Cost to Develop An App Like Airbnb In 2024

Cost to Develop An App Like Airbnb In 2024

The world economy is going through changes, and the freelance industry is growing in popularity. Travelers require accommodation. Today hotels aren't the only alternative. A few people are renting their houses to tourists since they can earn an extra income.

Airbnb is now among the top booking sites. Users can publish information regarding their property on the website and guests can search for the most affordable and ideal accommodations in accordance with their needs. This site is a fantastic alternative for landlords who want to put their homes for rent.

Airbnb has seen its popularity grow worldwide, and now has 300,000 accommodation units in over 50000 cities. Anyone is able to lease a room apartment or even a whole house through Airbnb.

The usage of websites such as Airbnb has been growing in popularity. If you are planning to develop an app that's similar to Airbnb, it's essential to understand its basic principles and the budget required for the development of a vacation rental app like Airbnb.

In today's climate it is easy to see how convenience has contributed to the growing popularity of the tourism market. According to a study by Global Newswire, the demand for travel worldwide is predicted to increase to $1,826 trillion by the year 2030 with an annual growth rate of 14.8 percent.

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What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online platform and a hospitality service provider providing vacation rentals and other choices for travel. It was founded in 2008 and has since become among the top trusted businesses in the hospitality sector. An interesting aspect of Airbnb is the fact that it does not own hotels, inns, hotels, or other properties. It functions as a mediator, and it earns commissions per booking.

If you visit the website or application of Airbnb it will show an inventory of vacation rentals. You can choose a property according to your requirements budget, as well as the accessibility. Airbnb has an active user base of 150 million all over the globe, as per Airbnb Key Statistics 2022, and is available in 100,000 cities and 4 million plus hosts. Additionally the app and application allows users to communicate with hosts about the details of their accommodations.

Airbnb gives equal opportunities to hosts who want to rent their homes or space, as well as customers looking for low-cost holiday rentals, separate from hotels. In a short period, Airbnb is gaining traction in the market globally with its simple and flexible services.

Airbnb Business Model

Airbnb lets those who own homes or lofts earn extra cash by renting the space. You can lease an apartment, home, or even a royal residence at various places around the world.

There are apps for the most popular smartphone models (iOS as well as Android) as well as web-based applications. Additionally, Airbnb features work with smartwatches. This means that users will receive notifications faster and be up to date with any changes.

Airbnb's business model to earn revenue Airbnb is based on the cost of reservations.

  • The guest is required to make a payment of a minimum of 6-12 % of total booking cost, based on the value of the booking.

  • Airbnb changes the name of the landowner by 3% every time they exchange.

It is how apps like Airbnb make money by launching apps that are compatible with mobile devices, based on this model. Airbnb charges between 6% and 12 percent to guests based on the cost of their booking. Airbnb also charges Airbnb with 3% of every guest who makes a reservation to manage Visa processing.

Working Process of Airbnb Application!

What is the method that Airbnb works for visitors/travelers? In the majority of cases Airbnb is composed from two different panels: landlords and hosts (host). It offers its customers different services, therefore it is crucial to comprehend how it functions prior to constructing an app that is similar with Airbnb in the sense of an online app development company. This article will explain: we'll describe:

Visit the Airbnb website or the app to get started. Utilize your email or social profiles on the Airbnb website to sign-up or sign in as a guest. The next step is to create an account by incorporating vital information for authentication, such as names, profiles ID numbers, the actual address of your account, and so on.

Make use of a range of variables such as the kind of room, the location, or cost. Find and choose the place you'd prefer to live. If you decide to select a place you can make a reservation and request it. Notifications sent via SMS or push notifications are utilized to confirm the reservation. Payments can be made using numerous payment gateways, including credit cards, debit card Apple Pay, Google Pay and many various other options for payment. Make a visit now and take it easy.

Airbnb Workflow for Hosts

  • Join Airbnb by providing your telephone number, email address, or authorization for your social account.

  • Create a profile and submit your information as well as details about your accommodation.

  • Please give the specifics of your lodging, such as the location, type of accommodation, what amenities that are available, the number of guests who can stay and the duration of your stay.

  • Upload professional images of the property for an accurate image of the property. You can also set the price.

  • Make contact with guests via the internet and respond promptly to either decline and accept their reservations.

  • The balance is due within 24 hours of the guest having checked-in.

  • Hosts are insured against loss through liability insurance and protection against damage insurance is available at no cost.

Airbnb Workflow for Guests

  • You can sign up for an account and sign in to the app of Airbnb using the numbers on your phone and email addresses, as well as social media accounts.

  • Make your account after filling out your personal details after approval.

