Cost To Create An App Like TikTok

Cost To Create An App Like TikTok

People are preferring an app like TikTok!!    Do you know why??   No???   Check it out!!   Have you ever heard of an app that has become popular overnight?    Thinking, thinking, thinking!!   Yes, you are right. TikTok!    TikTok is the only app that became popular within no time and the craziness has not halted yet. It is the new trend and its spark has not faded away.    It is impossible that you have not heard about TikTok because it is the present sensation of youngsters. This Chinese music video platform allows you to create short videos and then share them with your friends.    Earlier, it was known as “” but later the Chinese company- ByteDance rebranded it as “TikTok”.    After the launch of TikTok, the thing that became common between Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram is that they started losing their active users.    Yes, you read it right. The most entertaining social media were lashed after the launch of TikTok.    TikTok grabbed the title of “entertainment” and now owns this title.   The “lip-syncing” app has become a “Must-App” in the life of not only the young generation but also all types of generation as it provides online karaoke experience.    TikTok is a combination of two mobile applications- and native. In China, a separate version of TikTok is run by the name Douyin.   It is available on both Android and iOS and has ruled in the world of the millions and is still counting.   

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TikTok Ban In India

  Being so popular among people, Tiktok was still banned in India on 29th June 2020 due to many reasons. Many people were against it but still, the Government of India took this step for the reasons which are non-mentionable.   This is where people started to look for mobile app development companies that can create an app like TikTok with a better version.    Now, the mobile app development companies are competing to make its clone to enjoy its advantages.     So, if you are also in search of making a short-video creation mobile app then you have come to the right place because in this article we will cover how much will it cost to create an app like TikTok?  

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TikTok Mobile App Statistics

  • It has 500 million active users worldwide.
  • TikTok was the third most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2019, with 188 million new users.
  • It ranked as the topmost downloaded app in Apple’s iOS App Store for the first quarter of 2019, with more than 33 million downloads.
  • 41% of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24.
  • When it comes to the usage of TikTok based on gender, 55.6% of users are male and 44.4% of users are female.
  • Users spend around 52 minutes per day on the app.
  • TikTok is available in 154 countries.
  • 68% of TikTok users watched someone else’s video and 55% uploaded their own video.
  • 26.5 out of the 500 million monthly active users are from the USA.


Four Factors That Make TikTok Successful

1. Fast And Easy Content Creation

  The content creation is very easy and fast as the duration of videos are limited to a few seconds. Not only this but the editing, as well as the uploading process, is also easy and fast. The audience can also watch endless crazy videos.   

2. Right Target Audience

  TikTok targeted youngsters and this is the reason why it became popular. Later on, it became famous among all age groups.   

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3. Money-Earning Potential For Users

  TikTok became the source of income for many users. Users can earn by creating innovative and creative videos.   

4. Convenient UI

  The UI of TikTok is extremely convenient and users love it. The homepage contains videos that can be seen just by scrolling and this is the reason why people are attracted to it.  

The Must-Have Features of TikTok Mobile Application

  TikTok App is a combination of the User Side and Admin Panel. Given below are the features which should be included in TikTok.  

User Application Features

1. Login

  A login screen is the most important screen as it is the first and foremost screen of any mobile application. For this reason, the app developers should pay more attention to it.    Design a login page containing a form by which the users can enter the app. Also, add a social media button so that the user can log in with their social media accounts.  

2. Video Section 

  The whole concept of the TikTok mobile app is based on Videos. So keeping this in mind, this section must get the maximum attention from both development and users front.   Here, you have to give the users the option to download and share their videos on social media platforms. There must be an option of “Draft” also so that the user can add the created video in it and can publish according to their wish.  

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3. Notifications 

  The app should send real-time notifications to the users with respect to the followers, likes, and shares activities that are made on their videos.  

4. Settings 

  Settings section will allow users to manage their profile, manage blocked users, change their password, work around the app settings, and contact the parent company in case of any dispute.  

5. Admin Panel Features

  The Admin side of the TikTok app will allow admins to manage user management, notification management, content management, manage the flagged videos, and handle reports.   Now that we have discussed TikTok, let us now discuss TikTok like the app.  

How Much Will It Cost To Create An App Like TikTok?

  The cost of an app like TikTok totally depends on features, technologies that will be used in the development and allocation of resources.   If you want the features that are mentioned above then the app cost of TikTok like the app will cost you around $35,000 to $50,000. The time it will take to develop is around 6 months.   


  I have mentioned all the details that will be helpful to you and the only thing which is left for getting started is to get in touch with our expert mobile app developers who will help you to create an app like TikTok.   If you want any kind of help regarding mobile app development solutions, don’t hesitate to call our executive at +44-1256-274012 or drop your inquiry at [email protected] or Free Quote at-