Company For Mobile App Development Reasons To Choose An Indian Developer

Company For Mobile App Development Reasons To Choose An Indian Developer

If anyone wants to grow their business in today’s era, then the only thing that strikes the mind is Mobile Application Development. Without Applications, the smartphone has no value as just within a few years, it has brought a huge change in the mobile world. Now, you have applications filled in your smartphones.   Mobile application development platforms that are growing rapidly are mobile commerce and Technology. It has changed the perspective of the businessmen.   The mobile technology has given business owners to deal with customers, partners, and associates in the most effective way. Several small and medium businesses have started to show their interest in developing their own mobile applications.   But when they think about it, one more question ticks their mind about mobile application development companies. The not only company but they also think of the developers.  

 They think-   “Which company/ developer to choose for mobile app development?”   India has undoubtedly become a leading service provider and tightened its grip on mobile app development. Outsourcing mobile app development to India helps companies scale down the cost and get cost-effective access to a large pool of technically skilled Indian App developers, which has helped the company grow as the top outsourcing destination.  

Why is India Called a Hub For Mobile App Development?  

According to a survey, around 80% of US and European company shows interest in India as their first outsourcing destination. The main reason for this is that in India, you can find the most skilled developers of the world along with cheap labor.   Also, according to the report of NASSCOM (National Association of Software & Service Companies),around half of all Fortune 500 companies prefer to outsource software development to Indian outsourcing companies.   Given below is a list of the Advantages for Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India:  

 Huge Open Team of HTML5 Developers  

Developers prefer using HTML5 because it is platform-independent. India has a huge team of HTML5 Developers due to which the global companies have a good option to choose from for their service. So, more and more companies get attracted to India for hiring HTML developers for their work.   

  Understanding Of Development Environment  

 The mobile app must have excellent end-user experience and Indian mobile app developers are highly capable of developing apps that are platform-independent.  

Deep Knowledge Of MEAP/MCAP  

Developers who create apps for different platforms such as the iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. have a deep knowledge of MEAP/MCAP. Indian developers have the knowledge of these two sources and this is the reason why global companies outsource their jobs in India.  

 Highly focused On UX   

This system plays a vital role during the development of the mobile app. Indian mobile app developers execute the UX design and framework accurately and also they ensure that the mobile application developed works efficiently.


  Everyone wants a perfect app but cost-effective. This is the reason, Global companies outsource their work to Indian companies/ developers. Companies think that it is better to hire an Indian outsourcing company instead of hiring in-house full-time developers.   To know more about the costs of other countries and India, have a look below-   

Country Price Range Average Price
North America $10-$225 $168
South America $21-$107 $34
UK $32-$167 $70
Eastern Europe $20-$97 $35
Australia $32-$142 $110
India $8-$80 $26

  Time-zone benefit   

One of the important factors to hire an Indian company is the Time-zone benefit.

  Long-Term Partner  

Every company wants to build a long-term relationship with the company they are hiring. Indian company not only builds responsive mobile apps but also they provide long-term relationship.  

 Reduced Development Time  

When you hire an Indian outsourcing company instead of in-house full-time developer, you can easily concentrate on the core business process.   Reduced Risk Factors

  It is always a good idea to outsource your mobile application development needs to a developer/ company that is certified in this field. India has redundant capabilities in mobile application development and you should increase your partnership with a well-established Indian application development company that has an exemplary project management system, mainly to handle cases like random demand and capacity.

Work Flexibility  

Outsourcing can easily streamline your operational work events, allowing you to focus on the tasks you need. A dedicated team of developers can work with your time zone and, in some cases, influence your time zone advantage to deliver work in a much shorter time frame.  

 Focus On User Experience  

User experience plays an important role in the application development process. This is the key aspect that determines whether an application is successful or not. Indian mobile application developers, make sure that the mobile applications they develop work flawlessly by implementing the correct UX design and framework according to the OS while keeping in mind your basic guidelines.  

State Of The Art Technology

  As mobile application development continues to evolve and new technologies are being invented every day, it is difficult for a company to keep up with the latest technology and purchase a licensed version of the software. The outsourced

mobile application development company in India

will have access to the most advanced and up-to-date technologies, software, and development tools without having to spend in their pockets.  


India is the hub for many mobile application development companies that have been ISO-9000 certified. Some companies are already listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ. Indian mobile application development companies are constantly providing quality services. Our companies implement the latest software, technology, programming languages, and infrastructure to deliver high-quality mobile applications to global customers.