Features and Development Cost For Packers and Movers Mobile App

Features and Development Cost For Packers and Movers Mobile App

While shifting from one place to another for any reason the only thing that comes to our mind is the packers and movers industry to shift our things. This is the reason why the Packers and Movers industry has become popular over the years. This process becomes very convenient by Mobile App Development Company by introducing multiple Packers and Movers Application.   So, to make this industry reach new heights, the businessmen are inclined towards mobile apps. For this, the Mobile App Development Company plays a major role.   The main motive to use the packers and movers application is to keep an eye on the shifting activities. The requirement of each customer vary and this mobile application helps in fulfilling their requirements at each and every step.   Let us take an example of the US.   According to the statistics of 2019, around 32,252,000 people moved. Let us understand the reason for moving using the image.     So, to help the customers at every step, I have listed a few of the features of the packers and movers app. These features will help your app to stand out of the competition and will attract the customers which will help you to reach success.  

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 Top Essential Features for a Successful Packers and Movers Mobile App


1. Provide users with the in-app camera and manual pick-up information  

The in-app camera feature will allow the customers to click a photo of their products which is to be transported. This will not only help the customer remember their things but will also help the driver of the vehicle to be more cautious.   Also, provide a feature that will help the customer choose their date and pick-up time of the products as per their convenience. By doing so will help in avoiding mishaps and your online business will not look back after that. So choosing the best Mobile App Development Company will help you achieve this.  

2. Integrate geolocation to track the order in real-time  

The geolocation feature helps the customer to keep an eye on the location of the driver assigned for their product shifting. This feature builds trust between you and the customer which results in the growth of your business.  

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3. Provide 24/7 support via Chatbots  

Before Choosing the packers and movers app, the customer would love to know whether their requirements will be fulfilled or not?   It is obvious because no one would like to waste money on such a company that will not meet their requirements.   So, for this, it is very important to include an in-app chatbot feature. This feature will answer the queries the clients have in their minds about their products and the company. Not only this your packers and movers app will be considered as a good example of online customer support.   Also, there will be no miscommunication due to which the customer will feel a sense of security and satisfaction.  

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4. Allow users to pay in advance via any mode of payment  

The most advanced and secure way to grow in your business is to add the integrating payment gateways. There are people who like to do the payment online through credit card, debit card, PayPal, Stripe, and a lot more.   So, provide a better payment gateway on your app and the in-app navigation must be proper from the beginning to the end till they make payment and get the receipt/ invoice. This is also a major factor to gain the trust of the customers on you and your company.  

5. Add filters such as price filter   

Don’t give your customers a price quotation instead provide them the price filter. This feature will help them to select their own price range which will not result in bargaining.   Not only this but also provide the customers with other filters wherever necessary. This will help the customers to choose their own facilities. It will also help you in keeping their requirement records.  

Other Important Features


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  a. List of Service Providers   

 If you own a packers and movers business then it is very important to add the names of the employees and if you just want an app then add a list of packers and movers service providers nearby. By this, the customer can easily hire the best employee or the company by seeing the ratings, recommendations, or reviews.

  b. Scheduling or Booking    

 Include the scheduling or booking feature. With this feature, the customer can easily do future bookings by which their burden of hurry reduces. In this feature, don’t forget to include the requirements, locations, pick up time, and all that information that must be needed during pre-booking.  

c. Accept/Reject a Request  

The accept/ reject a request feature must be included for the employees. This feature is important for the employee as well as the customer. Let us understand in detail-   If the customer schedules a booking then it is up to the customer whether to accept or reject it. This might happen because, during the scheduled time, he might be busy providing his services to another customer due to which he has no other option except to reject it.   And when the employee accepts the job then he has to complete it without fail. But before accepting, he must check the location, requirement, and timings. By this, he can confirm whether he can do it or not, and if he is comfortable then he will accept it.   The employee must check their availability and mark it on the calendar. This will help the customers to know which dates they are free.  

 d. Ratings And Reviews   

Every big company includes this feature.   Why?   Because after taking the service, the customer can rate the service and also provide feedback on the app itself. This will help in the growth of your business and you can easily check which employee is better and which is lacking behind.   Not only this, but you can also post the reviews on your social media account which will build trust between you and your customers. It will not only benefit you but will also help the customers as they can check the reviews and accordingly can choose the employee or the company.   You can also send the notification to the customers to remind them to rate or review their services.  

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e. Push Notification  

This feature is undoubtedly a must because it has a lot of advantages. By this feature, you can retain your customers who use your services regularly on the app. So, it is very important to send the latest information about the changes made in the app. It helps them to keep your app updated.   You can also send a notification regarding the inclusion of any new employee or a new mover company in the app.   Other than this, there are a lot of uses of this feature which includes-   i. You can send push notification to the customers after the service for the reviews and ratings. ii. You can also send notification regarding any offers or discounts.   So before planning for packers and movers app development, list-down the features you require in it which will help you as well as the audience. For this contact the best Mobile App Development Company that will fulfill your requirements for your customers.  

