Top Strategies To Get More Traffic With Voice Search

Top Strategies To Get More Traffic With Voice Search

Voice search is one of the most important trends of the present era. It is expected that by the end of the year 2020, 30 to 50 percent of all the searches will be voice searches. It is now very necessary to perform voice search optimization for your site.   The success of Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and other voice devices shows that people are loving this trend. The future belongs to voice search and therefore big giants are preparing for it.   Voice Search Optimization is quite similar to Search Engine Optimization. Small details need to be considered for granted to optimize your website for voice search.   Voice search is surely the future of internet surfing. Want to grow traffic with voice search?   To make it easier for you we have gathered top strategies to get more traffic with voice search.   Let’s start!!  

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What do People Search through Voice Search?  

 Voice search has become a trend and people love using it. But the people who are still unaware of it might be thinking what is its use and how people are using it.   Voice search reduces the effort of writing and searching as you can search by just saying. And if we think what people search then it totally depends on the age group, hobby, and the profession of the people.  

Why Voice Search Is Becoming A Trend?  

To know this, let us compare the results that showcase during typing and during voice search.   During the search on the internet, the results are not much accurate and are very much which confuses us. Not only this, but it takes time as we have to read them all to find the best that fits our needs.   While on the other hand, the search through voice search provides accurate results that are short and quick.    You can give it a try and after that don’t forget to comment on your results and point of view regarding this.   We can see the craze of voice search just by seeing the success of the voice search devices which include- Alexa, Google Home, Echo, Siri, and etc. Voice search is not limited to this but we can say that it is the future and is rising in this industry widely.  

What Is The Difference Between Voice Search And Traditional Search?

  If we compare voice search and traditional search then we can say that one is North and the other is South. I am saying so because they are completely different.   Voice search is more convenient than the traditional search. The people also use both traditional and voice searches in different ways.   We all know that the way we speak is different from the way we write.    The same thing applies here.    You can search for anything directly just by speaking without targeting any keyword and also the results will be faster than the traditional search.  

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How Voice Search Can Affect Your Business?  

People are following the trend and have started using the voice search in their day to day searches. People are searching for every possible thing they can search for.    It would not be wrong to say that voice search will become a part of SEO. So, hurry up and go with the trend.   Voice Search Optimization is quite similar to SEO but with detailed information.    Voice search will undoubtedly affect the businesses because a time will come where people will use only voice search for searching and no one will search with typing.  

Top Voice Search Statistics  

  1. It is expected that by the year 2024, the global market of voice-based smart speakers would reach $30 billion. 
  2. Around 60% of smartphone users have at least tried voice search once in the past year.
  3. According to a report, around 55% of teenagers use voice search on a daily note.
  4. Google Home is winning the race by answering around 81% of queries correctly.
  5. People search with the keyphrases “what”, “how”, and “best”.

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 1. Make Conversational Content

 _Make Conversational Content Voice search optimization works better when you have the content that can be explained easily, for example, a definition or a fact. Most of the users use voice search to ask questions.   Their search queries usually start from what, when, why, who, and how. Making content that is like an answer to the question is the best strategy for voice search optimization.  

 2. Work on Website Speed

 For a web search, it takes around 8.8 seconds and on the other hand, voice search takes around 4.6 seconds. What’s even surprising is that most of the users wait for only 3 seconds when they do a voice search.   Unlike SERP (Search Engine Result Page),Voice search only shows 3 to 4 results. Therefore you have to compete with big brands to appear there. If the speed of your website is comparatively faster than your competitors’ website then you can surely win the race of voice search optimization.

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3. Local Listing

Local Listing Voice search is also associated with AI as well, therefore, users have access to places around them. Registering your business online for example on Google map and other listings really can be very helpful.   In this way, you will have an online presence and whenever a user searches around for your service, your website will appear. That is a simple but very effective technique for voice search optimization.  

4. Add Customer Ratings

 Even if we are living in the digital era where everything is based on online marketing, mouth publicity has no match. When so many businesses are around it is difficult to build trust. Adding customer ratings on a website can be really helpful in doing so.   As discussed, in voice searches, a user does not have too many choices. So, if your business or website is appearing on the search result on the basis of customer rating you will get more lead.   In this way, your customer ratings will be your business promoters. Now it is up to you that how you are going to convince your visitor and customers to provide you ratings.  

