20+ Best Free Video Editing Apps in 2023

Top Video Editing Apps

According to market statics or surveys, free video editing apps are the perfect business idea; without any confusion, invest money in free video editing software.

But the question that comes to mind is what the use of video editors is. Let’s discuss the services of editing apps. 

To make any product or stuff a brand in the market, we need promotions & video is the best advertising option; 

For making good videos, we need editing tools that give a boost to your original video & create a brand image in the mind of users.

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But we know there are several editing apps and their functionality or objectives are different. Selections of any free video editing app depending on your requirement mean what functions or features you want in the video editing software;

Some of these editing apps come for funny videos, trimming, social media(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok), sound editing, animations, video quality(1080p, 2K, UHD, 4K, And 8K ), or more.

How can we choose which one is best for us? Don’t worry; in this blog, you will get everything like the best free video editing apps, their development cost, development process, advanced features, and more.

Parameters on Which We Rank All Video Editing Apps

To find the best video editing app according to our requirements, we categorize all with their unique key features. 

We need free video editing software that helps to create excellent videos on small screens and feels reasonable, and should be easy to use for any beginner or experienced user. Some points that we should consider before choosing any of these are.

  • Compatibility with additional mobile devices
  • Clear and easy-to-use interface
  • Refined editing tools
  • Systematic updates
  • Integrated stock media library

The Market Size of Free Video Editor Apps

The global free video editor market was valued at USD 1956 million in 2021, and the video editing software market reached up to $ 3.28 billion at the end of 2030, an increasing 5.7% in revenue.

To understand the market value of free video editing software, let’s look at a graph of their shared values.

best free video editing apps

20+ Best Free Video Editing Apps for Mobile

Making videos from Facebook to youtube is becoming essential to promote your business so we can understand the value of video editing software.

Here we will explain 24 top free video editing apps that can give the perfect edge or shape to your videos and keep you ahead of the competition.   

  1. Promeo
  2. iMovie
  3. Pinnacle Studio
  4. VideoShow
  5. Zoomerang
  6. Quik 
  7. FilmoraGo
  8.  Magisto
  9. LumaFusion
  10. Inshort
  11. Kinemaster
  12. Splice
  13. Filmmaker pro
  14. Mojo
  15. Viva video
  16. Wevideo
  17. InVideo 
  18. Vizmato 
  19. Adobe Premiere Rush
  20. Clips
  21. Vimeo Create
  22. PowerDirector 
  23. VideoGrade
  24. PicPlayPost

1. Promeo

Promeo is the best social media video editing app that helps to create an ultimate quality video to promote business and help to make a brand of any product by editing effects or filters in it.

Social media videos on Twitter, youtube, Facebook, TikTok, and more can be created by using a favorite template, replacing the picture or videos with ones you like, and effortlessly sharing with users or followers.

10,000+ ready-to-use templates like wellness, beauty, fashion, education, and more are available.

No free video editing software is available like promeo. It is simple to use and has a range of content editing or sharing options.

Cost: free installations

Availability: iOS, mac, or Android.

Rating: 10/10


  • Perfect for social media
  • Convenient to use
  • Ready to use multiple templates.
  • Direct content sharing option
  • Multiple options for video creations
  • Sound adjustment or add music
  • Excellent picture or text editing option

2. iMovie

iMovie is a great free video editing software for professionals and beginners to make excellent video clips up to 4k.

You can add music or sound, which will automatically adjust according to the length of the video; editing a video on iMovie is very easy; anyone can use it within a couple of hours.

It has numerous features for video editing in different sections like photo albums, Comic books, sports, travel, or the medical field.

Every section has music, transitions, and text overlays, saving time and effort while editing video clips.

iMovie is the best free video editing software app for beginners who are new in the video editing field or starting on iOS or mac.

Cost: free installation

Available: iOS, MAC.

Rating: 8/10


  • Available number of filters or effects
  • Music, titles, sound overs, and images
  • Multiple resolutions available for videos
  • Green screen templates

3. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio allows audio, photos, and editing videos on the go. Positively organize your clips on the timeline story, make precise edits in the timeline, and then add high-quality changes, effects, and a soundtrack.

Pinnacle Studio is the best free video editor or excellent video editing app.

With Pinnacle Studio, you can create high-quality videos from 720p up to 4K results and ship your task to Pinnacle Studio for Windows to continue editing videos with the desktop version’s cutting-edge tools. You can get up and drive with an involuntary interface.

Cost: free installation,$1.99 monthly subscriptions

Rating: 7/10

Available:  iPhone,  iPad, and Desktop.


  • Best for high-quality video clip
  • Video editing tool available.

