Food Delivery Business Ideas for Startups in 2024

Food Delivery Business Ideas for Startups in 2024

2024 is witnessing an unprecedented revolution in food delivery technology, prompting entrepreneurs to enter this lucrative niche industry.

Are You Planning on Launching a Food Delivery business in 2024? Understanding its development process and associated benefits are critical elements to its success.

Before embarking on this entrepreneurial adventure, one key aspect to remember is developing an on-demand food delivery app. To achieve the best results, you should work with an On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Company. They will create tailored solutions to meet your specific business needs.

With today's consumers demanding convenience and efficiency in all they do, a well-crafted food delivery app can be the cornerstone of your venture. From order placement through real-time tracking and secure payment solutions - an app connects businesses like yours directly with hungry customers via digital means.

Competitive advantage can only be realized with an experienced development team capable of handling the complexity of creating an intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient platform.

What is the Reaction of Restaurant Chains to an Increase in Deliveries?

Food Delivery Business

The online food market is growing. The market alone in the UK is worth around PS3.7bn. Since 2017, the market has grown steadily by 40.5% per year.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly contributed to this trend. There was a noticeable rise in restaurant delivery as many hospitality brands were forced to shut their doors. Food delivery was their only option to stay in business.

Online food delivery will continue to be popular, even though many restaurants have reopened for business. Statista's study predicts that by 2027, the market for online food delivery will be worth $223.7 Billion.

It's not surprising that restaurants are increasing their takeaway service. Uber Eats and Deliveroo offer McDonald's on their delivery platforms.

Some chains offer takeaway directly through their website without needing a third-party app. This is a benefit of having a franchise restaurant. These companies can spend more money and have more resources than smaller local businesses.

There's no doubt that independent restaurants can increase their revenue by offering food delivery services. 65% of consumers prefer to order from local restaurants than chains, and 87% support local businesses.

When done right, food delivery can grow your franchise restaurant and increase revenue. It's also convenient, especially if your business is a virtual one.

You don't need to move into a new location, purchase new equipment, or hire additional staff to launch a virtual brand. The entire operation can be run from your existing kitchen with your current staff.

You won't need to worry about marketing if you work with a franchise delivery partner like us at Peckwater Brands. We will handle your virtual branding, including your logo and company name.

Food Delivery Business

Unique Food Delivery Ideas

Here are some ideas for outstanding food deliveries:

Evening Food Delivery App

Many foodies love to eat at night. We would be foolish to emphasize the importance of night-time eating or the pleasures of it. A night food app is similar to any other app that delivers food, but it pays extra attention to customers willing and able to provide food at night.

During the app's development, you must identify whether the audience can place orders at night or if the order volume stops after 9 pm. Restaurants should offer food late at night. Otherwise, people may abandon your app after midnight. Other features will resemble another food delivery application, but advanced ordering can be added.

Delivering Home-Cooked Foods App

People who can't cook for themselves or order food daily are fed up with getting the same thing from restaurants. Gourmets are always looking for apps that deliver home-cooked meals. They want a wide selection, fast delivery, reasonable pricing, and, most importantly, healthy, tasty food every single time.

Many local chefs and households are also ready to provide home-cooked meals that include good vegetables of high quality and ingredients with a milder taste. This is something restaurants love. Home-cooked food apps can benefit both healthy food lovers and local cooks.

Some chefs who are experts in the field don't own their cafes, restaurants, or other spaces but still want to open their businesses. This app could be an excellent platform for these chefs. You can prepare delicious, nutritious food at home. They target busy people who need more time to prepare meals.

Healthy Food Ordering for Health Clubs

It's important to remember that fitness apps are in high demand. Online food ordering is a popular way for sports fans and fitness enthusiasts to lose or gain weight.

