Cost and Key Features ofLaundry Mobile App Development

Cost and Key Features ofLaundry Mobile App Development

Are you confused about whether you should invest in laundry mobile app development? Whether it will be effective and profitable? Or how big should my app be? How many features would it need? Will it be fruitful and still be in action in the future? Undoubtedly, you want to dive deep into the subject before investing your hard-earned money in it. You are right. It is wise to develop a cost-effective and viable laundry app that caters to people’s needs and gives you considerable long-term profit. Before discussing the cost and features of the laundry delivery app, analyzing comprehensive market data will clear most of your doubts and give you a clear idea of how you must approach the dry cleaning & laundry business idea systematically.

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Market Analysis of An On-demand Laundry App Development

The on-demand laundry delivery app is most functional and profitable when both parents are in the workforce. Such on-demand delivery apps help ease their hectic life to some extent. In the last few years, the necessity and demand for on-demand apps have gone up. Let’s look at the market data-

  • As of 2022, the laundry care segment revenue has reached US $96.94 billion worldwide. It is expected to reach US $116.60 billion in revenue by 2026 at a CAGR of 4.72%.
  • The USA generated the most revenue in the laundry care segment with US $14,660 million in 2022. 

laundry app market size Source: Worldwide Revenue of Laundry Care Segment

How Does A Laundry App Work?

On-demand laundry apps follow a simple and uncomplicated procedure. After installing the laundry app from Google Play Store or App Store, users need to log in just like any other on-demand application and follow instructions or procedures to get the job done.  Let’s take a look at the working of the on-demand laundry app here-

  • After logging in on the app platform, users need to set the address. 
  • Set the details about laundry type and other details.
  • Put in the laundry request to your desired shop.
  • The admin panel or laundry shop (in the case of an aggregator or laundry marketplace business model) receives the request and takes the necessary action.
  • Admin panel or laundry shop confirms the washer availability.
  • The laundry shop addresses the request and follows through.
  • They pick up the laundry & follow through with service requests.
  • After completion of service, clothes are wrapped in paper sheets and returned.
  • Users pay for the services either via cash or online. 

Some of The Popular Laundry Mobile Apps

Before you start working on the development of a laundry business idea, you must know your competitors. How are they serving people, and what makes them stand out?  Here is the list of some of the popular on-demand laundry applications-

Business Models of A Laundry Service App 

Three types of business models of laundry and dry cleaning services are popular. Based on the business goals, all three models play a key role in bringing success to laundry businesses based on specific goals and techniques. Since all three models are distinct, the cost differs for each.  Let’s discuss all of them based on the ascending order of the money they are going to cost- 

Dedicated Laundry Mobile App

The dedicated laundry mobile app is preferable for pre-existing and established laundry shops with multiple outlets. Such a model requires mobile app development for the pre-existing businesses to improve the user base and grow offline and online. No third-party interference is needed here, from the laundry pickup to delivering the clothes at reasonable prices. The app development cost is much less than the other two businesses. As it has only one dedicated business, thus, revenue sharing is not needed.

Laundry Marketplace App

The app model is best suitable for bringing multiple laundry services to one place. The laundry and dry cleaning services handle the order management, while the app platform takes care of pickup & delivery services. The businesses pay commissions to the app management to reach a wider user base, healthy competition, and exponential business growth. The laundry app development cost required based on this business model is moderate. Multiple laundry service businesses register themselves and share revenue with the app platform.

Aggregator Laundry App

The laundry application demands multiple business outlets in one place. The application manages orders and delivery itself. The businesses pay commissions to the app platform and reach wider audiences. Users can choose the dry cleaning and laundry services as per their choice, making the platform a safe place with healthy competition. The laundry app development cost required to build such an aggregator laundry app is higher than the other two. Since the app management handles managing orders, picking up laundry to delivering them back.

Key Components of On-demand Laundry Applications

Three key components are considered when it comes to dry cleaning & laundry delivery app development. Mainly, four types of groups use the app. As per their convenience, features will be slightly different too. Ensure that Android and iOS users benefit from all laundry app work processes. laundry app development

Admin Panel

Admin panel handles the system of the whole app services. From maintaining the laundry businesses’ database to helping users with their services, the admin keeps an eye on every activity on the platform. No matter which business model an app is based upon, the admin panel must supervise all the activities on the mobile app platform. 

