Top Amazing Apps Built with Flutter Framework

Top Amazing Apps Built with Flutter Framework

Here we have listed 10 amazing apps built with Flutter. Hope you like these best Flutter mobile apps. Flutter by Google is an open-source UI software development kit. It has been creating a buzz in the tech world since its release in May 2017.  It was primarily created to challenge its competitor React Native by Android. Flutter provides solutions where React Native fails like in fast animation, gaming, etc. In 2022, flutter is not just a platform supporter, it has now become a coming-age technology. The upgraded version of the Flutter framework, Flutter 3 supports foldable mobile devices, 2x faster image decoding with stable API, and supports various iOS refresh rates to give a smoother experience. 

Since its launch, Flutter has reached 6 substantial platforms- Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Web. It is a newly emerging software framework in web and mobile app development technology. Though, Flutter still doesn’t support high-intensity 3D action gaming; it is still the best practice for low-intensity games using its casual games toolkit.  

Flutter continues to reach new heights of success as big businesses are building with it. There are over 500,000 apps at the time of the release of Flutter 3 85% of developers agreed that it enabled them to publish their apps for more platforms than before. 

Most Popular Mobile Apps By Using Flutter 

1. Google Pay

google play- app built with flutter Google pay was the first system built on flutter. When flutter came into the picture, Google Pay was already an established and well-known app in the tech world. Integrating it with flutter and upgrading its system without delay was a challenge, while retraining developers simultaneously in the flutter framework was also essential. After Google Pay got its major relaunch in 2020; it became a whole new sensation in faster and more secure payments, group payments, group chats, and sending & requesting money from each other. Google Pay has a food payment option with ties to over 100,000 restaurants making it an additional feature along with splitting bills among friends, earning rewards, and keeping transaction history. Along with it, it offers a QR code and scan barcode that allows users to pay anywhere. 

2. STAIR Coach

stair caoch

STAIR Coach supplements psychotherapy using Skills Training in Affective & Interpersonal Regulation (STAIR).  The US Department of Veterans Affairs approached Google to build a robust and effective app using the Flutter framework considering the sensitive issue it handles. STAIR is an evidence-based cognitive behavioral form of psychotherapy designed to help with emotion regulation and interpersonal relationship problems that traumatized people commonly experience. STAIR is ideal for addressing two of the most common, and burdensome problems faced by those living with PTSD. It can be accessed by anyone suffering from PTSD and trauma. STAIR provides users with concrete skills for managing complex emotions and becoming more socially engaged.

Features in the App Include:

    • In-depth information and guide
    • Bilateral tools for emotional and behavioral management
    • Customizable reminders
    • Quick links to support

STAIR provides in-app tools such as favorites, reminders, audio help exercises in some sections, and an emergency call option for support  The app is available in both Google Play and App Store

3. NuBank


Nubank is the largest fintech Brazilian bank in Latin America. In 2019, NuBank decided to standardize its cross-platform mobile app with Flutter.  In 2019, Nubank decided to upgrade its system for a more secure and robust cross-platform bank system; they had two options- React Native and Flutter Framework. While React Native led the app development in cost-effectiveness and community support, it lacked in the maintenance and upgrading of the Nubank design system.  A radar chart showing each criteria’s score from 0–5 for each of the platforms.

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The Flutter app development is superior, with far better hot reload capabilities, sturdy official documentation, and a more stable API. It also supports built-in testing infrastructure for Unit, Integration, and End-to-End tests without the need for rendering to the screen. It was a predominant feature of a robust mobile app system for a bank. Recently, Nubank, Brazil’s Largest Digital Bank, launched the Bitcoin and Ether Trading option.  

4. Quinto Andar

Quinto Andar

QuintoAndar represents evident faith in its plan to branch out from its current model into a one-stop real estate shop that offers mortgage, title, insurance, and escrow services in Brazil.  Flutter made the QuintoAndar app possible. The Flutter framework helped provide smooth visualization, a secure network, a strong community, and a better UI application.

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QuintoAndar describes itself as A distant market leader with more than 100,000 rentals under management and about 10,000 new rentals per month. Its rental platform is live in 40 cities across Brazil, while its home-buying marketplace is in four.  Now, QuintoAndar is expanding its business by covering the marketplace of entire Latin America and other countries.