Subscribers to services that deliver a certain number of meals per week may find this convenient. These companies claim that their meals are a healthy and suitable alternative to home cooking. Consider a few options while developing an app to order healthy foods for health clubs. These are a few of the options you can consider:

  • Do you want to sell frozen or fresh foods?
  • How many meals per week can I order?
  • Would you like to offer a customer subscription service?
  • Do add-ons or delivery costs incur additional charges?

You can provide different meals at various times, such as breakfast, lunch, brunch, post-workout, etc. You can provide meals that are vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, or low in sugar. You can also set goals for them and make personalized recommendations or suggestions.

Deliveries of Milk & Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products are essential in all households worldwide. Several dairy and milk apps have been developed worldwide to meet the demand for convenient access. It was initially considered unwise for an app to only focus on dairy products. Customers today want to see a new ecosystem of milk products and services.

It can save you time by eliminating the need to collect milk from your local supplier in the morning. Filters can be added for lactose-intolerant products, such as whole cream, nonfat milk, and without fat. Users can also choose between products produced by leading brands or those procured locally from dairies and farms.

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Fresh fruit & Vegetable Delivery

This app delivers fresh fruits and vegetables but covers other areas such as fitness foods, milk, etc. But not cooked food. The market is not saturated, and newcomers are welcome. Grocery delivery app users are multiplying, which is why so many grocery delivery apps offer different services or features.

It is the perfect time to implement strategic changes to your business to increase user engagement. A grocery mobile application can help you reach more users. The apps provide a top-notch experience for users and are incredibly helpful in scaling up revenues.

Book Catering Services for Events

There has been an enormous paradigm shift within the catering world in the past few years. Everyone relies on smartphones to complete various tasks in today's market. The same is true of catering services. It can be difficult for people not used to hosting social events or parties to do so when they host their own. Catering apps can be a great help to these people who want solutions at their fingertips.

Catering service apps connect different vendors and restaurants that provide services to indoor or outdoor events. Users can search vendors by location and filter menus based on cuisine type or time/date to see the availability of catering service providers. There are many popular types of event catering apps.

  • Corporate Catering
  • Wedding Catering
  • Catering for Social Events
  • Concession Catering
  • Food Truck Catering
  • Restaurant Catering

The app will provide detailed information on the registered catering companies, including their services and offerings, menus for catering, prices, etc. Other information includes:

  • Local contact information
  • Integration of social media
  • High-intuitive UI
  • The Optimal Navigation

Organic Food Delivery App

A growing number of consumers are concerned with the food that they consume. They want to know about its origin, how it is produced, and so on. Organic food is what they want, as it's non-toxic with no chemicals. Apps that deliver organic food focus on fresh, local foods like fruits, vegetables, and meats.

The app is designed to help businesses and consumers by minimizing food transportation before consumption. The app promotes local agriculture and a sustainable lifestyle and teaches people the importance of eating locally-grown food. Organic food is also associated with many myths.

Many people think that organic foods are a trend and will fade with time. Some people think organic food will not work for them because it's more expensive or not readily available. There will always be a demand in major cities around the globe for Trusted and certified Organic products. A food delivery service offering organic products can help consumers get rid of toxic food full of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers.

This platform will allow customers to order and receive organic produce online from farms that are certified and renowned for their organic farming methods.

Deliver Fresh Meat App

Like an online food ordering app, a meat app lets you order your preferred meat with just a few clicks. The meat delivery app allows customers to browse several filters and select the desired meat.

Meat is usually sold in unhygienic and local markets. This can be disgusting to customers. An online meat-delivery app gives customers the most convenience and comfort when buying meat. They only need to pick up their phone and place the order on the meat app of their choice.

Apps that deliver meat online can help you order high-quality, affordable meat. The meat will arrive frozen and packaged with recyclables or compostables. Non-vegetarians who enjoy meat dishes are fond of these apps.

The Table Reservation App

You must have experienced this: you're out with family or your loved one for dinner and wait outside the restaurant to see if a seat becomes available. Embarrassing. It happens to hundreds of people. No worries, in any case! 