4. VideoShow

VideoShow is a mobile video editor with advanced features for beginners that features

a wide range of tools, including text creation, visual influences, emojis, stickers, multi-track melodies, snap filters, metamorphoses, sound consequences, and live recording.

To enrich your video-creating experience, VideoShow has 50+ themes, more than 30 custom filters, add multiple clips, and a library containing royalty-free music tracks.

This mobile editing app offers video squeeze, easy transformation, and courtyard or no-crop themes specifically for Tiktok or Instagram.

Also available in both paid versions and free software 

Cost: free download

Rating: 7/10

Available: iPhone, iPad, and Android


  • Best for a full video editing suite
  • 50+ themes available 
  • Free library songs
  • professional video editor

5. Zoomerang

Zoomerang is a template-based free video editor with unique stickers; you can give the perfect edge to videos, trim, and add text effects, emojis, GIFs, and some valuable features like a background remover.

We have several video editing tools or software on the list, but among them, Zoomerang is best for short dance videos that are trending on social media these days. Zoomerang, you can tag to find viral videos and offers several effects or filters to create a perfect dance tutorial & help to keep your video ahead in the competitive world.

Zoomerang, you can shoot videos with the help of your phone and start editing according to your object; whether you want videos for school, college, or business promotions, you will get several transitions effect to make a perfect video free of cost & it is best for social media like Tiktok.

Zoomerang is one of the excellent free video editors; with this help, you can keep yourself updated on which types of dance videos are trending on social media, and it offers simple or unique options to create trending content on your own.

Cost: Free installation

Rating: 7/10

Available: iOS, Android


  • Easily check what is trending on social media
  • Easy transformations or sharing with the public
  • Best for a short dance video

6. Quik 

Quik, but before it was known as Replay, is another video editing software for highlight reels on social media.

If you want to create short videos for social media, Quik is best; it helps to make funny or comedy videos and allows you to add music or sound according to your requirement, with easy import or export options.

Quik allows adding some changes to your masterpiece. You can add text, tags, fonts, and trims; you will feel a personal touch from start to finish with this editing app.

It is not suitable for 4k video editing but has several audio trackers, which are best for short videos and quick editing on social media platforms.

Quik also delivers access to 30+ different formats to make an excellent video.

The downloading process is simple and easy for iOS and Android users.

Cost:  Free installation. 

Available: Android, iOS.

Rating: 7/10


  • Facility to add photos
  • Ability to 100-plus free melodies
  • Option to sync videos to music
  • Colour creation is available.
  • Unlimited emojis and text fonts 
  • Build time-lapse rows.

7. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is the best free video editing, or the free version suggests the broad spectrum of editing tools we’ve become accustomed to on the desktop, including backward play, traditional transitions, shortening, and cropping, lagging or rapid motion editing, revolve, flip-over, voice-overs, audio mixing, picture-in-picture (PIP) and color tuning.

FilmoraGo’s main USP is its array of template themes designed to convert run-of-the-mill videos into stylized movies.

Here you will get a royalty-free app library to add music and customized title.

Cost: free

Rating: 6/10

Available: android, iOS


  • Best free video editing for professionals
  • Multiple color correction options
  • Royalty free music 
  • Latest cropping functions

8. Magisto

Social media perspective, Magisto is the best free video editing or free version of creating videos. 

Great for mobile applications and perfectly editing video, you can trim videos, add free music and text, change font size and color correction, and change templates, such as stabilization, facial glory, filters and outcomes, and auto-cropping to create ultimate videos.

Paid version or subscription enables you to develop more extended movies and access a more comprehensive array of editing styles.

Either add your multi-track editing music or choose a backing way from Magisto’s library of commercially certified tracks.

Cost: Free Installation

Rating: 6/10


  • Multiple functions for editing
  • Advance visual effects
  • A lot of emojis or stickers.

9. LumaFusion

LumaFusion is a weighty video editor for mobile and tablets with a heavy price.

Edit videos for journalists, filmmakers, and professional video producers, LumaFusion comes fully packed with attributes.

It is one of the best video editing software.

With the help of LumaFusion, you can edit videos and audio tracks with high-quality songs or voiceovers with trimming tools and lots of templates. 

You will also get a color correction editor, title bar, or several font effects.

Cost: Free installation

Rating: 7/10

Available: mac users


  • Best video editing software for professional videos.
  • Trending emojis, stickers, or music are available.
  • Easily trimming software available.

10. Inshort

Inshort is known for social media content creation. It has many tools to give a perfect edge to transforming original videos into professional videos.

With the help of this free video editing app, you can also adjust the speed and add photos or songs.

