Top 10 Apps Similar to Instacart

Top 10 Apps Similar to Instacart

Like the other segments of the market, the technology has impacted the grocery business to a huge extent. More people are using online grocery shopping to save their time and effort. Over the last few years, doorstep grocery delivery services have witnessed an upsurge in the market which in turn led to increased demand for grocery app development services from business owners. The revenue of the global grocery delivery app development is valued at  US$565.30 billion in 2023 and is expected to expand more and more in the upcoming years.

The CAGR is estimated to increase by 15.41%  and is expected to reach US$1,003.00 billion by 2027. Instacart is the most popular online grocery delivery app among all the other apps that are present in the market. It runs in more than 5,000 cities in North America and is accessible to 80% of US households.  Just like Instacart there are other robust apps which are also offering the same services. Let's take a look at some famous delivery apps that are dominating the market of online delivery services. 


Shipt is an online grocery delivery service that is very similar to Instacart as it also offers same-day delivery. Currently, Shipt is available in more than 50 markets across the USA, and it is planned to expand its grocery delivery services to more cities in future. Shipt shoppers handpick and deliver all your favourite items to your doorsteps within a few hours.

It gives you the leisure of having fresh groceries and other quality products in your house without any effort. You can easily sign up on Shipt by creating your account either on its app or on the website. There are various app development companies available in the market that provide multiple grocery delivery app development solutions like Shipt


  • The pricing structure is much like Instacart, with the first order being free.
  •  The major difference between them is that Shipt gets its stuff from local stores while Instacart delivers from national chains. 


Peapod is a northeastern USA-based delivery service for groceries. Customers can shop for groceries from a number of local stores in the Northeast including Stop & Shop, Giant Food, and Shaw's. It has a total of 24 outlets around the USA.

Peapod is one of the first companies to offer online grocery shopping and delivery. The app is integrated with several tools that make the shopping process feasible. Customers can create shopping lists through the app, and its 'Order Genius' feature tracks their purchases and then sends recommendations as per their shopping habits. You can also develop an app like Peapod with the assistance of a good grocery delivery app development company


  • Instacarts provide customers with a wider selection range than Peapod.
  • Peapod offers a "meal kit" that allows customers to purchase everything they need to prepare a specific dish. This feature is absent in Instacart. 


AmazonFresh is an online grocery delivery app that provides quick service to the users. The Prime members of Amazon as an add-on to the Amazon Prime subscription. Existing or new prime members can order fresh groceries and daily essentials. Customers can not only shop for fruits and food items from the Prime pantry, but they can also get chargers, grooming items, cleaning supplies, etc.  Even non-prime members can also leverage AmzonFresh, but they have to pay delivery charges for it. As for Prime members, delivery is free when their transaction crosses the limit of $35. You should opt for the best e-scooter app development services to develop an app like Insatcart or Amazon Fresh.


  • AmazonFresh offers a larger grocery selection than Instacart
  • Both have similar pricing structures, but AmazonFresh is cheaper for Prime members. 


Walmart is a free food delivery app that is a digital extension of the physical Walmart store. Since Walmart is already a popular brand in the USA, its grocery app development was a surprise to the customers. It allows customers to shop from Walmart's inventory and checkout from their smartphones. Clients can compare deals on Walmart before making the actual purchase, and it can save them money. The app's barcode scanner helps to quickly find information on prices and the availability of products. Therefore, partner with a grocery delivery app development company to develop a powerful app like Walmart+.


  • Waltmart+ offers lower prices than Instacart.
  • Both platforms allow you to order groceries in one go and have them delivered even before you reach your doorstep. 


FreshDirect is a grocery delivery service that is popular among East Coast consumers. Apart from grocery delivery, FreshDirect offers a wide range of services that include restaurant delivery, catering, and food shopping services. They also have a marketplace where customers can order meals or ingredients from local restaurants or farmers.  Freshdesk works closely with local farmers, diaries and fishers to ensure that customers get fresh products. Customers can order groceries according to the seasons. You can hire grocery delivery app developers to introduce grocery delivery services in your city. 


  • It's been around way before Instacart and offers more services than it. 
  • It is generally more expensive than Instacart. 


ThriveMarket is one of the top grocery delivery services. It is a membership-based online marketplace that ensures carbon-neutral delivery of organic and healthy products. They are offering up to 50% off retail prices on over 4000+ of the best-selling brands in food, personal care, vitamins, and home essentials. ThriveMarket has earned a brand reputation for its remarkable selection of gluten-free, dairy-free, and GMO-free items.


  • Users must register before starting shopping as it is a member-based service. ThriveMarket memberships are available for $9.95 per month.
  • It is an online marketplace, so orders can take days to arrive. 


7Now is an alternative grocery delivery service for Instacart, as it also promises to deliver anything you need from your favourite stores within 60 minutes or less. Currently, 50 stores are participating, with 7 now including the big names like Whole Foods, Costco, Petco, and CVS. This app is operating in over 200 cities and 40 major metropolitan cities across the USA.  It offers a wide variety of delivery options including same day, next day, morning, afternoon, and evening deliveries. Customers can even choose the groceries for delivery in advance.


  • It offers delivery from a variety of big-name retailers that do not work with Instacart
  • 7Now is a user-friendly app, and it also allows you to track order status.


Ubereats is a convenient food delivery service that has gained popularity over a few years. This App allows users to order food from their favourite restaurants and get it delivered at their doorsteps. It is available in major cities around the USA.. It is quite easy to use, users need to open the app and start browsing through the list of restaurants available in your area. Once you order, you will be updated about the status of your order, whether it is being cooked or dispatched. Hence, it is among the top grocery delivery apps.


  • Ubereats has more restaurants on its app than Instacart
  • It offers fast delivery and lower prices than Instacart. 


Postmates is an on-demand grocery delivery application that delivers everything on your doorsteps in just minutes. It is a tech driven delivery service that uses mobile devices and GPS technology in order to meet the requirements of customers. The app is free to download but there is a delivery charge for each order. The firm has partnerships with MacDonald's, Panera, Starbucks, Chipotle and many other brands. You can also become part of this market embracing grocery delivery app development solutions for making a robust sharing app.  


  • It is available in 3,500 cities, which is more than Instacart.
  • Postamates delivers in minutes, while Instacart takes hours 
  • Offers an extensive selection of restaurants and stores than Instamart.


Cornershop is a global grocery delivery service using which you can get your needed groceries in less than an hour. It allows you to pick up your groceries from a Cornershop partner if you want.  After signing up and adding your delivery address, you can easily browse through the multiple grocery stores available on the app and add items to your cart. Once you are done with purchasing, you select the delivery time slot at your convenience. 


  • Delivery fees start from $12 and increase as per the order size
  • Available in more countries than Instacart 


The grocery delivery app market is highly competitive, and to thrive in this market, you need a scalable, powerful and UI-focused mobile application. Developers use a very vast range of technology stack, which differs according to the type of app, target platforms, third-party integrations, etc. Aggregator model, dedicated model and hyperlocal model are some popular types of grocery delivery app development models. Many opportunities in this market are yet to be explored, and if you want to explore this market, then collaborating with experienced grocery app development companies is an expert thing to do. Level up your business through a grocery delivery app. 

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