User Management Panel

Users must log in to the laundry panel and set up the address. Then, they are required to choose the preferable laundry service and place a request. The app management handles the availability of the washer and notifies you.  The laundry service gets the order and provides laundry and dry cleaning services. App management then delivers the clothes back to the client after services and receives payment.

Service Provider Panel 

Service providers are those laundry shop businesses that have registered themselves on the application platform and offer their various services. The businesses offer various discounts, low price rates, multiple facilities, and rewards to capture the customers’ attention. The on-demand laundry apps also offer various discounts to get more customers on the platform.

Delivery Person App

Delivery personnel hired by the app company or laundry business can use the app for laundry delivery. The delivery personnel must register on the app platform and deliver services according to their schedules. 

Key Features of An On-demand Laundry Mobile App

There are some basic features that every on-demand laundry mobile app must have before finalizing the project. These basic features will give you an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to launch in the market. As per customer demand and business goals, you can add more features later. Let’s discuss the panels and their features required in an on-demand laundry app-

  • Admin Panel
  • User Panel
  • Service Provider Panel
  • Delivery Person Panel

Admin Panel

The app owner or management has access to it. They supervise all other panels and monitor the laundry delivery work operations. Let’s look at the features of this panel section-


The admin has access to all the database and management systems after logging in. Logging in into the app system must be secure and safe. From addressing the new service providers' content management to keeping communication unbroken, the admin supervises all activities on the app for smooth functioning.

Laundry Category Manager

In the laundry delivery app, different departments handle different categories of services. Each manager handles the data and processes requests, like ironing, dry cleaning, washing, etc. Each process is tracked and stored in the database.

Split Payment System

The split payment system is best for people to settle transactions using multiple transaction heads. The feature could attract more users to the platform.

Marketing & promotion

No business is successful without the help of a good marketing strategy. The laundry service providers must promote themselves on the platform to attract more customers. The laundry delivery app will be beneficial if more people come to know about your business and services. The app companies also run an in-app advertising campaign to promote businesses. It helps service providers boost their profiles and laundry delivery app companies generate significant revenue.

Audio QR

Audio QR is a rising technology in the technology world. The application based on this technology uses the vocal cord to take instructions and ultrasonic waves of the device to establish a secure connection. To perform any task, you need to order the device, and it will do it. This way, Audio QR is a substitute for NFC and QR code scanning, as the app handles both. For example, Google’s payment app, “GPay”, works on this technology. The “Tez” mode used sound to receive instruction. After establishing a connection with nearby devices, it starts processing the payment.

Other Laundry Services

In this section of the laundry apps, users get to know the other services service providers offer. The users can get updated from time to time about new and upgraded services with their prices and more.

Laundry Man Management

The laundry app owner handles the laundry man management. In an aggregator-type business model, laundry men are assigned to every laundry service provider. They handle the pick and delivery on behalf of the laundry company. 

Customer Relationship Management

This section helps in customer retention and the growth of the laundry business. The customer relationship manager and content manager help in the long-term scalability and expansion of the app. CRM helps to solve the complaints and queries of customers. The content is managed by either the launderer or the admin of the app.


The analytical tools are essential for the smooth flow of business and decide the next business strategy based on the user data. It helps to understand the customer's needs and demands effectively. Several open-source analytics tools, such as Arcadia Instant, BIRT, Dataiku DSS, Helical Insight, etc., can help you escalate your laundry business. 

Payment Management 

The app management deals with the payments that customers pay through the app or cash and manages commissions that laundry service providers must pay to use the app platform. After the customer pays for the services, the money is shared fairly among the service providers, laundry app owner, and delivery man.

User Panel                   

Consumers log in securely via Email or social accounts and send a request to the preferable laundry shop. The features in this section help users ease their lives. Let’s look at those features in detail-

Easy Login

A mobile laundry app must have an easy login feature via Google or a mobile number. The secure login, fast verification process, and data privacy are necessary to attract users to the platform. 