  • Pick the area you would like to stay in with an explicit purpose that defines the duration. Include the possibility of extending days and dates in case of emergencies.

  • Input the names of your guests such as older adults, children, seniors pets, and adults.

  • Utilize the direct search feature or filtering option to locate options for the property that you're seeking at the price range you've specified.

  • In addition, guests are able to locate the hotel's location on the map, along with the price, and then compare it up with the list of accommodations options for a cost per day or night.

  • By clicking on the property, you will show information about the property, such as the address, pictures of the owner's face, phone details as well as testimonials from guests who've been there before, and additional details.

  • Reserve a place and receive confirmation via pushing notifications or a text.

  • Pay the amount using the payment method you prefer after confirmation of your reservation.

  • After that, go there for the time and enjoy it.

Reasons to Invest in Vacation Rental Application Like Airbnb!

Vacation Rental Apps development

An app for holiday rentals like Airbnb offers a variety of reasons to take into consideration.

The vacation rental market continues to expand slowly, thanks to shifting preferences for travel and the increasing popularity of sharing economies.

By leveraging this trend investors are able to reap the benefits of an ever-growing lucrative and profitable market.

Another argument is because the popularity of Airbnb has proved the viability and effectiveness of the concept of rental properties for vacations.

The estimates for Airbnb being worth thousands of dollars, this business is a great example of the potential for value in this sector.

Airbnb's profit grew by 40 % in 2022. It was their second year in a row of expansion following the revenue falling by 31 percent in 2020 as a result of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Airbnb quarterly earnings from 2019 to 2023 ($mm)

When you design a user-friendly, friendly application, users will be able to gain market share and earn huge returns on their investment.

A holiday rental app provides many options in the real market for real estate.

A substitute for traditional property investments like hotels and rest houses that can be costly upfront costs and commitments to the long term Mobile applications permit investors to join the market of vacation rentals with considerably lower investment requirements, and with greater flexibility and quality.

Utilizing vacation rental applications can help in growing the tourism and hospitality industry.

To ensure that travelers have secured accommodation Investors have the power to influence how travelers view their destinations and assist in the development of the shared economy.

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Must Have Features to Include in the Holiday Rental Apps Like Airbnb

The application to book Airbnb vacation rentals has important features that improve guests' experience during their booking experience.

Each function is crucial for ensuring seamless interactions between guests and hosts beginning with registration and managing compensation.

Let's take a look at the main features that make Airbnb a comfortable and effective platform.

Profile Management

The feature to manage profiles lets users make and manage their profiles.

They could increase personal information as well as profile photos, and confirm their identity to establish trust in the community.

Hosts are also able to showcase their properties and provide details to draw potential guests.

Property Listing

Hosts are able to use the property listing feature of their website to showcase their properties in more depth.

These may also include pictures and descriptions, as well as facilities and home rules, as well as costs, and comfort to attract potential guests.

A well-designed website can assist hosts in advertising their properties effectively and increase the chances of securing reservations.

In-App Chat

The chat feature of the app lets you communicate between hosts and guests.

It allows users to discuss details of their booking, highlight important information, and discuss problems.

Instant messaging within the app enhances communication and creates trust and relationships between users.

Cancellation Feature

The cancellation feature allows customers to manage their reservations and withdraws whenever they need to.

The guests are able to review the cancellation policy for each listing and make a request for cancellation within the specified deadlines.

Hosts are also able to establish cancellation policies that clarify the process and ensure that their rental is available.

Booking History

The booking history feature lets users search for the reservations they have made in the past and for the future and also information about dates, information about the hotel, and rates.

This feature aids users in keeping track of the travel itinerary by looking back on prior travel experiences and organizing essential information about bookings in relation to the destination they want.

Coupons and Offers

The coupon and offer feature lets users exchange promo codes in exchange for cash or take advantage of special discounts or other incentives Airbnb offers.

The discounts are offered during the booking process, which will help customers save money as well as enhance the value proposition of the app.

Sign Up

The sign-up feature lets users sign up for accounts through an email sign-up or through social media integration.

Users are able to share their personal information to create preferences and establish passwords for secure logins to access the features offered by the app.

Search Feature

The search feature allows users to browse hotels according to their preference for location as well as travel dates and more specific needs.

Advanced filters allow users to enhance the results of their searches by focusing on the cost range, property type facilities, etc. on. This will help them find the best rental that will meet their family's requirements.

Push Notifications

Push notifications notify users of significant changes, such as confirmation of booking confirmations from hosts and guests and travel plans for the near future or bids for bids.

This feature is able to provide timely notifications and enhances user experience by giving real-time updates and notifications.

