10 Marketing Trends That Shouldn’t Be Ignored By E-commerce

10 Marketing Trends That Shouldn’t Be Ignored By E-commerce

Digital Marketing is in hype due to the struggle businesses are facing during COVID-19. This pandemic has affected every single business badly and the worst part is that economy around the world has fallen apart. But marketing trends are the saviour.   Moreover, we are living in the virtual world and a digital platform is the best way to reach your targeted audiences. So adding digital marketing to your marketing strategy can spice up your business and can reach more people and grow your business.   During COVID-19, the e-commerce industry was booming as people were dependent on it totally. So, you must keep in mind how to continue to be in the trend by using the best marketing trends technique. The online world is growing and people are totally depending on the online world for their needs and especially during this crisis e-commerce shouldn’t be missed. For this, only one factor will not help but for growing your business you have to consider many factors. So, today we will discuss the top 10 marketing trends that an E-Commerce industry shouldn’t miss at any cost. Let us continue!!  

1. Identify The Consumer and Search Pattern Analysis through Artificial Intelligence (AI)


According to research, 95% of online purchases will be made from the ecommerce industry by the year 2040. E-commerce is opening opportunity gates for entrepreneurs.    Also, Artificial Intelligence is blended with the E-Commerce industry and is benefitting not only the e-commerce industry but also the people who are using it.   If we see how AI has changed the ecommerce world, it has come a long way. Now, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, the working pattern has been changed completely. AI has made identifying patterns, data sets, and has created a personalized experience for the audiences.   I am saying so because AI is empowering the brands as chatbots and virtual assistants have been included in the ecommerce industry. This is simplifying and creating unique customer experiences. Entrepreneurs are adopting AI for the betterment of their business.   Artificial is doing great in the e-commerce industry but it will be enhanced in the coming months or years and will give the ecommerce owners many benefits. The benefits that AI will provide include E-commerce transactions, content creation, product recommendations, and many other things on the list.  

2. Make Use Of Appealing Personalization


Having an ecommerce website that is personalized properly and is appealing at the same time is a part of marketing trends to boom your ecommerce industry. Till now we had personalized mails, contents, and what not but now the way we use personalized is changing and is going to change in the coming days.   Ecommerce has implemented or we can use used personalization is a way that we could have never used. Also, according to research, the ecommerce businesses that will use personalization software will see a growth of around 15% which I think is a great thing for any business.    There are not many days left for 2021 and we can say that the upcoming years are all set to experience the next-level personalization which will also improve user experience.   Let us understand how the ecommerce industry is using personalization for their growth:  

  • Product Pages Personalization based on Location
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • More personalized recommendations
  • Personalized emails according to user search
  • Personalized Home pages
  • Display similar or recently viewed items

3. Visual Search Instead of Keyword Search


We are heading to the world where keywords will not be part while searching for anything. If a person has an image of what kind of thing s/he need then the person will only have to upload the image and similar products will be shown to them.   Isn’t it interesting?   So, we can say that visual search is going to be in high demand leaving behind the keyword search. This was already predicted by the CEO of Pinterest Ben Silbermann. He once said “The future of search will be about pictures rather than keywords” which is true.   Pinterest has been using the Pinterest lens and it now identifies around 2.5 billion products. This is making the lives of the people easier and also the businessmen are going towards it and are adopting it. Many of them have already adopted this trend and now it’s your time to adopt it.  

4. Rank Zero and VSEO Goes Hands-in-Hands


Did you go through a new term VSEO??   VSEO is Voice Search Engine Optimization and it is obvious that is in boom and this is the reason why it is in the top 10 of marketing trends for the e-commerce industry.    Voice search is in trend as I have mentioned in the above point and businesses are optimizing their content according to the voice search results. Many people are using voice search results but are unaware of it or don’t have any idea that they are using one of the marketing trends that is helpful for businesses in a great way.   The best way to rank in voice search is through featured snippets. It is said that around 40.7% of all voice search answers were from featured snippets. In short, if you want to be on the top of VSEO then you must have attractive featured snippets through which you will be on “position zero or rank zero.”   So, voice search volume is going to increase and people are going to shift from keyword writing to voice search. So, optimize your content as per VSEO.  

5. Modern Consumers require Modern Solution: Micro-Moments


People nowadays don’t have time for anything, to be very frank not even for their family. Not only this, earlier people used to spend time with their family while they went shopping, buying groceries, going to restaurants, and many reasons.   But now, everything has become digitally. People are depending on e-commerce sites and people are depending on mobile most of the time. So, your ecommerce website must have the ability to attract customers.    That micro-moment is very important as it can decide whether the customer will buy or not from you. So you must focus on the interest of customers through Artificial Intelligence. These micro-moments are essential that allows your consumers to take a quick decision.   

6. Conversational Marketing For Real-Time Connection


We have chatbots for modern problems but they can never take the place of humans as they are still robots who work under human control. Our modern marketing still needs human touch and you know that platforms such as MailChimp, HubSpot, and similar marketing automation software are in trend but adding the touch of humans is also important.   It is natural that we want immediate response to our emails or else we will not bother to look at the mail again. For this, conversational marketing is the best way for a real-time connection. This helps in user engagement and one-to-one communication. This strategy is the best way to interact with your consumers as they will get quick replies. 

7. Target Your Customers Based on Location


It is an important marketing trend to target your customers according to the location and it is called geo-fencing. According to the research, the geo-fencing is tending to grow $2.4 billion by the year 2023.   The rise of mobile use is growing and this is the reason why geofencing is trending. Many businesses are also using geo-fencing to grow their business.  

8. Google Ads Auction-time Bidding


Target CPA, ROAS, Conversion Maximization, and Enhanced CPC (ECPC) are all smart bidding strategies or Auction-time bidding. Time will tell how far this is true, but paid advertising is ready to attract more attention.    This marketing trend benefits space advertisers because of the higher return on investment with lower advertising costs. Utilize the Google Smart Bidding Feature in Google Ads and achieve your Pay Per Click Goals.  

9. Privacy Marketing- A Great Way To Earn Customer’s Trust


Everyone is scared of a data breach so consumers only go with brands, not local websites. Such companies use Privacy Marketing that helps them gain customer trust. Privacy is a major concern for everyone and it must be.   Many laws have been added due to which it becomes difficult for marketers to access the data of the consumer. For this, you must take the consumers in your confidence and this can be done in the following ways:  

  • First thing is to research your audience.
  • Through research, you will know your audience in a better way.
  • Find the right platform to target specific audiences.
  • Provide your audiences with relevant content.
  • Connect with them “emotionally”, use tactics.

10. Social Media Strategies For Customer Engagement


We have come across many ads on social media platforms that help in customer engagement. Not only Facebook but Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms are also helping businesses to grow through Ads.   You must follow a few things that will be helpful for you in driving customers:  

  • A live video helps in interacting with your customers
  • Create short stories of the products or about your business
  • To increase reach use of public feeds
  • Add IGTV videos
  • Mention other brands and also your customers or fans
  • Don’t forget to add links to your social media stories
  • Use polls to interact with your customers


I have listed the top 10 marketing trends that will help you stand in this competitive market. So, tie yourself up and let your business get ready for upcoming trends.    Get the best strategies for your business that can help you get lots of money and stay above your competitors.   Share the article and also comment down the strategies that I have missed. Your content will be updated in our article along with your name.