Build a Real Estate Mobile App

Build a Real Estate Mobile App

Zillow and Trulia are undisputed app store leaders, with over 10,000,000 downloads. Making a successful real estate app is easy: copy Zillow or Trulia.The answer is more complex than you might think.Suppose you're going to be able to compete against the American market. In that case, your app must stand out from Zillow or Trulia. If you plan to expand outside of the US, then it's necessary to modify Zillow. It's because the users, laws, and competitors are all different.Trulia, Zillow, and other similar sites can be a great source of information, but it is important to build a real estate mobile app with advanced features.The article below will show you how to develop real estate app like Zillow and Trulia.

Share of Real Estate Applications

In 2022, 96% of customers are expected to search for properties online. Of these customers who searched for property online, 60% were on their mobile phones.CRETI’s Report shows that real estate technology investments will increase in 2022. we invested $13.1 Billion in PropTech companies between Q1 of 2022 and Q2 of 2022. The funding is up 5.6% from last year. The National Association of Realtors report:

  • Over 44% of people began searching for property online in 2018. In 2023, this number is likely to rise.
  • In 2018, 81% of older and younger millennials and 78% of Generation X buyers located their homes on mobile ( Source).
  • More than 90% of baby boomers between 53 and 70 believe virtual house tours are an important feature in a real-estate application.

What Can you do to Develop an App for Real Estate in 2023?

JPLoft can build a real estate mobile app for your business from the ground up. Here are the steps our developers follow for real estate mobile app development


Before building any real estate application, we define our target audience: their characteristics, traits, and main goals. We can then decide which features the app will have. We will discuss with you the budget, deadlines, and features.The screens, as well as other elements, are designed by our team. All graphic solutions must be clearly defined. With a real estate mobile app, you can stand out among your competitors.Next, we create the MVP prototype. Here, we build the project structure. Next, we will make the navigation and interface.


The design will be sent to our developers, who will refine it. The developers must first design the screens and then create the code that connects them so the approved functionality can be used. Code is used to communicate between an app's visible part (front end) and its invisible counterpart (back),which stores the data.

Final Test

The testing process removes any bugs or inconsistencies. Ignoring this step could lead to losing the first users after your launch, as certain modules may not work.The layout of a app and its conformance to design are tested like that used for testing applications. Then, we will test the functionality of the project.


Once your app is completed, our experts can help you with packaging, management, and deployment. Even adding it to the AppStore is possible. Your app will be compliant with the platform rules.

Support for Post-Launch

Monitor the performance of all your apps. We will optimize your app's speed if necessary. Will remove all bugs and make improvements.We provide full-cycle services, so we include all costs when we build a real estate mobile app for your business. 

Real Estate App Ideas & Types

Custom real estate applications can be used for a wide range of purposes. It is essential to define type, function, and features before you start to build a real estate mobile app for your business.

Apps for Realtors

  • Renters, homebuyers and Realtors
  • Client communication is made easier
  • Real estate documents: access to them
  • Reduction of paperwork

Home Management Applications

  • Renters, homebuyers and real estate agents
  • It is simple to track the condition of homes and apartments for rent or sale

Listing Application

  • Renters, homebuyers and real estate agents
  • It is simple to view the available apartments and houses
  • Information on the basic properties

Smart Home Access Apps

  • Real estate agents, homebuyers and renters
  • Smart home technology is available in many places and apartments.
  • Trending among millennials

Property Management Applications

  • Property Managers
  • Property management in real-time streamlines
  • Rent due dates and maintenance requests can be viewed conveniently.
  • Advanced Analytics Features

Rent or Buy Apps

  • Real estate agents, homebuyers, tenants, and landlords
  • Find houses for rent or purchase with ease
  • You can search for criteria like location, price, or amenities.
  • Your search results will be automatically generated based on the criteria you specify
  • Each listing includes detailed information

Real Estate Agent Assistant Apps

  • Real estate agents
  • Client communication is easy and seamless
  • Automated Document management
  • Easy listing
  • Reduced workload for agents

Home valuation apps

  • Agents, vendors, landlords, and investors in real estate
  • Analysis of the actual market value for a property
  • Tracking housing sales and trends using public and private data
  • How to predict future house values and what factors drive them

Virtual Tour Applications

  • Real estate agents, homebuyers, tenants, and landlords
  • The 3D tour is the most authentic way to view online properties
  • Renters and buyers are choosing preferred properties and saving more.

