How to build Salon Booking App in 2023

How to build Salon Booking App in 2023

On-demand app development companies have become invaluable in today's increasingly digital environment, where efficiency and convenience are top of mind. One industry that has welcomed these technological developments with open arms is beauty and wellness. No more standing in long lines at hair salons to book appointments or make numerous phone calls; customers now easily plan their salon visits and enjoy on-demand beauty services thanks to salon appointment booking apps and on-demand beauty service apps.

Recent years have witnessed a dramatic transformation in the salon industry due to mobile technology advancement and salon apps' unprecedented rise. 2023 promises continued rapid expansion for this industry sector, as the demand to build Salon booking app is playing an indispensable part in shaping its future development. If you are an owner or entrepreneur looking to develop salon booking app in 2023, this post offers an in-depth guide. From understanding the salon app market and determining your target audience to designing, developing, launching, and marketing it - this comprehensive post covers every step necessary to make your app successful!

Why do Businesses Invest in Salon App?

  • The spa and salon software market has experienced explosive expansion over recent years. According to industry projections, it is projected to grow further between 2021-2028.
  • In 2017, spas and beauty salons generated global revenues totaling 128.59 billion U.S. Dollars, representing global spa revenues totaling 128.59 billion dollars globally.
  • A woman will likely spend over $225,000 of her lifetime on skincare alone.
  • Seventy percent of U.S. 1.2 million stylists, cosmetologists, and hairdressers began marketing their services using mobile apps last year.
  • Globally, beauty industry revenue estimates range between $532 billion in 2015 to an estimated total value of $716.6 billion by 2025.
  • In 2021, spa and beauty clinic sales are projected to total USD 139.1 billion, with compound annual growth rates projected at 4.50 percent until reaching an expected total value of USD 181.44 billion by 2028.

Problem Statement for Salon Booking Apps

Salon staff spend much time scheduling customer call appointments and selling gift cards. However, with salon booking software like Appointment Booker Pro or Salon Scheduler Plus apps such as Zen Planner Lite, they no longer need to manage reservations manually. All scheduling, reports, and billing will now happen seamlessly through one app - saving them valuable time that they can put towards improving customer experiences instead. Clients' lives can become hectic, so they often need to remember to set appointments during office hours. This leads to waiting longer than necessary at their Salon before receiving desired salon services such as barber and beauty treatments. People visit for barbers or beauty treatments but become frustrated after lengthy wait times, eventually returning after having experienced issues at other salons instead. Online salon scheduling allows customers to book appointments easily without waiting in a queue; timely reservations ensure faster service.

We recognized the ease with which salon scheduling enables appointment-making. Salon booking apps are aimed to develop something specific for those too busy in their professional lives to check salon vacancies themselves in person. The goal to build Salon booking app is to streamline salon booking and obtain high-quality salon services as efficiently as possible. No longer considered a luxury but now an essential service, using salon services offers excellent experiences, and eliminating anything that might create issues will only serve to heighten that experience further.

Steps to Build a Salon Booking App in 2023

Now as you are aware about the increasing demand of Salon booking applications. Here are the steps you should follow to build Salon booking app successfully:


In the initial step of Salon booking mobile app development, creativity is critical. Here, you take your initial concept for on-demand app development and add all the fine details about your business, such as targeted audience, area of service, business model, and revenue model, to build an app product around it. Once you have an in-depth knowledge of your business operations, app development should become your next focus. Mobile app development entails offering various beauty and wellness services within one app for maximum consumer convenience. All small businesses in a similar industry must be considered to secure similar services. Once this information has been assembled, searching for the ideal Salon booking mobile app development company should begin.

Searching for Reliable Mobile App Development Companies

Selecting an excellent mobile app development company to build Salon booking app may sound simple. Still, in reality, this task can be more complicated. Therefore, to begin our journey, we must identify what features should make an excellent provider:

  • Extensive experience
  • Great user feedback
  • Impressive track record
  • Massive variety of developed apps
  • Cost efficiency

Once your priorities are clear, the search can commence for an ideal app development company. Here are a few ways you might do just that -

  • Speak to friends and colleagues for recommendations. If one can be found, it would give us an edge; otherwise, we can explore alternative means.
  • Various trustworthy companies rank software development firms based on expertise and customer feedback; two such providers include Clutch and GoodFirms, where you can search for mobile app development companies to suit your requirements and budget.
  • Now, you must visit each company on your list, visit its website, and gain more details. Doing this further narrows the number of shortlisted firms, giving you enough to move on to step three.
  • It is important to contact these companies using their contact details and solicit proposals for your Salon booking mobile app development project.
  • When receiving their proposals, carefully assess each offer until you find one that best matches your specifications and requirements.