Different Panels to be Included  


This app will be used by all the parties due to which it becomes important for the developers to include three versions. For this, you can hire the best app development company.   We must include all the three panels because by this all the parties can use the app comfortably. The mobile application development company must keep in mind to establish the easy-to-use panels.   So let us understand each panel in detail and the facilities it is providing.  

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  1. The User Panel  

 a. Easy Sign-up & registration   

The signup and registration form must be simple to use. You must allow the user to signup using social media accounts. By this, there will be no requirement to fill the details again.  

b. Request for a Survey  

The user must be allowed to send a request for the survey. This will help you to know how much things are to be transported.  

 c. Search Facility  

This facility will help the customer to search the company or employee they need.  

d. Photo Uploading facility  

By using this facility, the customer can get an estimate of their things. They just have to upload the photos.  

 e. Date Scheduling  

Users can schedule the date for relocation and not only this they have the right to set pick-up and drop-off points.  

 f. Notifications  

The user must get the notification at each and every step where it is required. Like acceptance/ rejection of the request, who will be taking the goods, whether reached or not, etc.  

 g. Invoice  

It is very important to provide the invoice for the payment to be made. It can be either by sending on their mail or through the app itself.  

h. Payment options  

The user must have the right to choose which mode of payment they want to do. It can include any sort of mode- online or through cash.  

 i. Tracking of Goods  

This facility is very important as it is also helpful in building trust. Through this facility, the customer can track the truck of the goods and by this, they can get to know when the goods will arrive.  

 j. Order History Storing  

The customer can store their order history. This is very beneficial for regular customers as they can use it for commercial purposes.  

k. Rating  

Using this facility, the customer can rate the services you provided.  

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2. The Mover’s Panel  


a. Sign-up  

Fill up all the details to sign-up. The movers must register using their e-mail id and phone number.  

b. Provide details in Profile  

Movers have to create a profile and have to provide all the details about their facilities.  

c. Mention Area of Expertise  

The movers can also mention their area of expertise which will help the customers to choose the best among all.  

d. List Availability Dates  

They can mark their availability by which the customers can easily know which company or employee is available.  

e. Accept or Reject Orders  

The movers have the right to accept or reject the order due to any of the valid reasons.  

f. Accepting of Payment  

This panel has the right to accept the payments made by the customers.  

g. Rate or Review the customers  

The company or employee can rate the customers according to their behavior.  

h. Order History overview  

The movers can see their order history as well as their earnings on a regular basis.  

3. The Admin Panel  

a. Customer and movers registration  

The admin has all the rights to register the customer as well as movers.  

b. Verification of each mover  

Before allowing any of the companies to register, you have to verify them.  

 c. Ensure of Documents  

You have to collect the documents of the vehicle as well as the drivers and ensure them.  

d. Set a Distance  

You have to set the distance range for the movers as it will help the customers to choose the service of the movers which are nearby to them.  

e. Order acceptance/ rejection notification  

You must know the orders which are being accepted or rejected. By this, you will know how many orders are accepted or rejected and how many of the employees are available.  

f. Collect payments  

You have to collect the payments and then provide it to the service providers according to their salary.  

g. Weekly Earning overview  

You will have an idea about the earnings of the service providers. You can view them on a weekly basis.  

h. Monitoring of the performance  

You have to monitor the performance of the employee/ company because you can cancel their registration anytime if you think that the performance of the employee/ company is not good.  

i. Request Customers for ratings/ reviews  

To know about the performance of the service providers/ employee, request a rating and review to the customers. By this, you can assess the service providers.  

 j. Track the vehicle  

You have to track the vehicles which are moving and that too from the pick-up point to the drop-off point.  

k. Offering discounts  

You have all the rights to offer discounts or other schemes for the customers.  

Development Cost and Time 

  Want to know how much time and cost will packers and movers app development take??   Well, it depends on a few factors. It includes-  

  • App complexity
  • Dedicated Platform (Android or iOS or Both)
  • Location (State or Country)
  • Features in the app
  • The requirement of the customer.

  The developers of different countries charge different rates. To know, read below-  

  • The US-based Developers - $100 to $300 per hour
  • East European developers - $50 to $200 per hour
  • Indian Developers - $10 to $30 per hour

  To develop a good app, there must be various features and coding and apart from this, you must also consider different factors.   If you choose an Indian Mobile App Development Company then given below are the charges and time they will take.  

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  • Technical documentation requires 20 hours which will cost around $300 to $500.
  • The UI/UX designing requires at least 50 hours which will cost around $750 to $1000.
  • Front-end and Back-end development require 540 work hours which will cost around $8,000 to $10,000.
  • Testing and Bug Fixing requires an additional 36 hours which costs around $540 to $700.

  When we total all the above amount then the grand total becomes around $9,500 to $12,000 whether it is Android or iOS.

Conclusion   If you are having any query or confusion about this then you can contact the best Mobile App Development Company. Don’t hesitate to call our executive at +44-1256-274012 or drop your inquiry at [email protected] or Free Quote at- https://www.jploft.com/contact-us.