Why Build a Real Estate Mobile App in 2023?

Worldwide, it is estimated that there are 6.259 billion smartphone users. To stay relevant in any industry, going digital is essential i.e., to build a real estate mobile app. Many people depend on their smartphones for information and convenience.

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Real estate developers can improve the efficiency of their teams and workflows by using digital tools. These tools can enhance the homebuyer or tenant experience. It's unnecessary to hire an agency to build a real estate mobile app. A real estate app can be used for many things.

Customer Contact

Customer Relationship Management is about organizing and segmenting valuable client information. Your sales team can manage data on clients using an app.

Display Property Listings

Please provide detailed information on available properties to help your clients search for a property. Your clients and sales staff can use advanced search features to search your listings.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a great way to improve property information. Buyers can see more details of your property using mobile devices. Redfin reported that in 2021, virtual tours would increase sales by 63% among buyers who had yet to visit a property personally.

Open Houses

Reminders in the app can be used to alert clients about upcoming events. You can use geolocation pins to locate the property easily on a map.

Send Messages to your Clients

You can use messenger apps to separate your chats with clients and personal ones. You can use it for staff internal communication as well!

Push Notifications

The use of push notifications is a good way to maintain user interest. The messages can be relevant, useful, and timely, like reminders about new listings, property updates, or price cuts.

Renting Properties

Build mutually beneficial relationships with property owners and homebuyers by advertising rental properties in bulk.

Useful Features for Real Estate Mobile App

You may need help differentiating a real estate agent app with basic features. Add some features that will make your app more useful. But you should keep one thing in mind, integration of complex features may increase real estate app development cost, so only include required features. This is an overview.

CRM Integration

A CRM system can be a great addition to your real estate application. This is an excellent way to keep in touch with clients and prospects.

MLS Integration

A private property database known as Multiple Listing Service (MLS) allows professionals in real estate to have access to a large number of listings. Professionals can import and publish more real estate listings by integrating a Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Compare Feature

Renters and buyers will find it easier to compare offers. The user will not have to switch between tabs to compare offers. Users can now reach all housing offers in one location.

Currency Converter

Incorporate a currency convertor into the payment system of your app. It will simplify the payment process for your app users.

Tools for Marketing and Advertising

Promote listings by providing tools to landlords, agents, and sellers. Marketing can include email marketing, social media marketing, and content-based advertising.

Individual recommendations

Your real estate application will be more profitable and appealing if you include personal recommendations. Based on your user data, you can customize offers.

Street View and Navigation

Maps can help users better understand the region. Google Maps API lets interested parties preview an area without traveling there.

Advanced Search Function

Include, at the very least, property type, listing type, area, range of prices, and type. Consider including the lot size, square footage, and year of construction.

3D Virtual Tours

Homebuyers are more likely to be interested in listings that include virtual tours. Virtual tours provide a better understanding of the property's layout.

Save searches and Favorite Listings

Users can create lists and search for properties. They will be more engaged. Agents can use these lists to suggest similar options. The user profile should make it easy to access these lists. This feature is very if you wish to build a real estate mobile app that generates profit.

Calculators to Calculate Mortgage and Property Costs

Calculators are available to make things easier. The price of a mortgage includes monthly payments, taxes, insurance, and mortgages.

