How to Develop A Matrimonial App: Cost, Features & Process

How to Develop A Matrimonial App: Cost, Features & Process

People are more active on social platforms than in real life these days. They also look for potential life partners on these platforms too. Thus, many dating and matrimonial app solutions have come into the market. 

Moreso, some specific websites focus on offering marriage prospects. Also, many online matrimonial apps help users to find a better partner in the fastest way possible. 

Thus, it’s right to say that a matrimonial app solution provides a swift global reach. Further, cut-throat competition is also a reality in the matrimony industry. So, if you are looking for a matrimony app development company, you must know about every aspect of it.

Here, it includes the cost, features, and the matrimony app development process in detail. Let’s start with cost and the factors affecting it-

Cost Factors in a Matrimonial App Development

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The cost of matrimony app development depends on many factors. First and foremost, it depends on the business model of a matrimony app and the matrimony app development company’s location. 

The cost of hiring a matrimony app development company in developed countries is higher than the ones residing in developing countries. Also, many Asian companies like Indian matrimony app development companies will give you highly cost-effective quality apps. 

Further, the app platform, features & functions, app design, and size of the app also affect the matrimony app development cost. Usually, it takes about $10,000- $25,000 for the 3 to 6 months to develop an on-demand matrimony app.

Features a Matrimonial App solution must have

There are some fundamental features that every matrimony app development company must incorporate in their app. Let’s understand the importance of these fundamental features in the matrimony mobile app solution-

1. Login/Registration

Admin or the matrimony app company gets to access the admin panel and oversee the management. While the user panel helps marriage seekers to make an account and find suitors via this feature.

2. Profile Management

It helps marriage seekers to update and fill out the information about themselves and their expectations from their partners. The matrimony app algorithm helps them find suitable partners using this information.

3. Advanced Search Option

The groom/bride seekers use this option to search for a suitable partner. They are given multiple filters to find compatible partner options. Hence, they narrow down the possible suitors’ list based on personal preferences.

4. In-app Chat

After finding the best match, they can send the request to them. Once they accept the request, the bride and groom seekers’ families exchange dialogues. The in-app communication mode includes text messages, audio/video calling, etc.

Users can also exchange files and photos when it is necessary.

5. Membership Plans

The users get to choose membership plans to unlock advanced features. The membership plans come with many filter options, deals, rewards, and more. Also, many matrimonial sites offer to assign wedding planning teams with venue offers.

6. Customer Support

Users can always use a customer support feature to resolve their queries. Some matrimonial apps have a 24/7 facility to register queries and get solutions. Also, users get their solutions within 24 hours.

7. Push Notifications

It is used by many matrimonial apps to market their services to users. Also, users get real-time notifications on the app. If anyone messages, or visits their profile, they get a notification about it.

8. Safety and Security

The matrimony app company must build a safe platform for people. They need to continuously work on the spam profiles. So, genuine people can find the best partners for themselves or their family members.

9. Ratings & Reviews

Users can rate the site based on their experiences on the platform. They also can share their opinions. Further, it will help other users to decide whether that matrimony app is genuine or not.

Development Process of a Matrimonial Mobile App

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There are a few steps that are required to build a strong and profitable matrimony app. Let’s look at all those steps-


If you’re looking for matrimony app development solutions, then, you must spend an extensive amount of time on market research. You must have in-depth knowledge of the matrimony industry.

Design & Development

After the market research, you must design a unique and robust business plan. In this competitive industry, you must have a unique business plan to thrive in the market for the long term. Also, your business plan must be adaptable to market trends.

Further, you must find a good matrimony app development company. So, you can build the app however you like. It is also an economical approach instead of hiring a personal matrimony app development team. 

Also, choosing the right matrimony app development services is essential too. You can save a lot of time, effort, and money.

Required Features

You must choose the required feature that your mobile app requires. While choosing features and functions, it is also necessary to keep the app software light. It must not take up too much space in the phone storage. 

Further, the matrimony app must have an easy navigation process. So, users don’t get confused and easily use the app.


It is time to launch the app after months of matrimony app development solutions cycle. You can hire your marketing team to build a strong marketing strategy. It is also beneficial to reach out to the target audience in less time with the right resources. 

You can also release multiple sales, seasonal offers, deals, and coupons to attract more clients.


So far, you have understood the fundamentals of the on-demand matrimony app development process, features, and costs. You need to dive deep into the matrimony industry to create a unique strategy.

In addition, market trends also play a huge role in the matrimony app company growth. You need to be updated on the current market trends. Only then, you can grow and build a strong marketing plan for the target audiences. 

It takes a lot of effort to build a matrimonial app. Hence, you need to hire the best matrimony app development services for a better future, growth, and opportunities.