8 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience (CX) Using AI

8 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience (CX) Using AI

“Build A 5-Star Customer Experience With Artificial Intelligence”  

Artificial intelligence is gradually making its way into business processes across organizations.   We can clearly say that the growth of AI in business has been successful just because of Customer Experience (CX). It has been said that through 2020 the majority of AI business will be represented by CX.   So Keeping all these in mind, I have listed the top 10 ways by which you can improve your CX Using AI.  

  1. 24*7 Availability for Customers   For 24*7 availability, Chatbot is the best option and no one can beat it. Just imagine, being available for the customer and solving their problems instantaneously will leave a positive impact on their minds. This will also help you in improving the product issue as well as the CX for future customers.  
  2.  Creating advanced customer experiences   AI has created ‘wow’ moments for the customers in the right way by combining the speed. Given below are the examples of that ‘wow’ moments-  
  • eBay – this voice-only bot helps you to search the entire eBay marketplace for the best deals out there.
  • Domino’s – you can order a pizza from Domino’s Facebook Messenger bot, just by saying ‘PIZZA’.

  3. Understanding the feelings of customers   

AI extracts the meaning of the words written by its customers. Natural language processing allows you to understand what people mean in free-form text messages - let that be customer reviews, social media posts, surveying, or call center logs.   By doing this, you can easily identify the themes and also understand the sentiments. Also, you can learn what people think of your products, prices, features, or brand in general.  

4. Making organizations more customer-focused  

Earlier, time used to be the biggest conflict between the organization and the customer. But after AI, the speed of the data gathering and processing, the companies cannot deny responding to customers. This has improved the customer experience in a far better way in a cheaper and faster manner.  

5. Personalization, personalization, personalization  

AI helps to collect customer feedback and to act on it immediately. It also helps you to move a step further to create unique experiences for customers according to data and behavior.   AI means that we don't have to ask the customer about their needs but have to find out ourselves and work on it accordingly to satisfy them.  

 6. Making every interaction a smarter one  

With AI, don’t make customer interaction or conversation boring or single-sided. But you must make it in such a manner that the customer must think that he is talking to a human being, not a bot.   And if you find any mistakes in it then keep improving it with time to make your business move forward.  

7. Letting your customers ask questions the way they want to  

In the future, the customers will be able to ask questions the way want to. AI is working on image recognition which means that if a customer does not know the name of a product but has the image then he can upload that image and can find that product. We do not want the customer to face any issue while searching for the product.  

8. Creating more meaningful human interactions  

Having good CX is an organization-wide effort. But, if your people are answering the same questions on a daily basis with the same answer then you are not improving or giving any human touch to the AI. So, it is very important to give a human touch to your AI.  


By doing these small things very well, brands can reduce customer churn, increase satisfaction, and grow loyalty with the help of AI.