The table reservation app can help. The app allows users to book their preferred restaurants and enjoy delicious food. This isn't a delivery service. The app will enable users to reserve a seat at a particular restaurant. They can fill in information such as the number of chairs, time for dining, and options regarding seating.

Customers will have access to features like easy registration, searching for restaurants by location, choosing seating options such as bar, outdoor, standard, or rooftop, history of reservations, ratings and reviews, and online payment.

Alcohol Delivery App

Imagine you had a long day of work and then arrived home to enjoy a wonderful time with your family. You want to enjoy the evening and buy beer, scotch, or whiskey. But they're all sold out. Your entire mood is ruined. You can still get alcohol delivered by using an app.

Why not alcohol delivery? In this day and age, there are apps for almost everything. Alcohol delivery apps can be attractive to consumers who want their favorite spirits delivered right to their door and wish to refill their favorite brands' bottles.

Alcohol delivery apps offer a wide range of choices with discounts and special offers that can save them a great deal on expenses. The app would allow them to buy alcohol anywhere and anytime, something that is impossible with traditional purchasing options. It saves them much time because they don't have to wait in line.

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Get Food Deals & Coupons App

Everyone wants to receive discounts and offers when ordering online. Discounts can be an excellent way to reward loyal customers or encourage them to purchase a new brand. More than half the respondents said they'd be willing to take advantage of these discounts and coupons if available in digital format.

The appeal of coupons has stayed the same. In the digital age, you can target them based on consumer behavior. The mobile app for food deals and coupons can be very successful, especially if created by an experienced team.

Steps to Create a Food Delivery App by 2024

Explore creating a food-ordering app in 2024, including all the steps involved.

Market Research and Analysis

Doing market research and analyzing statistics before diving into the app development process is essential. This involves analyzing the current food delivery market and analyzing the competition. It also includes identifying your target audience.

Research will allow you to identify gaps, determine your USP (unique selling proposition),and make informed decisions during food delivery.

Planning and Strategy

After you've analyzed the app market and understand its needs, plan your strategy for developing it. Defining your app goals, outlining its functionality and features, and creating a roadmap is essential.

Prioritizing essential features is crucial. You should also create an interface that aligns with your audience's preferences.

Determine your Business Model

Many different types of apps are available for food delivery. Apps are available to help restaurant owners, while others act as intermediaries between restaurants and their customers. Here are some of the most popular business models:

  • The Aggregator model
  • Model of Order and Delivery
  • Integrated Model
  • The Inventory Model

Research the pros and cons of each model and choose one that best suits your business.

User Experience and Design

The design of an app for food delivery is crucial to its success. An intuitive and visually pleasing interface improves the user's experience and increases the number of overall users. Work with UI/UX experts to develop a visually appealing design that reflects the brand.

Select App's Function

List each functionality, feature, integration, and other aspect you wish to incorporate into the app. Clearness in each graphic and design will increase the chances of success.

The Client's Application should have Features like:

  • Create and manage profiles with ease.
  • Review & Feedback feature is available to enhance the overall experience.
  • Chats in-app and phone calls are public to reach the support and delivery team.
  • A payment gateway that is secure and simple for easy transactions.

The App of a Restaurant should have Features like:

  • Communication with the client and delivery agent to monitor order status.
  • Analyze customer behavior and activity to understand them better.
  • Window to attract more customers at festive events or special occasions
  • Restaurant owners should be able to manage "User Profiles" and "Advertisements."

The App of a Delivery Agent should have Features like:

  • The app should verify that delivery agents have legal documentation.
  • The delivery agent should be able to update and manage orders once they are delivered.
  • Apps should allow delivery agents to communicate with restaurant owners or customers.
  • The app should have an "Account History" feature to track each order, status, and period.

Testing and Development

The development phase starts once the design has been finalized. The development phase involves an app's coding, features integration, and seamless functionality on different platforms and devices. To deliver an intuitive and smooth user experience, optimizing performance and following the best coding techniques are essential.

Testing should occur alongside development to find and correct performance or bug issues.

