UPI Payment Feature on WhatsApp: A Step-by-Step Guide

UPI Payment Feature on WhatsApp: A Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook-owned app WhatsApp came with the UPI Payment feature for both Android and iOS users almost a year ago but still, some people do not know how to get UPI Payment Feature.   WhatsApp UPI Payments feature is supported by some major banks in India including HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and State Bank of India.   This feature will change the way how people will use WhatsApp. WhatsApp payments also ensure a swift money transfer without the need to store the balance in an e-wallet.   This is considered to be among the most important features of WhatsApp which started as a basic instant-messaging app.   So for the people who have not yet started using the WhatsApp Payment feature, I have come up with this piece of writing which will help you to get this feature.  

Given below are the steps to get WhatsApp Payments feature. But before proceeding you have to update your WhatsApp.  

 Steps to get WhatsApp Payments feature  

Step 1: Ask your friend from the contact list who has payments feature enabled to send you a request.   S

tep 2: You will receive a notification that will ask you to set up the UPI account.  

Step 3: Once you receive the invitation, set up the account by using your UPI account.  

How to link WhatsApp Payments to the bank account?  

 Step 1: To add your bank account: Settings -> Payments -> Bank Accounts.  

Step 2: Click on ‘Add new account’ and read the terms and conditions. Then click on ‘accept and continue’ button.  

tsep 3: In the next step, verify your mobile number using SMS. The app will send an SMS to your mobile number which must be verified by manual entry.  

Step 4: Choose the bank account from the list you want to add for UPI-enabled payment.  

Step 5: The App will auto-fetch the bank account details using your mobile number and will then display it. If in case you have multiple bank accounts, then you can choose the bank account you want to link with the app manually.  

Step 6: Now set up a 4 digit UPI PIN. This PIN will be used for all payment transactions.  

 Conclusion Adding payment features to WhatsApp is probably a great business move for parent company Facebook. It will be interesting to see how other Payment Apps will be affected by this Payment feature of WhatsApp.