Geolocation Feature

Geolocation allows users to search for listings and find accommodation in specific areas or neighbourhoods.

It displays the properties on a map aiding guests to select the best alternatives based on the preferred locations as well as proximity to amenities and other places of interest.

Ratings and Reviews Feature

The feature for reviews and ratings allows guests to comment about their stay as well as write reviews.

This feature is beneficial to guests in the future who are able to make well-informed decisions. It also gives hosts valuable feedback which can aid them in improving their services.

It also aids in building trust and accountability in the Airbnb community.

Payment Management

The payment management feature lets secure transactions unidirectional in the program.

Users can also include payment options, reserve or even make sure they are able to make transactions.

Hosts earn their pay by using the app's secure pay system, which helps ease the financial burden of renting their properties.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing an App Like Airbnb

The cost of launching an app that caters to travelers like Airbnb will vary based on a variety of factors that affect the overall cost. We will look at the elements that influence these factors to see how they affect the price of  vacation rental apps development solutions such as Airbnb.

Development Team Location

The total cost of creating an app, such as Airbnb, can also vary based on the number of hours spent developing an app per hour in different regions around the globe. For example, hourly development rates for nations like those in the UK and the UK are considerably more costly than the rates for other regions.

One strategy to boost your budget is to outsource to Asian regions like India and China, which have skilled experts in development who offer solutions that don't compromise the quality of services. Using the expertise of the technology and resources can dramatically increase efficiency while reducing overall cost-effectiveness.

Quality Assurance

Testing and quality control methods are essential to ensure the app's reliability and quality that can provide satisfaction for users. Conducting thorough tests on different platforms, devices and network conditions will help discover and fix any performance or bugs early on in the design process. However, a lot of testing and automated testing tools can make it more expensive to develop applications that are similar to Airbnb.

Tech Stack Used

The advancement of technology is a crucial component in the creation of an app like Airbnb. Let's look at the latest technologies that form the backbone of this unique platform.

App Platform

Picking the right platform(s) for developing applications like iOS, Android, or cross-platform frameworks can affect the cost of development. The creation of native apps for various platforms generally requires more time and effort than developing cross-platform apps using tools. Furthermore, regular update of the platform and compatibility testing can result in maintenance costs after the launch.

Compliance and Security Standards

Compliance with security and industry standards is vital to protect the data of the user and insuring the security of. Implementing strong security measures including encryption of data as well as authentication and security protocols, can result in extra development expenses.

Additionally, getting compliance certifications or performing security audits to verify that you're meeting the requirements of regulatory agencies and are in compliance with regulations governing compliance can boost the development costs for Airbnb-style apps.


Support and maintenance after the launch are essential for running the app without issue and resolving any issues or bugs that develop over time. The process of budgeting for maintenance and ongoing activities such as updates to software and bugs fixes, security patches and feature enhancements is essential for the longevity of the app. Additionally, providing support to customers and responding to feedback from customers may require dedicated resources, which could impact the costs of vacation Rental apps development Services like Airbnb.

Third-Party Integrations

Integrating third-party applications like payments processors, the map API and social media websites can enhance the usability as well as user-experience. But, each integration increases the complexity of the process of developing and may result in licensing or subscription charges.

Additionally, ensuring seamless integration with third-party applications can mean more development and testing which could result in a decrease in the development costs of Airbnb.


AI-powered chatbots are able to provide immediate help to users, reply to inquiries, provide recommendations and assist in bookings. They also offer individual support all day long, increasing the level of customer engagement and satisfaction.

However, the process of developing and the training of AI chatbots is an important expenditure into AI technology and the capabilities of natural language processing that can impact the total cost of creating an app like Airbnb.

In general simple application development that has basic functions and minimalist layout can take about four months, and the cost is around $30000 to $50000. The apps that have the most advanced features and technology stacks are different based on the features and functions to be added, since experienced developers and experts will be required. The long duration can also increase the budget.

The costs of developing apps are based on the time taken by the vacation rental apps development firm to create the different features that are included in apps for mobile devices. This is followed by hourly fees.

The Key Takeaway

The experience of traveling hasn't been as easy as it is today. Travelers can choose from a variety of hotels, methods of transport, and amenities. Travel companies are constantly seeking to create new services and solutions which make travel easier as well as more pleasurable.

Consider a new function or feature that could be useful when designing an app for travel like Airbnb. Make sure you think of the two main users: guests and travelers. You should recognize that you've only won just a portion of the battle simply by protecting their interests!

The creation of an app that can compete with Airbnb's appeal isn't an easy task. It's a carefully crafted combination of the top features, a perfect design, and a knowledgeable team who understands your vision and helps to further develop the concept.