answer to the right questions and having an agile technology plan, you server will meet all the needs.


The hosted solution that you will choose is essentially the most important part of your digital operations in your business. So for this you must keep following points in your mind-


  • Evaluate your needs without forgetting to feed overpayments for unused resources.
  • Do not try to squeeze performance out of a solution that is currently priced but will not be scaled later.
  • Compare pricing only after your business needs security, flexibility, and configuration.


Big companies mostly prefer dedicated servers according to their needs. While small and medium-sized businesses often chooses a VPS hosting.


Always keep in mind the reputation of the companies that you shortlist. And also remember that your web host will be a long-term solution which will be affected the way you do your business today and also in future.


So, take your time and decide which Hosting will best suit your business- VPS or Dedicated.

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