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  5. Optimize Website Images

 Optimize Website Images Making website rank on voice searches is quite similar to the SEO process. While optimizing for voice search you have to take care of minor changes as well. Adding the right tags, captions, and alt text can really make website voice search optimized.   Although it is time-consuming and boring it definitely pays off.  

 6. Make Website Mobile Friendly

 _Make Website Mobile Friendly Google prefers mobile sites and therefore indexes them first. So, if your website is mobile-friendly then it is a big advantage for you. As most of the visitors will come to your website through mobile then optimizing it will be helpful.   It will be easier for you to connect with your customers if your website is mobile-friendly. As most of your audience will search you and your services through their smartphones.  

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7. Targeting Long Keywords

 Targeting Long Keywords In a voice search, users don’t just search keywords but phrases. For example Pizza nearby, the closest petrol station, best Chinese restaurant, etc.   In other words, targeting long phrases will help in voice search optimization. And not only that, from an SEO point of view as well, the practice of adding long phrases in the website is effective.  


Voice Search Optimization techniques are just a detailed version of Search Engine Optimization. By making sites optimized for search engines one can also make it optimized for voice search. Where SEO is all about getting traffic from all the resources, Voice search Optimization more about getting traffic from smartphone users.   Both require time and change in strategies.   So, if you are having any queries or confusion about this then you can contact the best Digital Marketing Company. Don’t hesitate to call our executive at +44-1256-274012 or drop your inquiry at [email protected] or Free Quote at-  

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is a voice search SEO?  

Voice Search SEO is the optimization of keyword phrases for searching using the voice through a device. The device might be a smartphone or voice assistant  Usually queries are asked and the device provides the result accordingly.   The voice search technology helps in smoothening the user experience which helps in the part of SEO. Voice search gives faster and more accurate results. So, make sure that your website has the relevant data, unique content with keywords and reliable webpages.   Voice search is in the trend as it allows people to search through their voice and in the coming years it will become very common as everything will be searched through voice.  

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 2. How to optimize your website for voice SEO?  

You can optimize your website for voice SEO by following ways:   

a. Make Conversational Content  

The “CONTENT” is the basic and most important requirement of a website as it represents your company and your thoughts in a very easy manner. Don’t forget that the search queries start from 4W1H i.e. Who, When, Why, What, and How.   

b. Improve Website Speed  

Work on your website speed because voice search results are very quick. Voice search shows only 3 to 4 results and to beat the competitor’s work on your website speed.  

c. Target Long Keywords  

During the voice search, people use long keywords. So this indicates that targeting long keywords will be better than targeting short keywords.   

3. How does voice search impact SEO?  

Voice search is going to change the scenario of SEO completely because it is not going to depend on what people are typing for searching. It will totally be based on what people say while searching by voice.   This means that your content will now depend on the way people will say while searching for anything. The way people write and say is totally different as while saying they use phrases. So now as a keyword, you have to use a phrase or long-tail keyword and this will help you in growing with the evolving technology such as voice search.  

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4. What needs to change in SEO for a voice search?  

When voice search will take over the traditional search method completely then there will be a lot of changes that will be made from an SEO perspective. So let us understand it:  

  1. The FAQ about your services is a must.
  2. Focus on keywords such as “How”, “Why”, “Who”, “Whom”, “Where” if you want to be on the top of the search.
  3. Include long-tail keywords as people prefer phrases while searching through voice.
  4. Focus on Google Local Listing SEO.
  5. Enhance the speed of your website.
  6. Focus on the responsive version.

  Apart from this add a conversational tone as while speaking people prefer to use simple language and the tone is very common.  

5. What is the future of voice search SEO?

  The traditional way of searching is fading away with time and the new voice search optimization way of searching is booming. And if you don’t adopt it now then you will be seen falling behind.    Let us see the future of voice search SEO in different industries.

  1. Automotive: helps in navigation and lowers the accident risk.
  2. Hospitality: Reduces the hassle and help in the translation process for foreign travellers.
  3. The list goes on….

Voice search helps in improving the user experience which gives a positive impact on your business. Voice Search SEO will be the most important part to create your marketing schemes.