Monetize Your App

There are many different ways to do it. These are three strategies for continuous revenue:

  • You can set a fee for "Cash on Delivery" orders.
  •  Advertising can be used to promote other brands and earn you money.
  • Subscribe to monthly, six-monthly, or annual plans.

Launch and Deployment

It's now time to launch and deploy your app for food delivery. App stores such as Apple App Store or Google Play Store require you to submit your app and adhere to their policies and guidelines. To attract users, it's essential to have a compelling app description and attractive screenshots.

The Top Features for Food Delivery Apps in 2024

Here is a list to make your app stand out from the rest.

Smart Search

It could be more pleasant to spend hours ordering and searching for food. It is, therefore, necessary to include smart search filters within the app for food delivery to assist customers in finding a great restaurant. By using intelligent search filters, users can quickly find the right restaurant to order food from by looking at ratings, the delivery time, the location, the type of food, and their preferences.

Push Notifications

Most people use two or more apps on their mobile devices for food delivery. Push notifications can be used to gain visibility and get the users' attention. Push notifications can inform the user about new offers, specials, and delivery statuses status. Instruct your favorite food delivery app developer to incorporate this feature.

Tracking GPS in Real-Time

This is an essential feature of food delivery apps, allowing users to follow their orders in real-time. The food delivery application can also track users' locations and conveniently deliver food to their door. Top food delivery apps development companies add this feature to help businesses provide a better customer experience.

Secure Payments

Online payment is now the preferred payment method for most people, as it's convenient and quick. Ask your app developer to include a secure payment gateway for customers.

Voice Integration

In the modern age, people prefer to use intelligent assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant. They can call someone, listen to music, place an order online for food, and more. Integrating such features would be an intelligent decision. The users can place orders without any hassles from within the app. Food delivery apps like GrubHub allow users to repeat orders through Alexa.

Discounts and Coupons

Coupons and rewards are a great way to attract the attention of potential customers. Most food delivery apps provide coupons, discounts, and rewards to keep their customers longer. Starbucks, a significant brand, saw an increase of 80% in its sales after it launched a loyalty program.

Ratings and Reviews

After a customer receives their order, they should be able to provide feedback. Food delivery apps will use the reviews and ratings that customers leave to list and recommend restaurants. The app would allow new customers to rate the quality of food and services at the restaurants and place orders.

The Advantages of the Food Delivery Business in 2024

Food Delivery App Development is a solution that offers many benefits to food delivery companies.

Convenience and Accessibility:

The convenience of the food delivery business is a significant benefit for customers. Food Delivery App Development Solutions have made it easy for consumers to select their meals by tapping their smartphones.

A Wide Range of Culinary Options:

Customers can choose from various cuisines, regardless of their location. Food Delivery App Development provides users with an extensive network of restaurants.

Data-Driven Insights:

Data can be used to improve the services of food delivery companies. Food Delivery App Development Solutions incorporate advanced analytical tools to provide insights into consumers' preferences and trends. This allows businesses to improve user experience while tailoring their marketing strategies for increased engagement.

Increase Customer Loyalty:

Food delivery platforms implement rewards and loyalty programs to strengthen the relationship between a business and its clients. Food Delivery App Development allows enterprises to integrate features like discounts, personalized recommendations, or points into their apps. This leads to more repeat business and strengthens the platform and customer relationship.

Transparency and Real-Time Tracking:

The integration of GPS technology in Food Delivery App Development has transformed the delivery experience. It gives users real-time location tracking for greater transparency, eliminating uncertainty and creating customer satisfaction.

Market Trends and Adaptability:

Food industry trends and consumer tastes are constantly changing. Agile Food Delivery App Development platforms can adapt quickly to new trends, whether new payment methods or sustainable practices.

Scalability and Global Reach:

Food Delivery App Development can help businesses expand globally, targeting new demographics and markets. As companies grow, scalability gives them an edge.