Order Tracking System

After picking up the clothes, users must be able to track the whole process of laundering. They must know that they are getting the best services as promised. After manoeuvring through the whole process, users must be able to track their clothes when they are on their way. During mobile app development, Google Maps is integrated into the laundry mobile app. 

In-app Communication Services

It is always best to have proper communication between a laundry service provider and the user. Users will be assured about the safety of their expensive and delicate clothes. If there is a specific stain that users want to point out to the service provider, the media-sharing option and an in-app messaging tool will help them a lot. 

In-app Camera

The in-app camera feature in the laundry app helps the users to capture images of the clothes and specific details about the stains on them. It builds transparency and trust between the service provider and users. 


The laundry app reminder helps users remember the date and time of the delivery. They can be sure of the delivery time and will not be anxious about the arrival time of their clothes.  The service provider panel feature helps schedule the delivery time & date without delay and notify the delivery person. The service provider can also notify users of their en-route delivery in advance.

Payment Gateway

A secure and encrypted payment gateway is necessary for an app to be successful. The laundry mobile applications must have a robust payment system and multiple payment options.  Users’ data must stay safe and encrypted. Users demand multiple payment options. The mobile app developers must ensure that third-party integration does not increase the complexity of the mobile app and affect its functionality.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are used to give real-time updates to users. It is also a great marketing tool to promote new offers and services on the laundry app platform.  Laundry delivery companies can also use the message services to let people know the latest updates about new service providers on the app, new discounts, etc.  

Feedback and Ratings

Feedback and ratings are great ways to build trust and credibility among app users. The past experiences of other users regarding services help new users to decide wisely. Good customer service always helps in bringing more business opportunities.  You can ask app users to share their experience on the app and boost visibility. The feedback also helps in improving services and building new business strategies.

Service Provider Panel

The laundry and dry cleaning services use it. It helps them reach a wider audience and effectively provide services. The features in this section help laundry shops work smoothly.  Let’s look at those features-


In the aggregator and laundry marketplace-type business model, the laundry and dry cleaning service provider must register on the app platform. The laundry app developers must add a verification process after a successful registration. Social login and mobile number verification process is a sure way to keep the app platform safe. 

Laundry Management

The service providers accept the user requests and update the system. Users can track the processing of a request in real-time such as washing, dry cleaning, specific stain cleaning, ironing, steaming, etc., through the app. Based on the services, the number of clothes received, and special requests, the laundry shops manage laundry charges.  

User Request

In the dedicated type business model, the laundry shops handle the user request directly. They handle laundry pickup to deliver it on time after cleaning services and a payment management system. 

Price Info

The laundry app must be clear about its offers, discounts, and service values. The laundry service providers must keep laundry charges affordable because if it is too high, people will not be able to afford them, and if it is too low, your business will not be able to survive for long.

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools are extremely important for businesses to grow and thrive. The on-demand laundry app offers in-app advertisements and publicity programs for laundry stores to consider. They can pay extra to keep them on top of the home feed. Also, multiple discounts, vouchers, and rewards schemes attract customers and increase business growth.

Push Notification

To get real-time activity notifications, push notifications are an important feature in the laundry delivery app development. The feature is also used to get information from the laundry app company about policies and new regulations.

Delivery Person App

Delivery men use it. The delivery men app's key features help them do their job effectively. Let's look at the features of this panel-

Login and Phone Verification

The delivery men must register on the app using their mobile phone number and Email ID. The app can use the social login to verify the person’s profile. The social login can access the data from social profiles and verify the person.

Delivery Request

Once the delivery man accepts the request, they can pick up and deliver the laundry. Users can track their en-route delivery through the app in real-time. If there is any pending request, delivery men can also reject the request.

Delivery History

Delivery men keep their daily activity safe in the delivery history section. The delivery history section shows the time, date, laundry service shop, pickup history, and delivery location. 

In-app Communication

In-app communication is necessary for safe and on-time delivery of the laundry. In the laundry and dry cleaning mobile app, the customer can guide the delivery man to the exact location and give the laundry to the right person.  Now, you know what and how many key features the laundry delivery app needs to develop an MVP. These key features will help you estimate the app development cost. Before envisioning an estimated cost, you must know about the technology stack on-demand apps need to function. 