5. Hamilton


When Hamilton reached audiences beyond the theatre's walls, they decided to build an app. This endeavor took them to the posse- a Newyork based development firm and launched a Hamilton app after a few short months.  Fans can enter a daily lottery, buy merchandise, take a selfie photo with Ham cam, get the daily news, new updates, trivia games, karaoke, and much more. Flutter made Hamilton app a strong performer, exhibited excellent visual fidelity, and represented the experience of “The Hamilton” show with the integration of firebase and cloud elements. Within 3 months of its launch, it reached 1M+ installs. 

6. iRobot


iRobot, a Root® coding robot, was built on Swift software, making it compatible only with iOS devices. iRobot education turned to Flutter to upgrade its mobile app to teach coding to more users from all walks of life and experiences,  The essential need for the app was high visuals, interactive experience, and platform-independent software without needing lots of resources to manage. The best solution was Flutter, which provides a single base code for all platforms.  

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Since iRobot coding app launched in 2020 with flutter, it has covered 170 countries worldwide and increased its monthly active users by 4 times.  The software development team can also keep the app updated while providing complete, native cross-platform performance. It has allowed developers to save time and focus on carrying out ever-increasing complex app enhancements. Apps 3D simulator The most recent announcement includes the introduction of a 3D simulator environment to the app using a JavaScript 3D game engine with Flutter widgets via interactive Root SimBots.

7. Dream11


Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform where fantasy players create a virtual team of real players. The sports included are- kabaddi, cricket, football, baseball, handball, etc. It’s a strategy-based online sport where you earn points and win cash prizes based on the performances of these players in actual matches.

When the 3 people looked for options to develop an app, they looked for a high visual, high performer, platform-independent, and highly secure software to give the best user experience. The flutter framework, which uses the Dart language, gave the smooth transition it needed without needing a lot of resources.  Within 5 years, Dream11 gained more than 50 million users from 300,000 users. At present, it has 13 crore users and 1000+ daily contests.

8. eBay Motors

eBay Motors

eBay is an American multinational e-commerce platform that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website.  eBay app with Flutter outperformed developers’ expectations with its out-of-box testing support system. The app’s performance has impressed its tech team with its automatic verification, complex UI interactions, and exemplary animation quality, making Flutter a first-class concept in the framework. developers believe development is 2x faster than native solutions One of the critical features in the eBay app buying flow is the flawless function of searching for vehicles on the Search Screen, navigating to a Vehicle Details Screen, and purchasing them. The latest addition to the eBay Motors app includes videos to enhance sellers’ ability to market their brands and products better. 

9. BMW

BMW app

BMW is establishing and managing its position as a leading automobile app developer and service provider with an in-house Flutter architecture. The app features enable remote functioning such as location tracking, locking & unlocking of doors, and monitoring the vehicle. It has integrated some advanced features like charging station search, climate timer, integration with Amazon Alexa, maps, a secure payment system, and much more. You can log in with your BMW ID to access features on the app. 

Remote Services and the Remote 3D View, available for specific models, allow you to view the area around your vehicle from any perspective or lock and unlock the doors via the My BMW App. My BMW and MINI apps have been launched in more than 40 countries worldwide. 

10. Alibaba Group

Alibaba app

Alibaba group scales with flutter as China’s largest second-hand marketplace. The Xianyu team developed the Alibaba App with Flutter to provide fast loading, beautiful graphics, and cross-platform software for smooth function and better user experience. Alibaba’s e-commerce business depends on high R&D efficiency, which leads to high productivity and a higher client retention rate. A better user experience always leads to more active users. Alibaba’s mobile app with Flutter integration launched at the end of 2019.

Developers used the same code for Android and iOS mobile devices for sleek UI, high performance, better debugging for complex pages, and hot reloading. They also applied Flutter technology to improve business efficiency and met with extraordinary results. Now, they are focusing on introducing Flutter technology in other Alibaba’s core businesses and exploring new possibilities with this new futuristic technology. Over the years, developers have built a few more apps with Flutter such as AirDash, Dasher, Noty, RustDeck, Memax, EthVoting Time, Tencent, Stadia, Inkino, etc.

Why Choose Flutter Over Others?

    • Single codebase, low development, and maintenance cost
    • Perform experiments quicker, faster quality assurance process
    • Customizable widgets
    • High-performance graphic engines
    • Sleek UI, less time to build
    • 2D game development

Final Words

Flutter continues to rise in popularity. This futuristic technology introduced by Google has made cross-platform app development more efficient and easy to use. It gives developers the leverage of using a single code base to work on multiple platforms in a short time frame. It is leading to becoming the most widely used and best cross-platform framework. With more updates, it is expected that it will be able to work in 3D applications too.  As more businesses and startups adopt this technology to build their mobile apps, Flutter shows a promising future.