Best On-demand App Ideas to Start Money Making Startup in 2023

Best On-demand App Ideas to Start Money Making Startup in 2023

Apps have become an indispensable component of modern tech culture; apps are more powerful than ever. By 2023, applications are projected to generate over $935 billion in revenues, according to one source; you could take part in this booming sector now by becoming an app developer yourself! Before looking for development businesses or developers, make a plan regarding what kind of app would suit your business before looking around.

On-demand solutions have quickly become a global trend and rapidly increased worldwide prominence. On-demand provides services directly or indirectly to various businesses; its rapid service apps span numerous industries, from medicine to policy software. As more individuals join these rapidly expanding programs with their time, expertise, and money, more individuals would likely participate in giving back by volunteering their services for these rapid service applications.

Mobile applications we download and install onto our phones make them indispensable tools in everyday life, from shopping online and using online education resources to booking transportation tickets with one simple click! Apps have made life much simpler.

On-demand app development services have quickly gained global traction, and their popularity continues to skyrocket. On-demand services provide services across various industries - both directly and indirectly. From healthcare to on-demand insurance apps, on-demand apps are taking over every field imaginable, and more people will contribute their resources, skills, and knowledge to these instant service apps.

Top On-demand App Ideas to Start Money-Making Startup in 2023

Here Are On-demand App Ideas to Launch a Money Making Startup in 2023:

On-demand apps for Grocery

In today's globalized society, many depend on online grocery delivery apps for daily grocery needs. Due to ever-increasing demand, however, often damaged products were delivered due to not meeting clients' demands as desired by online supermarkets - yet these supermarkets strive to improve!

However, most people now prefer ordering groceries online to save money, and the online grocery delivery business has experienced steady expansion.

On-demand Apps for food delivery service

Ordering food delivery services through on-demand apps can be relaxing and satisfying, especially when we cannot go out to restaurants. Food Delivery Apps have quickly become a staple industry of modern society.

Nowadays, many homemakers or individuals passionate about cooking have embarked on this online food delivery business, and it has proven very successful.

On-demand Apps for liquor delivery service

Parties or social gatherings simply wouldn't be enjoyable without alcohol. On-demand apps for liquor delivery service provide this essential service directly to customers at their doorstep - unlike traditional liquor stores. Although laws regarding this business may be stricter, profit can make up the difference!

Beginning an Online Liquor Delivery Business can be exciting, provided you strictly abide by all relevant regulations and laws.

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On-demand Apps for Beauty Services

Statistics reveal that women spend approximately $3756 annually on beauty services, representing a considerable annual expenditure. Working women who lack time for salon visits may find an on-demand beauty app is the perfect solution.

On-demand Apps for Movers and Packers Services

People moving their house, office, or both require reliable movers and packers services, which this app makes available at an affordable rate in 2023. This service provider also offers good money deals.

If you are dedicated and hardworking, On-Demand Transportation App could be your ticket into new opportunities. You could create a whole new type of business!

On-Demand Apps for Travelling

With Uber and Airbnb pioneering on-demand apps for traveling, an era of on-demand apps for travel began. No one wanted to feel left out in today's fast world; within months, the transport industry experienced growth thanks to these on-demand apps and alternatives such as Lyft and Careem.

Transport industries have expanded rapidly over time. Anyone can now plan cargo logistics apps, taxi booking apps, bus booking apps, and e-scooter apps as part of their transport planning needs. People who enjoy traveling will utilize travel apps for transport - they provide easy accessibility at an economical price point.

This business model offers travelers control of their trip schedule without needing to involve third-party services, and travel enthusiasts can also start their venture to make extra money with travel.

On-Demand Apps for Fashion

Do you feel exhausted after work, stuck in your office and suffering from lots of work for any reason, missing shopping for family events at the last minute, or forgetting someone close? Fashion apps provide the answer! Here is one stop solution - there are always one-click fashion apps.

E-commerce apps have been developed impressively. As reported in our report, fashion trends change constantly, and 42% of clients prefer online shopping.

Knowledge of new fashion trends can make this your life-altering goal. Today, everyone wants to look their best while following current fashion trends; therefore, this business has grown immensely over time.

On-demand mechanics Apps

Demand for plumbing fittings has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 5.45% between 2015 and 2021, from $75.72 billion to $102.07 billion. Car repairing apps have become extremely popular as people tour around with their transport in many locations around the globe without access to garages, so these applications provide tourists with assistance in travel arrangements when traveling without garage facilities nearby.

