Top Mobile App Development Trends In 2020

Top Mobile App Development Trends In 2020

Over the years, mobile app development companies are in huge demand because of the convenience they provide to the users. All big brands and small business owners have now realized that all there growth is in the hand of the consumer in the form of a mobile application.   If we look back, then we can say that mobile apps have come a long way and with every passing year, there is something new we see which makes mobile apps trending.    The mobile applications are setting a milestone each year with the help of the mobile app development companies that develop out-of-the-box applications.   Because of this, every sector wants a mobile app for their business. The reason behind this is very simple. People in today’s world use smartphones and for any of their requirement they want an app.    Apps provide great support to the users and to the business owners. And therefore mobile app development is one of the most demanded skills of the era. But because of the availability of the internet and many other resources, app development is no more a unique strategy by any brand or any small business.   In the world of emerging technologies, one needs to understand how new technologies can help to grow them. And to remain ahead of the competitor it is very necessary to understand the demand and trends.   So to stay ahead, mobile app development companies never fail to give their best and add features that cannot be beaten.    Now, let us understand how mobile apps are helpful in the growth of the business.   

 The Growth In Mobile App Development Trends  

 The main reason for the growth of mobile apps is the increase in the usage of smartphones. By each passing year, the no. of smartphone users is increasing, and this increase in no. demands for more mobile apps.   To fulfill the demand, mobile app development companies are trying their best to provide the best app. This also results in an increase in the demand for mobile apps by the business owners for their businesses.   

Why Mobile App Development Is The Most Profitable Business Opportunity?  

Every year the mobile app revenue is reaching billion dollars. The business owners know this very well so they are preferring mobile apps for their companies.   Companies see mobile apps as fruitful for their companies because people are preferring smartphones over laptops and PCs.    It is obvious that when we have smartphones in our hands, we prefer using mobile apps for every little thing. This indicates that if the smartphone user at least comes in touch with your app then there are chances for the conversion.   This way, companies can get a lot of conversions and leads. It will not only generate revenue for your company but will also grow your business.  

 Mobile App Development Trends: Should Follow Or Not???

  Why not??   What are you thinking!!!   And how can this question even arise in your mind if you want to grow your business!!!    Mobile apps are the secret of many businesses that are in their growing phase. So, if you want to see the success then integrate your business with mobile apps. Through this, you will not only reach your audiences but will also see the growth which you imagine.   For this to happen, you must use the mobile app development trends and you must not forget to take help from the best mobile app development company.    I have mentioned the top mobile app development trends that will help you lead from other companies. So, let us dive into it….  

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are already quite popular terms. It is said that by 2025 AI and machine learning will be present in 80% of the devices. Industries are now trying their best to integrate their services with AI and machine learning so that they can win the race of time.   After the arrival of AI and machine learning technology, all other technologies will soon vanish. Through AI people will be able to control their gadgets, home, and automobile without any effort.   Small business owners must keep have all the updates regarding the trends and must adopt it.  

Internet of Things  

Internet of Things is currently taught in many institutes around the world and is surely going to be part of people. With IoT, people will be able to control their home, their office, and everything around them.   Philips lighting system and amazon dash button are the best examples of the Internet of Things. But that’s just the beginning. In the future, IoT can be seen around us being used for more complex operations like self-driving , healthcare, protection, and smartphone of course.  

 5G Technology 

 There is no need to explain how the internet has changed our lifestyle. Now we are so addicted to it that we cannot think of lives without it. With emerging technologies like AI and IoT, internet speed will also become one of the prime factors to use them effectively.  5G technology will be 10 times faster than 4G which will enable us to do more than we can do now. Everything will be faster than before and innovations like 3D gaming and VR will become more common  

 Wearable Devices 

 It is easy to witness wearable devices around us in the form of smartwatches, fitness bands, trackers, and rings as well. Wearable Devices are the new trend as they appear as a fashion accessory. And also because of the fact that they have changed the way we interact with our gadgets.   They can be integrated with our smartphones and other devices with the apps specially designed for them. For developers , it will become necessary to make sure that their app can be integrated with other devices.   Moreover, wearable devices decrease our reliance on smartphones, and drastic growth in the sales of fitness devices is observed. Therefore app developers need to be prepared for that.  

 Mobile Wallets 

As mobile banking and e-commerce are now available to people so they prefer paying with their mobile wallets rather than cash. This probably is the case because of the huge variety of products available online and exciting offers on them. Also because of the cashback and other benefits they receive with the products, people are shifting toward mobile wallets. App developers must consider this point. Not having the functionality of online payment in your app could be a plus point for your competitors. It for the developers to understand that users won’t stay in their app whenever they will find a better alternative.  


 Chatbots are getting more common and can be easily found in new apps and websites. Global Market insight says that the Chatbot industry will expand to 1.34 billion dollars by 2024.   Chatbots are simple to program but surely reduce human efforts. Chatbots have vanished the requirement of human interaction.   Not only that, there are firms that are competing to make the best chatbot application for mobile users as well. In the future, it is anticipated that chatbots will be combined with AI and will be able to answer more complex problems.  

Mobile Apps with Cloud Integration  

Technology is all about performing tasks in speed. The limitless possibility of attaining something is useless without speed. Keeping all the data in a device will surely heat it up and slow it down.  Cloud storage is surely a big upgrade in mobile technology. People prefer Mobile apps with cloud integration as they don’t want to use their smartphone as a storage device.   Moreover, cloud-integrated applications are very light therefore, users don’t need to worry about any crash.   Not only for the user but cloud-integrated apps are good for mobile app developers as well. It is easy to manage apps on the cloud and also it is cost-effective.   


Emerging technologies are for the betterment of consumers. Being a service provider one needs to figure out the way through which he can reach his audience with interactive features for them.   Trending technologies are not just for big industries but also for small business owners. But people must understand it how they can apply it. Accepting these technologies is the only way through which one will be able to survive in the future.