Top 8 E-scooter Sharing App

Top 8 E-scooter Sharing App

The world is heading in the direction of sustainable development, and the emergence of electronic vehicles is considered a big revolutionising step towards it. Nowadays, Electric scooters or e-scooters are the most preferable option for people who want to run errands in a certain area. E-scooter app development companies should be credited for popularising EVs. The revenue of the e-scooter-sharing app market is expected to grow to $1813 million in 2023, and the market size is estimated to expand with a CAGR of 18.8% from 2022 to 2028.   Mobile app development companies have developed electric vehicle-sharing apps like Bird, Lime, Goat, Bolt, etc., that are successfully providing rental services to people at affordable costs. These apps have made rides accessible and enjoyable for the common people. 

List of Top e scooter Sharing Apps

1. Lime

Lime is one of the most popular e-scooter startups and ride-sharing companies based in Francisco, USA. It is an affordable and convenient way to travel around the city while ensuring minimal carbon footprint. It provides EV rides on scooters, bikes, and mopeds in around 150+ countries worldwide. It charges $1 to unlock the electric scooters or bikes and 15 cents per minute in the USA. As for bicycles, it charges $1 for a half-an-hour ride.  Lime was founded in 2017, and with time, it has become a leading dockless e-scooter and bike-sharing company. Within a year of its launch, Lime raised $335 million in funding from Uber and GV. You can also develop an app like Lime with the assistance of a good e-scooter app development company Features of the Lime App 

  • Users can locate the nearest electric scooters available through GPS tracking.  
  • QR code to lock and unlock the EV
  • Payment through Secure Payment gateway 

2. Bird

Bird is a famous e-scooter-sharing company located in Santa Monica, California. It was founded in 2017. It operates ride-sharing services in 350+ cities across Europe, the Middle East, and North America. The company raised a valuation of $1 million in May, and by the end of June, it had reached up to $2 million. Moreover, Bird has become the first e scooter sharing unicorn. This app enables you to avail rides at costs of $1 to rent in addition to 15 cents per minute. Users can easily locate nearby e-scooter stations and unlock them. Bird also updates you on the current availability of e-scooters with the latest details about the charges. Considering this, it is one of the best and cheapest e-scooters.  There are various app development companies available in the market that provide multiple e-scooter app development solutions like Bird. Features of the Bird app

  • Real-time GPS tracking 
  • Maps to find neighbouring E scooter 
  • Group ride feature allows you to book multiple EVs on one smartphone 
  • Multiple payment options 
  • QR code for unlocking EV

3. Skip

Based in San Francisco, Skip is a dockless scooter-sharing startup launched by Boosted Board in 2017. With the slogan “Best way to get there “, it is offering its scooter-sharing services across American cities. Skip manufactures durable scooters for users as it integrates big batteries. They provide users with instructional classes and also test the vehicles in the cities before launching them. As per the report from Crunchbase, Skip has raised $131 million by conducting six funding rounds. Hence, opt for the best e-scooter app development services to develop an app like Skip. Features of Skip App

  • Users can locate nearby electric scooters 
  • Schedule Ride allows the users to book the rides in advance so that they don’t miss out at the last minute. 
  • Unlocking e-scooter through a QR code scanner 
  • Payment through Secure Payment gateway 

4. Spin

Started by Derrick Ko, Euwyn Poon, and Zaizhuang Cheng, Spin is an  electric-scooter and bike-sharing company founded in 2016. The company entered the market with only 500 electric bicycles and provided 5000 to the users. With the aim of revolutionising personal mobility, it is now offering services in 70+ cities around Europe and North America. The company has collected sufficient funding from big capitalists across the globe. Therefore, partner with an e-scooter app development company to develop a useful e-scooter sharing app and raise good funding.  Features of the Spin App

  • In-app map to track the nearest e scooter
  • Advance booking of rides through the Schedule Ride feature 
  • QR code to unlock the ride
  • If you save payment information, then you can get a free ride. 


GOAT is a renowned dockless e-scooter sharing company that is offering its services in Austin. The company started in 2018 after getting official permits from the city’s transportation department for its pilot program. They initiated their journey with just 20 e-scooters, although it had permits for 500 scooters. Users can find e-scooters with ease and can ride them around the entire city. GOAT has not raised any venture capital dollars, but it offers partnerships to anyone who is interested in making their own fleet. Through these partnerships, it has reached the locations where still leading e-scooter companies have not reached.  Features of GOAT

  • Instantly find near scooters with maps
  • Scan the vehicle using a QR code and ride anywhere 
  • Reserve the advance ride with the scheduling feature  
  • Integrate your account with social media and share your ride with your friends 


WIND is one of the trusted e-scooter sharing apps available in the market. It was launched in 2017 by Eric Wang. It offers bright and zero-emission scooter rides at affordable prices. This app is unique as it does not require any kind of cash, ID cards or deposits. You just need to tap on the bike to unlock it. They ensure safe rides with robust e-scooters at low costs to make the rides accessible to everyone. WIND offers its rental services on a daily or hourly basis in several cities, companies, hotels, and universities. In addition to this, they also provide employee bonus programs to their clients. You can hire e-scooter app developers to introduce e-scooter rental services in your city.  Features of Wind App

  • Using GPS, search for nearby e-scooters 
  • Unlock the vehicle with just one click
  • Pay with credit card or PayPal

7. Dott

Dott is a famous e-scooter sharing company providing convenient and affordable services in Europe. Through E e-bikes, users can ride freely in traffic and reach their destinations on time by paying one-fourth of the cost of car sharing. Dott’s vehicles are very eye-catching and give enjoyable and climate-friendly rides to the users. You can locate an e-bike and ride across the other corner of the city without hindrance. Their services are available 24/7. Hence, it is among the top e scooter-sharing apps.  Features of Dott 

  • Maps for finding nearby vehicle 
  • Scan the vehicle using a QR code and ride anywhere
  • Discounts to save money on the ride 

8. Scoot KICK

Scoot Kick is San-Francisco based electric vehicle company that started its services in 2012. The company has been chosen as the operator in San Francisco under a pilot program initiated by SFMTA. The new edition of the fleet of electric vehicles from Scoot is dedicated to serving the people of urban areas looking for last-mile transportation. You can commute across the cities using these vehicles and drop it anywhere you like in the city. The company’s mission to reduce carbon emissions and traffic is impacting the environment in a good way. You can also participate in this mission by embracing e-scooter app development solutions for making a robust sharing app.   Features Of Scoot KICK 

  • Find the vehicles in your vicinity 
  • QR code to lock and unlock the EV
  • Make payments using the preferred payment option 


E-scooter sharing is a promising business niche that is reshaping the transportation and automobile industry. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, several IT firms are investing in this sector, and even the government is promoting EV’s campaign very profoundly. This industry is winning the hearts of people as EVs are promoting sustainable development while reducing air pollution and noise pollution. Moreover, the traffic issues in the cities are also reduced to a certain level. If you are also looking forward to contributing to the safety of nature by developing an e-scooter sharing app, then collaborate with an industry expert e-scooter app development company and make your dream come true.