If you have experience in this area, taking up this business will allow you to put your time and efforts to good use. Travel enthusiasts could take this as an opportunity to turn their passion for exploration into an income source.

On-Demand Plumbing Apps

Many of us have witnessed our fathers becoming exhausted after repeatedly calling in a plumber to repair pipes or running faucets, only for them to become dissatisfied with this service. But these problems have long since passed: now, with on-demand plumbing apps, you can try something out-of-the-box, which has a higher chance of succeeding than calling in someone new every time something breaks or runs loose!

Finding a plumber was difficult; now, mobile technology makes it much simpler. Users can now easily search and select plumbers with just their phones! This new business platform allows those with knowledge and abilities to utilize those assets.

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Apps for Healthcare

By 2025, the online health market is projected to reach $189 billion, which bodes well for the demand of the healthcare app market.

Now, people are increasingly becoming health conscious, which is encouraging. Unfortunately, attending gym or meditation classes isn't possible for everyone due to busy lifestyles. This online healthcare app development may come in handy!

On-demand Apps for Plant

Planting is an enjoyable hobby to pursue, with house plants offering air purification and stress relief. There has been much scientific evidence proving this. Studies conducted at the University of Queensland demonstrated increased productivity due to offices with plants. Finding a plant suitable for your house in urban settings with limited knowledge may be challenging - finding apps can simplify this task!

Ordering plants online can be more fun and satisfying, thanks to apps and websites offering more varieties than traditional shops.

On-demand apps for house cleaning

Recently, booking an on-demand house cleaning service has become more common. Furthermore, as more professional workers enter the job market and increase their workloads, demand for such services should continue to increase.

NAPHIA reported that in 2020, the gross written premium for pet health reached $1.99 billion - up 27.5% year over year from $1.56 billion in 2019 due to busy schedules preventing many from providing the care necessary for their furry friends - yet their furries still require special consideration and maintenance.

On-demand Apps for Dog Walking

According to NAPHIA estimates, dog walking apps that allow owners to schedule dog walking appointments as needed are already popular today, making convenient dog walking applications available 24/7 for dog walking services for clients looking for professional dog walkers as needed or just as needed by owners!

This has created many opportunities for those interested in starting their own on-demand dog walking service; using effective techniques, you can expand and expand your business.

On-demand Apps for E-learning

As COVID-19 prevented students from attending class physically, E-learning apps became increasingly needed. Adapting to digitalization, many Ed-tech companies developed mobile E-learning apps as a source of income.

On-demand Apps for Rideshare

The primary aim of ride-sharing services is to bring drivers and customers closer together through technology. As of 2017, the global ride-sharing market has reached $85.8 billion; therefore, you no longer have to stress over standing in line for tickets when using an on-demand app!

On-Demand Apps for Doctor Booking

Nowadays, many of us live alone without our parents due to work or higher studies. When work or pressure causes illness, there may not be anyone to assist when falling sick alone. No time or transport is available to visit the nearby clinic. With the On-Demand Doctor Appointment Booking App, you can contact doctors directly through call/video call and discuss your issues directly with them.

On-demand Apps for payment

Cashless payment has quickly become the new norm. Applications such as Paypal CashApp have already proven their worth; by 2025, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Phonepe may double.

On-demand Apps for Laundry

In 2023, the laundry care sector is projected to reach an estimated $100.80 billion, with the online laundry market projected to increase by 3.77% annually - who knew a simple laundry service could become astronomically massive?


People need things done quickly and precisely, which has resulted in on-demand services becoming an ever-increasing industry. If this field interests you, this could be an excellent opportunity to expand your business using this new going platform.

Contact an experienced and leading on-demand app development company if you have a trending app idea. We will assist in getting funding, developing strategies for success, and other key elements necessary to start your journey into business. These app ideas may even help those just starting to earn money while solving issues simultaneously!

By successfully developing and executing on-demand app ideas, one can make significant sums of money. Thanks to the explosive growth of smartphone users over the past decade, on-demand mobile app ideas have increased exponentially. Unfortunately, not every idea can provide profitable returns and lead to long-term sustainable businesses.

This article aims to assist in helping you develop an idea for a website or app and bring it to fruition. While there is no single solution for mobile app ideas, all aspects of your company may be examined through a collective brainstorming process.