Feedback Systems

Homebuyers can gain more trust by rating agents and neighborhoods. Apps that allow customers to leave ratings on agents, settings, and other apps and feedback are transparent and more reliable. Apps can use this feature for real estate agents.


Online chats and chatbots let customers get instant answers without having to wait. The user can get more information without searching for the topic.

Augmented Reality

AR can be beneficial to both buyers and sellers. AR will allow users to change the colors of their walls, add new furniture, and redesign interiors.


Categories and filters are also options for simplifying the search. When developing an app to help you with real estate, be sure that the filters and categories are based on the needs of your users.


If the real estate app is used to help find a house, it must integrate databases. Third-party applications APIs can help streamline and configure MLS data to suit the format of an app.

Real-Time Messaging

All parties involved in the real estate industry, including agents, buyers, and agencies, should be able to communicate with instant messaging. You can send attachments, files, emails, text messages, and emails. We recommend voice and video calling to create more communication options.


The calendar allows buyers to book appointments with their agents easily. They can then book dates using the app.


For a business, it is essential to gather and analyze information on the behaviors and preferences of its customers. This analysis will help you to find a better apartment or home.

Personal Profiles

A profile can be beneficial to agents as well. Real estate agents can also benefit from a profile. They can describe themselves and their experience to attract new clients or promote their listings.

Administrative Panel

The feature can be extremely useful for landlords, property managers, and agents. The parties could each submit listings or remove them and monitor their respective revenue streams.This panel gives rental agencies access to their tenants' credit histories and rental histories.

The Cost of Creating a Property Application

You might be asking yourself how much does it costs to opt for real estate mobile app development servicesfrom a renowned app development company. This question is difficult to answer due to the many factors involved. These factors can include your software's complexity and features.First, let's list the main stages to build a real estate mobile app.

Web and Mobile Development

The development of real estate applications begins at the very beginning.You can add features to your app by using the admin panel. This includes AR, chatbots, and push notifications.Remember that your costs will increase as you add more features.Consider whether you want to develop an app like Dubizzle for iOS or Android. If you're looking to satisfy the demands of your customers, it is best to create cross-platform apps that work on all major OS. Web and mobile development costs: This can cost approximately $27,000 for 900-hours of work.

UX/UI design

Studying the target audience can create a unique user experience and interface. An adaptive mobile app for real estate will run on all devices.UX/UI design price: up to 200 hours for a total of $6,000

Testing and Quality Assurance

It's important to test your product before you release it. JPLoft performs manual and automated tests to guarantee bug-free and high-performance software.It will provide insight into the app's use and allow for features and interfaces to be improved.Price of QA: up to 200 hours for $6,000.

Project Management

A project manager ensures that the client's requirements are fully met and that all deadlines will be met. The project manager performs risk analyses to determine possible security vulnerabilities and will communicate with clients on developing real estate applications.Project management costs are typically between 10 and 15 percent of the total budget. Our current estimation is that it will cost around $5,500.So what is the approximate cost to develop a real estate app? Look at this table.

Web and Mobile Development$27,000
UX/UI Design$6,000
Testing and Quality Assurance$6,000
Project Management$5,500

  Simple and basic solutions can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000. More complex apps, such as those shown in the above image, can cost up to $75,000Costs to build a real estate mobile app will depend on the project's complexity.A complex app will require more technology and talent. Before you start working on your app, it is possible to get an estimation of its price. We'll provide you with an estimate for the cost of your real estate app and will explain all costs.

Key Challenges Covered by Real Estate Applications

Already, we have migrated into the digital age. Apps are used everywhere for shopping, new houses, and entertainment. Real estate apps help meet customers' needs while streamlining your business.Check out some of the advantages of mobile Androidappdevelopment for real estate.

Improve your clients' experience

Many factors influence the decision to purchase a house.Buyers are often limited in time and, therefore, need help to view homes. Buyers must also compare properties, remember their specifics, and make the best choice for them based on budget and preferences.This tool allows users to easily access their data from any location, at any time, and on any device. The agency also provides virtual tours.

