Tips and Strategies to Use in 2021 of Pinterest Marketing

Tips and Strategies to Use in 2021 of Pinterest Marketing

Do you Know why Pinterest is important for every online business or why you should use Pinterest for your business to grow online?   If you want to know how to use Pinterest for marketing then make sure to read this blog.   Most businesses are using Pinterest to grow their business online. You can get targeted traffic from Pinterest which will help you to generate more leads for your business.   Here are some of the best Pinterest marketing tips to grow your business that we will discuss in this blog.  

  • Make your profile attractive.
  • Use Pinterest analytics
  • Promote your Pinterest profile
  • Use infographic Posts
  • Join your Niche community Boards

We will talk about these strategies one by one later first we will discuss why to use Pinterest for marketing.   Lets Start,  

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Why Use Pinterest for Marketing?

Fourth Popular Social Media Website in the United States

  Pinterest is one of the most famous social media websites on the internet. According to Pewresearch, 28% of US adults use to have a Pinterest account. So we can say Pinterest is becoming popular day by day among the youngsters.   

Search Engine Prefers Visual Searches 

  Most of the search engines prefer visuals in their search ranking pages and Pinterest is the only social media website that offers visuals to their audience. According to Pinterest, their lens can easily identify more than 2.5 billion fashion and home-related objects.  

Audience Use Pinterest for Shopping 

  According to the company, 50% of the pinners are looking to buy products on the platform. Pinterest has also said the 85% of weekly users also made the purchase based on the content they have seen from the brands on Pinterest.  

Pinterest Inspires 

  Most of the audience uses Pinterest for planning special events so they can get some good ideas. Almost 95% of the users say Pinterest has inspired them and 91% of the users say Pinterest helps them to achieve their goals.   

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Make Your Pinterest profile attractive  

  You can make your business profile on Pinterest in just a matter of seconds that does not mean you are done. Remember when people will see your profile, they must be able to get an idea of what your brand is selling and what type of content you will provide them.    So First you should optimize your profile because in social media it is very important to have a good-looking business profile. Make sure you create a business account on Pinterest.    Here are the ways to complete your profile  

  • Upload an engaging profile photo of your company on your Pinterest business account according to the Pinterest profile photo size. If you have a great profile photo on your account it will leave a good impression on your profile viewer.
  • Write an attractive bio on your profile which should describe your company’s content and work. Having an amazing bio on your profile will surely help you to improve engagement with the audience.
  • Pinterest also gives an option of URL in which companies can verify their websites. This feature is available only on Pinterest so use it to get more website visitors. 
  • Cover photos are one of the best options to engage with the audience. You can use different kinds of eye-catching cover images for your profile.

Use Pinterest Analytics 

  Many businesses are not using this important tool of Pinterest to track their viewers but it is very important to see whether they are liking your content or not which you are posting.    With the help of Pinterest analytics, you can measure your post-performance, growth of followers, referral traffic, etc. This analytic tool will you to understand your audience better and provide them better content.   So make sure you use this tool to grab more followers on Pinterest.  

Promote your Pinterest profile 

  You can also promote your Pinterest profile on other social media channels and encourage the users to follow you. Use various social groups and communities to promote your profile.    There are lots of Facebook groups and communities are available in which you can share your Pinterest profile and encourage the audience to follow you.   But you have to make a marketing strategy for Pinterest before you share your profile on other platforms because without the right strategy you will not be able to engage with the audience.  

Use infographic Posts  

  Infographics are very attractive to grab the follower’s attention. Make informative infographics to provide real value to your audience. This strategy is ignored by most of the Pinterest marketers but you should not ignore this and take maximum advantage of infographic posts.   Infographic posts are liked by almost everyone on the Pinterest platform so it gives a huge opportunity to the businesses to increase their brand awareness through infographic content.  

Join Niche community Boards 

  Join community boards to get more engagements on your profile. Community boards have different types of audiences so you can target them easily and increase the follower base.    But make sure you join only those community boards who are in your niche or posting similar content like you. It will help you to get a targeted audience for your businesses if you join niche community boards.   


  Now after reading this blog you might be able to get more audience for your business through Pinterest. You can use all these strategies to grow your Pinterest profile.   If you do not have any idea of Pinterest marketing then you can hire a digital marketing company for your business to get better results.    Jploft is a leading digital marketing company in India with over 8+ years of experience in the online marketing field. Our digital marketers will drive solid results for your business through Pinterest marketing.