Cost And Key Features of E-Learning Mobile App Development

Cost And Key Features of E-Learning Mobile App Development

People across the world are moving towards the “Digital World” because of COVID-19. The progress has become very fast and one among them is E-learning Mobile App Development   Undoubtedly, E-learning marketing is in the boom and this is the reason why people are preferring E-learning Mobile App Development.    And if you are thinking that which company is best then you can have a look at the Mobile App Development Company Jaipur   Mobile applications are the best approach for E-learning because almost every person has a smartphone and they wish to learn things more easily from anyplace.   You might have noticed that from the past few years, the education industry has experienced changes but during COVID-19 it has increased to the extreme with advanced features for advanced students.   We see how much students spend their time on gadgets which include: smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Instead of keeping them busy with useless apps, keep them busy with the apps that are useful to them. So, it becomes important for E-learning mobile app development.   Such e-learning applications are easily available and students can utilize the apps instead of going to tuitions. In this blog, we will discuss everything about E-learning mobile app development.   Also Read: Top 10 Business Ideas During COVID-19  

Rise of E-learning Mobile Apps 

  In today’s era, there are several mobile apps that manage our lives in different ways and this reason is enough for the booming of mobile apps.    And if we talk about the education and e-learning industry then it has been growing gradually over the years but in the year 2020, it has seen a boom. It is just because of the pandemic period due to which the educational sector is facing a great loss.   So, to rescue themselves from the loss, people started shifting towards e-learning and for this, they choose E-Learning Mobile App Development   The reason behind the boom of E-learning mobile app development is also that the students or learners find it more convenient. It is very beneficial in investing your money in the educational and e-learning industry.  

Advantages Of E-Learning Mobile App Development

  There are many advantages of E-Learning mobile apps and the top 5 advantages are:  

  • E-learning is the best way through which not only the education sector can avail the benefits but it is the best choice for various companies.
  • With the help of the e-learning mobile apps, the learner can go through the courses several times and at any time until they understand it. This will also help you in preparing the entire course for your exams. 
  • Through e-learning, you will never lack behind the other students and you can easily gain marks and rank yourself higher. You will get fresh content with the best logic.
  • The best part of E-learning is that you can learn quickly as compared to the traditional method.
  • If we compare e-learning with traditional teaching, then it is way more cost-effective and easily be understood with the help of images, videos, and references.

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Benefits of E-Learning Mobile App Development  


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy accessibility 
  • Simple and Productive learning 
  • 24*7 accessibility
  • Quick Tutor Support
  • Various Learning options: videos, FAQs, books, images, etc.
  • Detailed Reports of the performance 
  • Interactive visual learning (videos, images, quizzes, games)


Who Can Implement An E-learning Mobile App Development?

  The E-Learning Mobile App Development is very beneficial for the educational sector and can benefit schools, coaching institutes, and colleges. By implementing e-learning, you will enhance the knowledge experience and the students will take a keen interest in learning new things.   The e-learning solutions can also be opted by corporate industries due to which the employees can learn new technologies and can stay up to date at a very low price.  

Users Of E-learning Application

  There are different functionalities for each user. There are 4 users which include: students, teachers, parents, and admin.  

Students Parents Teachers Admin
The application is designed specifically to fulfill the needs of the students. Parental Facility is optional and according to the client’s requirement.  The teacher can share videos with students according to the topics. The Admin has complete control of the application.
The student has to register and then sign up. Then the student can choose their desired courses and proceed for the payment. The parents or guardians can register and log in. They can also choose the courses for their children. Teachers have access to create their own material and then share it with the learners. They can manage the user’s activities.
Each student has a dashboard through which they can manage their stuff. Parents will have all the access and can keep an eye on the performance of their child. The teachers can communicate with the students and can easily check the progress report of students.  The admin can keep track of the entire information of the teachers, students, and parents.

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General Features That Must Be Included In An E-learning App


1. Syllabus

Syllabus The entire syllabus must be included in the application keeping in mind the chapters and the universities the syllabus belongs to.   

2. Interactive Visual Learning

Interactive Visual Learning The learning experience of the students must be fun and they must indulge themselves while learning. So adding the visuals such as images, videos, games will help them understand the concepts easily.  

3. Chapter-wise Tests

Chapter-wise Tests The work does not stop only after teaching the students the concept but to check whether they have understood the concepts, chapter-wise tests must be included. The test must be of different levels and the difficulty level must be increased according to the levels.  

4. Track The Performance

Track The Performance The option of tracking the performance must be included without fail because the students can enhance their performance accordingly. It will not only be helpful to students but also for the teachers and parents.    The teachers can check which student needs extra attention and can help them with the chapters where they lack. While the parents can check where their child needs special care and attention and can help their child with it.  

5. Push notifications:

Push notifications The notification feature is very important because the user must know about the updates and the recent addition made in the app that is useful for them according to their course. It is a major feature for making the application successful.  

6. In-App chat:

_In-App chat In-App Chat Feature helps the students to connect with the teachers whenever they have any doubt. Not only this, but the users can interact with each other as well.  

7. Role-based Dashboard

Role-based Dashboard A dedicated dashboard must be provided to each user as privacy matters a lot. The tutors, students, parents, and admins must be given a dedicated dashboard as it simplifies the way eLearning looks.  

8. CRM And CMS Integration:

CRM And CMS Integration Integration of Customer relationship management and Content Management System is very important in e-learning mobile app development. With the help of this feature, the customers and content can be managed and monitored properly.  

9. Multilanguage:

Multilanguage The e-learning mobile app can become successful if it is available in multiple languages because the user can learn more easily and properly.  

10. Payment integration:

_Payment integration To help the users to make the payment with ease, multiple payment options must be integrated. The options such as Paypal, NEFT, Debit/ Cred cards, the online payment must be added.  

11. Document Management Module:

Document Management Module This feature will help in managing the documents that the tutor or teacher shares with the learners. Through this feature, videos, audios, documents, PDFs, etc. can be saved easily and can be accessed by the users anytime whenever required.   Also Read: Important Features To Consider While Developing An iOS App  

Team Required For E-Learning Mobile App Development

  If you want a dynamic E-learning Mobile Application, you will require a highly skilled and professional team member:  


Cost To Develop An E-Learning Mobile App Development

  There are many factors that are considered while E-Learning Mobile App Development. The factors include:  

1. Client’s Requirement 

  The cost of the E-Learning Mobile App Development depends on the requirements of the client. The features, the client needs in the application is all that matters in the last. If the features are high and the client wants advanced features then the application may cost high. But at last, it is the clients’ decision about what s/he wants.  

2. Complexity of the App

  The next thing that makes the cost higher is complexity because if the application is more complex then the time will be given more to it which directly increases the cost.  

3. Application Platforms 

  The cost also depends on the platform you want: iOS, Android, or Web. And if you want the application to be platform-independent then the cost will increase.  

4. Development Location And Cost

  The hourly prices for E-Learning Mobile App Development differ region by region. Given below is the detail:  

Location Cost per hour
US/UK $120 to $220
Eastern Europe $80 to $180
India $25 to $75

  If we consider the average overall E-learning mobile app development cost then it might be near $20,000 to $25,000.    Note: Might vary according to the features.  

Let’s Wrap Up

  Get an innovative e-learning app from the top app development company and enjoy the benefits with the best rates and features. So, to avail the benefits of e-learning mobile app development contact the best mobile application development company. Don’t hesitate to call our executive at +44-1256-274012 or drop your inquiry at [email protected] or Free Quote at-