It is the only free video editing software that fulfills your video and photo editing requirements. 

perfect for tik tok and instagram.

The smart interface makes it specific to drag, edit, and personalize your videotapes, even if you are a beginner in video editing and have no experience.

Inshort is not good for professional video creation. It does not have a feature for editing 4k or cinema videos.

Cost: free installation

Available: iOS, Android 

Rating: 6/10


  • Effortless to employ
  • Perfect for Instagram and TikTok
  • Directly export to social media

11. Kinemaster

KineMaster is for experienced video editors or creators; here, you can create 4k quality videos and directly transfer them to youtube.

You can cut, crop, and pinch clips on a frame-by-frame basis.

Also, add sound or music to your video; these editing abilities ensure that your videos reach the position where you want to put them.

Previously you are using a video editing app or software, and now using KineMaster, you feel some features are missing as your clips will overlap relatively or go below on a separate track.

But you can pile pics and video effects or use different text types or emojis. If you want to remove watermarks from the videos, you must update them to pro versions.

Other KineMaster features include modifications, stirring, chroma key, and color adjustments. All features help to make an excellent video.

Cost: free

Available: iOS, Android

Rating: 7/10


  • Straightforward editing management
  • Professional-grade mechanisms
  • Best for quality video upto 4k.
  • Basic video editing app with simple functions.

12. Splice

Perfect for trimming and cropping videos, Splice is the best video editing app for youngsters who want to make delightful reals of their admirable work;

It is the perfect video editing software; after being placed on the right track or uploading a video, you can trim or crop a video click on a few taps.

Video editing or creating with the help of Splice, you will find the quality of captured videos is excellent, but you need to add in 4k resolution.

With free available song libraries, you can add your favorite song to the timeline of your social media account directly from the Splice free video editing tool.

To enjoy more Splice updates on time, it is free of cost.

Cost: free installation

Available: both iOS, Android

Rating: 7/10


  • Easy exporting for social media options
  • Available all basic features for video editing
  • Simple trimming or editing option.

13. Filmmaker pro

Filmmaker Pro is perfect for vertical editing in video and makes professional or award-winning videos; with its help, you have the absolute right to edit green screen or toggle chroma clips. 

The filmMaker does not have any special track editor. Still, it has many other ways to make your video excellent, like 30+filters and 17+ transitions help make a professional video.

Also, finding sound-adding options takes less time for any music or original sound.

Cost: free installation

Available: Android, iOS

Rating: 6/10


  • Editing option for green screen.
  • 170+ fonts style, 20+filters, and 15+transitions.
  • Voiceover is available for adding sound.

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14. Mojo

After downloading the Mojo free video editing app, it will ask some basic questions about how you want to use it- whether you want to promote your business or use it for social media.

Mojo app provides all features that users want because its interface is based on social media.

In the mojo app, you will find different types of video lengths to match the famous social media platforms. 

To create great content, templates, and topics, Mojo is best. Apart from these, Mojo offers filter effects like bokeh, VHS, or glitch to give a perfect edge to your videos. 

Mojo allows creating your brand kit to add font, colors, and brand logo if you have your brand.

You will get a 3-day free trial after downloading Mojo. 

Cost: Free installation

Availability: iOS, Android

Rating: 6/10


  • Number of animated templates
  • Weekly or Monthly updates are available
  • Several emojis or effects
  • Stock content available

15. Viva video

It is a perfect free video editor for all kinds of videos, from cartoons to commercial or realistic worlds. 

It offers multiple editing effects to give your videos an excellent edge. It is also best for TikTok or Instagram reels.

Vivavideo is best for those who want an automatic subtitle to their content; here is the option to give subtitles on your content for youtube or Instagram videos.  

It is just like another video editing app & you can download free of cost and use it for three days.

Cost: Free installation

Availability: iOS, Android.

Rating: 7/10


  • Variety of effects or filters are available
  • Video transition 
  • Auto captions available
  • Grafiting video recording available.

16. Wevideo

Wevideo is free video editing software that helps to create quality video content for school, college, or commercial uses. With the help of this free video editor, you can add music, a voice recorder, and filters or make it funny using emojis.

With this video editing software, you can directly share your content on your social media upto 4k quality; you can make perfect or realistic videos without purchasing a pro video editor.

Wevideo offers several filters or music libraries that help to make excellent videos of business promotions or making entertaining videos.

Cost: Free installation

Rating: 6/10

Available: iOS, Android.


  • Several filters or transitions are available
  • Free music library available
  • Emojis to make funny videos
  • Easy export on social media
  • Easy trim or editing process

17. InVideo 

InVideo is a typical free video editing software & best for Tiktok short videos. In this, you can add text, voiceover, several filters or transition effects, or an easy import or export option.