Finding the appropriate mobile app development may appear intimidating, but remember: one wrong choice could cost more than expected.

App Development Phase

Once you've selected a Salon booking app development company, it's time to begin development; ensure they provide regular reports detailing its progress. Suppose you need someone else to handle some or all of the project. In that case, these companies offer on-demand Salon booking mobile app developers as an additional service. On-demand mobile app development companies provide extra developers to bolster your development team for ambitious mobile app projects, either remotely from their office or by joining directly to work alongside yours in person. Their flexibility is invaluable when working towards your ambitious goals! Companies might suggest creating an MVP (minimal viable product) depending on your budget and needs. An MVP provides a light version of your mobile app with only essential features and designs. An MVP is an effective way to raise funds for your business. At the same time, its aesthetic may be unappealing, but its purpose will demonstrate to investors your vision. Decide the number of platforms on which you want to build Salon booking app before beginning with actual development. Do you want to develop Salon booking app specifically for Android, iOS, or the Web, or does your Salon appointment booking app need to support all mobile platforms?

Launch Your Salon Booking Mobile App

Assuming you have completed development for a Beauty services app, now comes the time to launch the finalized app into the real world. Allow users to interact with it, leave feedback or offer suggestions, track analyses, and metrics, and make strategic future decisions regarding business growth.

Maintenance & Scalability Opportunities

Mobile app development is an ongoing process. Users using your app might discover bugs or glitches, or someone may provide valuable suggestions that enhance user experience. Preserving business operations smoothly through app maintenance work includes bug fixes, O.S. updates, framework and library updates, and security audits. Scalability opportunities allow your app to meet modern and future business demands by scaling performance, capacity, and functionalities according to contemporary and future business demands.

Benefits of Salon Booking App Development for Businesses

Now let's see whether its benefits outweigh its costs in time and money spent developing one. We will explore the benefits to build Salon booking app in the traditional beauty and wellness service provider framework. Wherever there's room for growth, there lies potential.


No more calls, missed calls, network errors, and visiting salons during daily errands just to book appointments - tap your smartphone screen! Simplicity welcomes more business while saving you and their time, which is always appreciated!

Push Notifications

Our lives can become busy, making us forget to care for ourselves properly. A push notification may serve as a gentle reminder that visiting their nail technician or spa may be beneficial - it might make all the difference in ensuring we take better care of ourselves!

Multiple Payment Options

Offering users several payment options allows them to select their preferred mode of payment - making payment more straightforward for customers! A general guideline in business says always make it easier than necessary for your clients or customers.

Customization & Personalization

People like being in control. And when it comes to their care, choosing who and what services are provided feels like playing video games! Everything feels rewarding, like video game rewards, while earning virtual ones at every step.

Self-Care Service Advertisement

Self-care service providers can use paid promotions and marketing tools to increase customer awareness of their offerings to grow their business by targeting more clients with ads for self-care service provision.

Setting Up Appointments for Customers

Fashion trends have seen a dramatic transformation. Consumers must schedule appointments before visiting salons to take advantage of any services, much like you might before consulting your physician or business client. An integral calendar should be provided so customers can easily book appointments per their wishes. People visit salons and spas when on holidays or have free time. Shops tend to get very crowded early in the morning or late in the day; by making a reservation, a customer saves plenty of time by not waiting their turn in line and can save a considerable amount of time! Once a reservation is placed, SMS and email notifications will be sent directly to the owner, who can prepare in advance for each appointment (for instance, facials and hair spa services).

Inventory Management

Today's salons are packed with high-tech devices and essential creams used for multiple purposes; therefore, it becomes necessary to maintain an inventory list for these supplies. Owners can conveniently check their stock by name to identify anything missing and place orders as necessary. Furthermore, this feature enables him to add or subtract items from his inventory as desired. He can obtain comprehensive information regarding your products and the prices of each item. By understanding your spending per product or category item, they can stay informed about their costs and manage their inventory according to market needs and customer preferences.