Contactless Transactions

Contactless transactions have become more critical since the COVID-19 epidemic. With a focus on digital platforms, food delivery companies are naturally drawn to solutions that minimize physical contact. Secure payment gateway integration in Food Delivery App Development ensures users have a safe transaction with minimal hassle.

Operational efficiency:

Platforms for food delivery streamline ordering and delivery, making it easier to operate. Modern Food Delivery App Development Solutions increase business efficiency by automating order processing, optimizing routes, and managing inventory.

What Will It Cost To Make A Food Delivery App?

Cost estimates of creating a food delivery app depend on several different variables. Initial development costs can range from $30 000 to $100 000. It is more cost-effective to build an MVP as the app size and complexity are smaller. Updating and adding features to the app will also cost differently depending on your requirements.

Food Delivery Business


Entrepreneurs looking to enter the food delivery business in 2024 could discover exciting prospects if they manage the development process well.

Success lies in adapting to technological advancements, and one effective food delivery app development company is necessary to guarantee an effortless business launch.

Food Delivery App Development requires meticulous planning, from developing features to addressing logistical hurdles. An intuitive user interface, real-time tracking capabilities, and secure payment gateways are vital features that enhance customer satisfaction and build customer trust. Hence, hiring an mobile app development company to realize these ideas into something functional yet user-friendly becomes crucial in creating customer delight and increasing revenue streams.

Entering the food delivery market offers several distinct advantages. Not only does it meet consumer preferences for convenience, but it can also open new avenues for local businesses to increase their reach and grow. Furthermore, data generated through apps provides invaluable analytics that enables organizations to refine strategies for enhanced customer retention and engagement.


1. How Can I Launch a Food Delivery Business in 2024? 

To successfully launch a food delivery business in 2024, conduct market research to identify your target audience and niche area before creating a comprehensive business plan, acquiring all applicable licenses, and building an engaging online platform.

2. What technology will food delivery businesses require in 2024?

Employ advanced mobile apps, GPS tracking systems, and user-friendly websites as a foundation; investigate emerging technologies like AI-powered route optimization or chatbots to enhance customer experiences further.

3. How can I attract restaurants as partners in my food delivery service? 

Provide competitive commission rates, tout the advantages of increased visibility, and implement efficient order management systems. Furthermore, strong relationships, as well as marketing support, may attract restaurant partners.

4. What are the primary advantages of starting a food delivery business in 2024? 

Benefits include capitalizing on increasing consumer appetite for convenient dining, using cutting-edge technology for efficient operations, and taking advantage of an increase in online food ordering trends.

5. How can I ensure the food safety and quality for my delivery service?

Implement stringent quality control measures, partner with well-regarded restaurants, and educate your delivery personnel on food safety protocols. For best results, use temperature-controlled packaging for fresher produce!

6. What strategies can I employ to distinguish my food delivery business in an increasingly competitive market?

Set yourself apart by providing unique cuisine choices, offering personalized customer experiences, and creating loyalty programs. Emphasize speed and reliability when providing delivery services.

7. What marketing strategies will work effectively for food delivery businesses in 2024?

Utilize digital and social media strategies such as advertisements, partnerships with influencers, referral programs, and discounts to attract and keep customers.

8. What challenges may I encounter when starting a food delivery business?

Challenges include

  • fierce competition,
  • complex operations management needs, and
  • Customer relations issues that arise as you focus on meeting customer demand for food delivery app development services.

Staying current on industry trends as they evolve can also prove essential in making this venture profitable in today's ever-evolving food delivery space.

9. How can I optimize delivery logistics to increase efficiency?

Utilized route optimization software, implemented fleet management systems, and set up real-time tracking. Regularly review and enhance logistics processes to increase overall effectiveness.

10. What legal considerations must I consider when starting a food delivery service?

Assure compliance with local health and safety regulations, obtain necessary licenses and permits, and sign clear contracts with partner restaurants. In addition, ensure data privacy concerns are considered on your online platform.