One more thing you can add multiple pics or videos all in one place.

Invideo free video editing software has separate sections for music like gaming, dancing, romance, travel, and more.

You can also add your music or add trending songs to your videos. After that, you can export videos on social media.

The free video editor has a lot of effects or filters to give the perfect edge to the video, but less than others have; after completing your editing process, you can directly export the videos on Tiktok or Instagram stories or posts.

It is best for quick video editing but lacks advanced features like AI functions. 

Cost: Free installations 

Rating: 6/10

Available: iOS, Android


  • Easy to share on social media like Whatsapp, Twitter, and more.
  • Easy to add trending songs.
  • Ideal for Tiktok or Instagram story videos.

18. Vizmato 

Vizmato helps promote your Instagram videos by trimming, editing, overlapping pics, or clipping tools.

It has 20+ themes, a free music library, and 40+ visual effects. You can add music where you want to start.

Here you will get custom text, emojis, a voice translator, and 100+ stickers.

Vizmato helps you make HD-quality videos using filters, visual effects, or themes during the video recording.

Vizmato is an excellent video editing software that helps create ultimate videos. 

Cost: free installation

Rating: 6/10

Available: iOS or iPad.


  • Easy import or export videos, various features or filters available.
  • Simple to use video editing software for anyone whether beginner or experience
  • A number of visual effects available to give the edge to the video.

19. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe premiere rush is one of the best video editing apps on our list; With the help of adobe, you can easily add text, fonts, and several royalty-free songs to your captured videos.

The process of drag and drop is simple to use; anyone can do it quickly.

Adobe has multiple advanced features that give a classic look to your videos by using their different visual effects.

Adobe can handle several video tracks that allow you to add a picture in a picture here; you can resize or trim the video in any shape, like a square, triangle, landscape, or portrait;

you can send it directly from the app in just one click.

So with the help of adobe, we can do easy video editing. 

Cost: Free installation

Rating: 7/10

Available: iOS, android.


  • Simple dragging or dropping process
  • The editing or trimming function is fast
  • Directly sharing option available 
  • Video resize for any social media platform

20. Clips

Clips app is for video editing and has many unique features that help you make professional videos;

With the clips, you can add multiple pics in one frame, songs, edit videos, trim, resize length, stickers, and emojis to make a funny video. 

You can also add subtitles.

Cost: free installation

Rating: 5/10

Available: iPhone and iPad users


  • Best for high-quality videos.
  • Several emojis or text effects are available
  • Video transitions available
  • Option for subtitle
  • Drag or drop option available 

21. Vimeo Create

Vimeo create is for basic video editing & allows users to create simple videos by editing visual effects or soundtracks in it Vimeo has a number of templates that help to give a classic look of your video you can add trending music.

Cost: free installation

Rating: 6/10

Available: mac users and android


  • Good for basic video editing
  • Add trending music
  • Update templates available  
  • Simple function to create videos


One of the few reliable free video editors for Android, PowerDirector delivers a powerful multiple-track timeline to create videos.

You accumulate a host of video effects, FX editing with reflexive drag and drop controls, a chroma key to create videos for green and blue screen backgrounds,

With the help of a power director, you can make slow-motion, vertical video editing, or resize the length of videos.

Once the editing is complete, you can import video clips or drag in the quality of 720p, but if you want to upgrade the quality of your video content, then you need to buy an in-app upgrade, Full HD 1080p, and 4K.

Cost: free installation

Rating: 7/10

Available: Androids, windows


  • Free video editor best for windows or android users
  • Multiple templates
  • Simple-to-use options for beginners

23. VideoGrade

VideoGrade is best for those who love to color their picture on the move and do the same with video clips.

You want to recolor your video clips or give them a simple look by adding white and black backgrounds during the video editing; for this task, we have only a few editing apps available, one of which is video grade.

You can take full command of your filters with interactive histograms of your color channels, and the split-screen check mode lets you match your edited cut with the actual.

Cost: free installation, $ 4.33 monthly

Rating: 7/10

Available: iOS or i-pad


  • Best free video editor for color corrections.
  • Several colors available for pics or video
  • Subtitle option available

24. PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost helps to develop a free video editing program for 30-minute movies by adding 365 pieces of media content you can share in superb 1080p quality.

Mixcloud firmly understands what mobile-savvy content producers desire, offering personalization choices galore – including custom watermarks and engraved logos – and an 8:15 frame proportion for Instagram posts.

Basic video editing features to speed up, divert down and invert videos, and, for the especially time-poor amongst us, the computerized slideshow feature creates a makeshift movie for you. A ‘how-to’ series of video editing suite hacks give leads on everything from creating excellent videos.

