Shopping Assistant App Development

Shopping Assistant App Development

People while shopping look for convenience. So, if you don’t have Shopping Assistant App then you will see a downfall in your business.    During COVID-19, laziness has been at its peak and people prefer going to places where they can find things easily. So, take advantage of people’s laziness and give them a shopping assistant app.    Also, as technology is evolving, the expectations of people are also growing. Modern life is very busier and lazier. Today, we are living in a digital world where there are many platforms. Let us look at how technology will change the shopping experience and everything about shopping assistant app development.  

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How Do Shopping Assistant App Work?

Personal shopping assistant apps are in high demand and are taking over the mobile app market. These shopping assistant apps are a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Human Analysis. This makes the buying process easier as consultation with people is not required.   Artificial Intelligence processes a huge amount of information, downloads data from hundreds of web directories and websites, searching for the right product at a speed unmatched by human capabilities.  

Reasons For Shopping Assistant App Development

The use of smartphones is increasing and smartphones are used more in comparison to desktops. Shopping assistant app development is highly considered due to many reasons. The main reason is it saves time and money by offering the best prices. Also, it provides a variety of options at short notice.   Due to our hectic schedule, we don’t have time to browse things and waste time in this. This is where such apps come as a saviour in our lives. Instead of going through hundreds of dresses in the store, the user can go through thousands of them online, which artificial intelligence helps them to choose according to their preferences. They can buy the best quality products after going through the reviews and ratings.  

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Important Features Of Shopping Assistant App Development

The shopping assistant apps are gaining huge popularity and are in high demand. So, if you want a shopping assistant app then you must have an idea of the unique features that you want in this app. Given below are features that you can include while shopping assistant app development.  

1. Find Best Deals By Comparing Prices

A personal shopping assistant app must have this feature through which the users can find the right product at affordable prices. Apart from this, such apps also compare the products that find the best one for the users.   

2. Purchase History

This feature helps the users to view the past purchases they have made along with details such as price, features of the product, coupons used while purchasing the app, and a lot more things. There are people who repeat their purchases and with this feature, they can repeat the previous orders instead of again selecting the items.  

3. Package Tracking

The users want to know where their product has reached and this feature allows the user to track their product at every stage. Not only this, but the user is notified through email, push notifications, or SMS.  

4. Image Recognition

This is the new trend and demand for the market. Instead of text, the user can upload the image of the products they want. The application recognizes the image that has been uploaded and provides the results according to it or similar to it.  

5. Personalized Recommendations

Personalized recommendations are the best feature as it provides a section where it shows that the user can buy more things along with the things they are buying. This is done through Machine Learning.   For example: If the user is buying a shirt then there will be recommendations of jeans, shoes, and other items that other users have purchased. The recommendations will be according to your searches or previous purchases.   

6. Coupons

This feature provides the best coupon available for the products you are buying. There will be many coupons available for the product but this feature helps in choosing the best one with the best deals.  

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Human Vs Artificial Intelligence In Shopping Assistant App

Playing the role of a personal assistant is a bit difficult task. So, people are now preferring Artificial Intelligence. The other options that can be used are Siri or Cortana. With the help of these systems, human efforts will be decreased as while interacting with them is the same as interacting with humans.    But there are people who still consider humans over such systems as it provides more benefits that cannot be denied. Both Artificial Intelligence and Human being have their own advantages and disadvantages. So it is better to combine both Artificial Intelligence and Humans.   Humans provide fully-customized services which Artificial Intelligence cannot provide. Artificial Intelligence will work only according to the algorithm and does not provide the efficiency of humans. Also, humans consider all the needs of the users and they will answer according to the question of the user.  

Cost For Shopping Assistant App Development

The Shopping assistant app development is a bit costly and time-consuming but the results you will receive will be the best as per your requirement. The cost to develop a shopping assistant app is USD 60k to 70k. The time that will be taken will be 9 to 9 months. But as we always say that the cost and time will depend on the features you want in your app. Also, accordingly, we will choose the team that will be required.  

Team Required

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Developer (Android/ iOS)
  • Web Developer
  • Python Developer
  • Artificial Intelligence Developer
  • Quality Analyst

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The time for shopping assistant app development is more as the features which will be integrated requires time. For this, you must hire professionals that will provide you with this solution perfectly on time and at an affordable cost.   If you want a company that can help you with the shopping assistant app then you contact the best Mobile App Development Company for your help. Don’t hesitate to call our executive at +44-1256-274012 or drop your inquiry at [email protected] or Free Quote at-