Implementation of Global Positioning System

Implementing GPS is an advanced technology that, once deployed, will benefit clients by helping them track down your Salon easily. Geofence technology will also assist businesses in targeting specific customers and determining their locations more precisely than in years past. Contemporary stores are vastly different than just ten years ago, as salon owners and stylists increasingly embrace modern technology, which not only brings significant change to work culture but also introduces all sorts of unique hairstyles and treatments that nobody knew before! One significant change has been that these stores have become big-profit companies with excellent ROI prospects, necessitating additional features to build Salon booking App:

  • Geolocation
  • Sign Up Bonus
  • Push Notifications
  • Customer Feedback & Rating System
  • Before and After
  • Group Membership Profile and Availability
  • Salon Appointment Setting
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Contact us
  • About us
  • Branded Custom Apps
  • Share Apps via Social Sites
  • Mobile Referral Program
  • To add or call someone in the Contacts Book.
  • GPS directions to drive
  • Collection and service menu on smartphone
  • Appointment reminder on mobile
  • Gift card
  • News

How Much Does it Cost to Build Salon Booking App in 2023?

In recent years, user behavior has dramatically transformed beauty services. People increasingly rely on mobile salon apps as reliable booking agents in salons; many users now search online to book appointments for different beauty treatments and solutions. As this shift occurs so drastically across industries, including beauty salons themselves, creating mobile salon applications has become a trend within beauty. Makeup service providers often turn to applications to expand their businesses quickly. No matter the scale of your enterprise, owning an application has the power to have a direct effect on business expansion. Handling multiple clients efficiently while overseeing beauticians effectively, scheduling appointments efficiently, and tracking work profiles effectively can be achieved using apps. Beauty professionals recognize people's affinity towards mobile devices and have expressly noted this trend by designing spa and beauty salon booking apps. However, costs associated with creating such booking applications still need to be solved. When discussing the cost to build Salon booking app, several aspects must be taken into consideration as their price can depend on many different elements, such as:

  • Mobile app designing
  • Mobile app complexity; primary functionality
  • Advanced functionality
  • Technology environments such as Android O.S. or IOS platforms
  • Developer Skills and Experience 

The Key Takeaway

Running a salon requires patience and technique, making its maintenance challenging. In an age when technology offers solutions to virtually every problem, companies have turned towards high-tech solutions to stay current with modern realities. One surefire way of turning your beauty app idea into a working application is partnering with an app development firm specializing in beauty applications. Your salon revenue could increase with just some work and dedication online. By going digital, your Salon can reach more potential clients and bring in additional payments your business requires. However, for optimal success, it is necessary to speak to an application development provider that offers beauty on-demand services as soon as possible and discuss various details concerning application development services with them beforehand.


1. How Long Will It Take to Build a Salon Booking App Like Fresha?

This depends heavily on the complexity and features of your mobile app for selling hair and beauty products; developing one with multiple functionalities could take 3-9 months, depending on its complexity. To get an estimate, consult an on-demand app development firm.

2. What Are the Advantages of Developing an App to Provide Beauty Services on Demand for Your Business? 

Here are a few advantages you'll gain by creating an on-demand beauty services application for your company. Search engine reviews are how 68% of your customers discover your brand and choose whether or not to visit your store, making search engine reviews critical for customer acquisition and retention. Therefore, developing an app encouraging users to provide positive evaluations will create long-lasting bonds between the company and users. Average smartphone users spend 90% of their phone usage time using apps, providing your business an ideal opportunity to expand by developing customized mobile applications across platforms with your name and logo prominently featured.

3. Which type of salon applications can I create?

Hire an Android app development company to build Salon booking app such as:

  • Hairdresser App
  • Hair and Beauty Salon App
  • Beauty And Wellness Application
  • Salon Mobile App
  • Complete Service Solution
  • App for Selling Hair and Beauty Products

4. Are You Sure Your On-Demand Beauty Service App Development Is Secure?

Beauty apps are highly susceptible to security risks and breaches; therefore, they must be safeguarded using only cutting-edge tools and technologies to develop secure apps.