Leverage data

Real estate applications can provide data on properties that are listed.Online searches are becoming more common. Statista states that 80% of Millennials and 78% of Generation X search for houses in the USA using mobile devices.Mobile apps for real estate can assist clients at every stage of their journey, help them find more affordable deals, and develop more effective marketing campaigns.

How to manage your real estate team

Create an app for realtors in addition to one for clients. They combine features like scheduling viewings and exchanging messages with agents and clients.Mobile apps allow businesses to organize themselves better and consolidate their lead generation and conversion efforts.

Market share increase

Developing a real estate app effectively increases market visibility as clients search for property on their mobile phones. Mobile apps put clients' services right at their fingertips.Real estate apps can help businesses better serve clients by offering them services on their preferred platforms.

Increased property sales

Real estate apps provide you with many tools that will help you to attract, convert, and retain customers.Keep in touch with clients using in-app messaging, email, and notifications. Inform them about updates, listings, offers, and more.

Routine Task Automaton

The goal of real estate mobile app development is to automate routine tasks. The agents will no longer need to look at their schedules or locate available slots to make a booking.Customers can search and book viewings by selecting a date, time, or both on the app of the agent who is responsible for that property.For several reasons, real estate applications have gained popularity over the past few years. You should hire remote mobile app developersto create a real estate app for several reasons.

  • Better customer experience
  • You can access all the data that your company generates
  • Insight into customer behavior for better data-driven decisions
  • Reaching new markets will increase your market share.
  • Automation of routine tasks

Real estate mobile app development offers a variety of options. It may appear to be a good option initially, but you could run into problems in the future. Our dedicated developers will enable you to build simple apps that are not highly customizable.You can add as many features to the app as you want, which will cost more. You can hire a dedicated team or work with an outsourcing company. Consider IT staff augmenting if you require a full-time remote employee for your team.


The real estate industry has more growth potential than ever, thanks to the increasing interest in investment in real estate and the adoption of new technology.The demand to build a real estate mobile app is expected to continue and is not stopping soon. Competition will increase. Even though Zillow, Trulia, and other similar sites are available, people still search for an alternative. How do you build a real estate app worthy of its niche?Find a reputable real estate iOS app development company to start creating an app for your real estate business.Remember that your app must be simple to use. Zillow and Trulia are popular apps because they have easy-to-use interfaces and a large database of properties. These requirements are complex to meet when developing an app. You can do anything with the right developers. Want to see the video? Please email us.


1. What are the functions of real estate mobile apps? 

Real estate mobile apps facilitate buying, selling, renting, and leasing property efficiently through user-friendly digital platforms. Users can search properties while viewing listings and scheduling viewings while communicating directly with real estate agents or property owners through this digital medium.

2. What features should I include when building a real estate mobile app? 

For an optimal user experience when developing a real estate mobile app, include property search filters, listings with high-resolution images and detailed descriptions, interactive maps, mortgage calculators, user profiles, push notifications for new listings, virtual property tours, and secure payment options.

3. How Can I Secure User Data in Real Estate Mobile Apps

Data security in real estate mobile apps is of utmost importance. To protect user information, it is wise to follow best practices such as encrypting both transit and rest data, using secure authentication methods (e.g., two-factor authentication),regularly upgrading security patches, and complying with data protection regulations like GDPR/CCPA as well as performing regular security audits/penetration tests to detect vulnerabilities.

4. Should I develop for iOS, Android, or both platforms?

Ultimately, it depends on your target audience and budget - starting on one may work better, though eventually, developing for both platforms will reach more users and get them quickly.

5. How Can I Monetize a Real Estate Mobile App? 

You can use various strategies to monetize a real estate mobile app, including in-app advertisements from real estate agencies or mortgage providers and subscription models that offer premium features or access to exclusive listings at monthly or annual fees.