Cost: free installations

Rating: 7/10

Available: iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows.


  • Perfect for speed control
  • High-quality content
  • Numbers of templates, audio tracks

Video Editing Software Development Process & Estimated Cost

The development cost of any free video editor depends on multiple factors like location, technologies, development team size, features or complexity,  development time, and more.

Here we will explain the estimated cost of any free video editing software, but this is only the basic or rough idea of the development cost of video editing tools.

Below is a table in which we include estimated features, time, and cost.

Features  Time(Hr) Cost($)
Register screen     5 200
Import pics, videos from the system   2 100
Trimming    20 1500
Adding music and audio 15 1200
Color correction 300 14000
Transactions settings 100 4500
Save video 1 50
Load video 12 400
Total 355  21950 

Hope you understood the cost depends on the time & here we give you the idea that which section will be taking time to develop

The App development process depends on some points that let’s discuss here one by one.

  1. Perfect planning
  2. Budget calculations
  3. Scope of idea 
  4. Errorless app
  5. Development 
  6. Deployment

Perfect Planning

The success of any project depends on planning, so proper planning is a must before executing any project in the real world.

Budget Calculations

The calculation is essential before start working on any project because you can not leave any project in the middle due to a lack of money after starting it; it takes a lot of money and time.

Scope of Your Plan

Before investing money in any project, check its market value or scope; you can use developers’ help to determine whether your plan has any scope in the real world.  

Errorless App

Create an error-less app to give an excellent experience to users that will attract more customers to your app.


Perfect development is necessary to lead the market among the number of existing applications; you need an excellent app to compete with them. Creating an app requires an experienced company or services provider with expert developers.

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Deployment is also an essential part of the development process of video editing software, so proper planning is a must before finalizing any project.

Features That Must Be in Free Video Editor

As we already discussed above, the market of video editing apps & how much they are in demand, so if you are planning to invest money to develop a free video editing app for business, then which types of advanced features should you add to your editing app? Let’s discuss them one by one. 

  1. Easy installation 
  2. Simple drag and drop
  3. Editing process easy to use
  4. Software updation option
  5. Provide trending music add facility
  6. Easy uploading on social media
  7. Multiple emojis or sticks

Easy Installations

The success of any business depends on users, so to increase the traffic on your app, you need to make the installations process easy that will attract to use your video editor

Simple Drag and Drop

The video dragging or dropping process should be simple and increase the user interface on your video editor. It should be available in the app so users can drag and drop videos directly from it simultaneously.

Editing Process Easy to Use

The editing process should be available in your video editor, which helps you to edit content by using filters, visual effects, trimming, and adding music, so this feature should be available in your app.

Software Updation Options

To keep your business ahead in the competitive world, you need to update your video editor from time to time; it will increase the trust of users in your app and give a glorious feeling to your users.

Provide Trending Music Add Facility

Adding the latest or trending music or sound in your videos gives users a glorious feeling and increases users’ volume at your platform when you provide everything like trending music, sound effects, and whatever they want to add to their video.

Easy Uploading on Social Media

To make your app simple, you need to give easy or direct uploading options for social media. People want to avoid getting stuck in the uploading process.

Multiple emojis or stickers

To make more interactive videos, we need multiple emojis or stickers, so when you develop your editing app, give this feature it will attract more users to your site.

Closing Words

In this article, we mentioned the 20+ best free video editing apps that will help you to make or create a video according to your requirement; like you want an app for professional videos, funny videos, or social media content and more, these apps help you to complete your desire videos.

Most of them are free, but if you need advanced features, you can purchase the paid version.

We tried our best to provide complete information regarding the best free video editing apps hope you enjoy reading this article.

So if you have any plans to make video editing apps for business purposes and looking for a partner, JPLoft solutions is always there to provide a world-class solution.

FAQ Related to Free Video Editing Apps

Q1. How much does the development cost of free video editing software?

Ans. The cost depends on multiple factors, but if we talk about standard or essential video editing software, the cost will be $ 2000 to 8000, and it can vary according to the location or features.

Q2. Which video editing app is best for funny videos?  

Ans. There are several apps for funny videos, but kinemaster, vivavideo, or mojo is best.

Q3. Best trimming app for videos?

Ans. Many apps are available, but iMovie is best for quick or easy trimming videos.

Q4. Best video editing tool for long video creations?

Ans. Multiple apps are available, but FilmoraGo and FilmMaker pro are both best for long videos.

Q5. Best free video editing software for HD quality?

Ans. Several apps are available, but for HD-quality video editing, Filmora is the best.

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