Technology Stack in On-demand Laundry Services

Let’s take a look at basic applications and technology stack for a cost-effective MVP-

  • Web & Mobile Software - Flutter, React Native
  • Cloud Technology - Azure, AWS, Plesk
  • Database - PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Frontend Developers - AngularJS, JavaScript
  • Backend Developers - PHP, Python, Laravel
  • Registration - Google, Facebook
  • GPS Tracking - Google Maps, Google Places
  • Messaging - Twilio, Zadarma, Vonage
  • Payment Management - Stripe, Paypal, Google Pay
  • Analytical Tool - Google Analytics
  • Push Notification - Google Firebase, PushAlerts
  • Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

On-demand Laundry App Development Cost

On-demand laundry apps have brought massive changes in working people’s lives. As more people join the workforce, the requirement for on-demand laundry apps will only rise. The future for smooth, flexible, and effective laundry mobile applications is bright. Estimating possible laundry app development costs will help you oversee your budget and fundraising and give you an idea about future profit.  Let’s look at the factors contributing to the cost of laundry app development-

Web & Mobile App Platform

The web and mobile laundry app development process require an effective and skilled team. Instead of going through a rigorous and time-consuming hiring process, contacting an experienced app development company is advisable to develop your laundry delivery app in a short time and money.

Frontend and Backend Developers

While frontend developers deal with the client-side software development processes, Backend developers code the backbone of the application. The laundry app developers must be skilled enough to develop a smooth and fast responsive mobile application for consumers to use daily and recommend to others.

UI/UX Designers

The UI/UX design team is responsible for presenting the design outlet to the clients. They will showcase how your mobile app will look at the end and the design & functioning of icons, widgets, and functions in the final product. Providing fast animation, smooth visualization & flow, advanced graphics, building navigation components, etc., are some of the responsibilities of a UI/UX designer.

Project Manager

The project manager helps with budgeting, resource planning, organizing, and motivating the project team, solving any rising issues, ensuring the smooth flow of project development and customer satisfaction, and preparing reports & documents.

App Complexity

Undoubtedly, fast animation and advanced graphics make the laundry app more appealing. However, it may also increase the app's complexity and occupy the phone's storage more. Which, in turn, increases the cost of the laundry app development.  The laundry app developers must find a way to overcome the situation and develop a cost-effective laundry app. Keep in mind that the app will need important future updates and technological changes as users demand.

App Feature Integration

Some key features need to be integrated into the MVP, and advanced features that your laundry app may need in the future. The MVP will cover the basic laundry app development cost. However, advanced features will cost you extra time & money. Also, it must not affect the functionality of the app.

Marketing Team

After the laundry app development company gives you the MVP to launch in the market, it is the marketing team's responsibility to successfully promote the app and convince users to take the app's help to ease their lives. The marketing team helps develop customer relationships, bring more business clients, reach business goals, and efficiently promote company products.  After completing the on-demand laundry app development, ensure it adheres to the Android and iOS platform rules & regulations.

Future Updates

Even after the launch of your laundry service app, you must stay in contact with your on-demand laundry app development company for future updates and debugging. Make sure the debugging doesn’t cost you a lot. Your laundry app development process must be, so that future upgrades and updates don’t hinder the services while the laundry app is functioning. With the technology stack, innovative features, details of a laundry app development team, and market data, you can easily estimate the final cost of an on-demand laundry delivery app. 


Now, you have understood the fundamentals of laundry delivery app development. With busy schedules and all adults working outside, the on-demand delivery apps help ease their burden. The laundry apps work effectively to save a lot of time & helps to schedule a hectic life routine.  You are fully aware of the laundry app development cost and required features to develop an MVP. A unique idea and effective implementation will help you stand out from the crowd.  Many new startups are also developing innovative ideas to aid people in more ways than one. Undoubtedly, technology has lessened the stress in people's lives tremendously. Ensure your on-demand laundry app accommodates future changes and sparks interest in people's minds.